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  1. Stingray XRIII 500 Hydrofoil Boat Stabilizer

    Stingray XRIII 500 Hydrofoil Boat Stabilizer


    Our Price $127.49

    Stingray XRIII 500 Hydrofoil Boat Stabilizer

    • On Plane in Less Time
    • Reduce Bow Rise
    • Eliminates Chinewalking
    • Stops Porpoising
    • Wipes Out Cavitation
    • Delivers True Stabilization
    • Saves Fuel
    • Made with SPEED-XP
    • Reduced Hydrodynamic Drag
    • Improved Top-End Speed
    • Better Fuel Efficiency
    • Vision-3 Enhanced Styling
    • SpeedCap Hardware Covers
    • NO-DRILL Mounting Design
    • Sleeker Hydrodynamic Profile
    • Captive Prop-Wash Resulting in Improved Thrust
    • Fastest Hole Shot!
    Learn More
  2. Davis Doel-Fin Hydrofoil
  3. Davis Boat Whale Tail

    Davis Boat Whale Tail


    Our Price $49.58

  4. Stingray Stealth 2 Hydrofoil

    Stingray Stealth 2 Hydrofoil


    Our Price $119.95

    Optimize the performance of your boat and motor at all speeds with a Stealth Hydrofoil. Its dual angle of attack wing design gets your boat up on plane in less time than without a hydrofoil. Chine walking and porpoising are eliminated, and bow rise is greatly reduced. Enhanced efficiency delivers true stabilization and wipes out cavitation. Improved performance increases fuel efficiency so youll have more time on the water between fillups. Youll also find that pulling skiers is much easier and your top speed will increase. Exciting twotone styling. For 75 hp to 300 hp motors. Learn More
  5. Stingray Junior Hydrofoil Boat Stabilizer

    Stingray Junior Hydrofoil Boat Stabilizer


    Our Price $49.95

    This product is specifically designed for small boats, it adjustable for any size motor from 1-1/2 to 40 HP. It's perfect for aluminum boats, jon boats and inflatable. The Sting Ray Junior was designed through computerized engineering. Sting Ray Junior uses scientific principles to improve small boat performance. Its high-tech shape directs the water over its surface to create just the right lift for small boats. The results are smoother stability, more control, superior ride, improved fuel economy and higher speeds. Color: Black Learn More
  6. Stingray Torque Equalizer-Black

    Stingray Torque Equalizer-Black


    Our Price $15.95

    Torque Equalizer attaches to any Sting Ray and Sting Ray Junior Hydrofoil Stabilizer to neutralize propeller steering torque. Performs like miniature rudders helping boat track straight & minimizing propeller's natural pull to the right. Reduces steering effort for the driver. Learn More
  7. Stingray Hydrofoil Boat Stabilizer

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7 Item(s)