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Boat VHF Antennas

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  • Shakespeare 4" Seawatch TV Antenna

    Shakespeare 4" Seawatch TV Antenna Learn More


    Our Price $74.50

  • Shakespeare Seawatch TV Antenna

    Shakespeare Seawatch TV Antenna Learn More
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  • Shakespeare Centennial 8' Marine VHF Antenna

    A new standard of excellence in an economical antenna! Shakespeare brings you the best of the high-end features in an 8ft antenna with a brass element and a smooth, high gloss, polyurethane finish that won't turn yellow in the sun. This antenna delivers not only performance, but superb value. Brass and copper elements Chrome-plated brass ferrule with standard 1in-14 thread Includes 15ft RG-58 cable, which can be cut to size, and a PL-259 connector Suggested mount: Style 4187 Ratchet Mount or use a Style 410-R Mounting Kit plus a 4008 Extension Mast (sold separately) to form a 16ft antenna system Smooth, durable, high gloss finish One section Learn More


    Our Price $56.72

  • Shakespeare Marine Antenna Nylon Ratchet Mount

    Shakespeare's Style 4186 Ratchet Mount features a versatile four-way ratchet design that adapts easily to vertical or horizontal surfaces, slanted or straight. Its simple design makes installation simple. The mount should not be used with antennas longer than eight feet (and doing so voids all warranties). Learn More


    Our Price $6.76

  • $8.84

    Our Price $8.84

  • Shakespeare Galaxy 8' VHF Marine Antenna

    Collinear-phased 5/8 wave elements Shakespeare's best 8', 6dB Gain antenna. Its Galaxy design maximizes range and quality in a great looking antenna. The 5225-XT is Shakespeare's classic Style 5225 in a new, stronger, sturdier, stiffer radome for extra duty. It's extra tough for use on hard tops, T-tops, radar arches, or wherever its extra resistance to high winds and high speeds is welcome.
    • Brass and copper elements for maximum range and efficiency
    • Stainless steel ferrule with standard 1"-14 thread
    • 20' RG-8/X low-loss cable plus a PL-259 connector
    • Suggested mount: Shakespeare Style 4187 Ratchet Mount.
    • One Section
    • Shakespeare Limited Warranty: 5 years Mounts not included. PL-259 connector is supplied, but not installed. DC Ground: Yes means the antenna will test as shorted when checked with an ohm meter.
    • Twin to: Galaxy Style 5223 CB antenna
    • Max. Power Input: 100 watts
    • SWR: nominally 1.5:1 at 156.8 MHz
    • Bandwidth: 3 MHz within 2.0:1 VSWR
    • Frequency: VHF Marine Band
    • DC Grounding: Yes
    • Polarization: Vertical
    • Impedance: 50 ohms
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    Our Price $131.77

  • RAM Antenna Mount with 1 Inch-14 Male Threaded Post

    Ram Antenna Mount

    The RAM antenna mount is designed to hold most VHF and similar antennas. The patented rubber ball and socket system securely mounts the antenna while allowing for almost infinite adjustment. Mount the antenna on a horizontal or vertical surface or anywhere in between. The ball base is made from a light weight marine grade aluminum with powder coat. The ball socket and male 1" -14 threaded post are made from high strength composites designed for prolonged outdoor use. The RAM antenna mount will work with any standard antenna that has a 1" -14 threaded interface.

    • Material: High Strength Composite and Powder Coated Marine Grade Aluminum
    • Ball Size: 1.5" Rubber Ball Size
    • Learn More


    Our Price $27.48

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    Starting At $2.16

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  • $10.50

    Our Price $8.61

  • Shakespeare Watertite Marine Cable Outlet, Chrome Brass

    Use this attractive, chrome brass, cable outlet to neatly pass cables through bulkheads. Its rubber internal grommet grips the cable and keeps water out. For RG-8/AU, 8X, 58, 59, 213 ans Shakespeare LoMax coax cables. Learn More


    Our Price $5.07

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