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Gail Force Watersports

Gail Force Watersports manufactures high quality leisure lake products and Gail Force products are engineered to enhance your boating experiences with family, friends, and strangers who are soon to become friends.

Wholesale Marine carries Saddle Floats, Floating Cooler Trays, Foam Mattress Floats, and Float Ropes.

Stay connected to your boat, cruiser or dock with the Connectable Foam Mattress while soaking up the sun, relaxing, and socializing with friends and family. The Connectable Foam Mattress is the only foam mattress designed for the lake with four sturdy grommet tabs allowing you to connect with The Float Rope. The Connectable Foam Mattress can connect directly to the Float Rope or to other Connectable Foam Mattress which increases your fun and enjoyment at the lake. When connected to the Float Rope you can take a relaxing nap and drift away in dreamland, without drifting away on the lake.

Don’t let anything come between you and a relaxing day on the lake with our Connectable Cooler Trays that allow you to bring your personal cooler into the water with you and connect it directly to the Float Rope or the Connectable Foam Mattress so a refreshing drink is always close at hand.

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1 - 4 of 4 Items