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Lido Series Gauges by Sierra

SKU # SIE-61751P.1

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SKU# SIE-61751P.1

SKUFunctionRetail PriceOur PriceSavings 
SIE-65496PFuel$43.49$22.03You Save 49%
SIE-65501POil Pressure 80 PSI$43.49$22.03You Save 49%
SIE-65502PTrim Guage Suzuki 4 Stroke 2002-up$43.49$24.05You Save 45%
SIE-65504PTrim Gauge Merc/Cobra/Volvo SX/Yamaha 2001-Up$43.49$22.05You Save 49%
SIE-65506PVoltmeter 12 Volt$43.49$22.30You Save 49%
SIE-65509PWater Temp 240 Deg.$43.49$24.03You Save 45%
SIE-65510PSpeedometer Kit 65 MPH$95.49$49.39You Save 48%
SIE-65693PTachometer Gas 7000 RPM$119.99$62.88You Save 48%
SIE-61751PSpeedometer Kit 35 MPH$95.49$52.39You Save 45%
SIE-61751PHSpeedometer Head 35 MPH$82.99$47.94You Save 42%
SIE-61752PSpeedometer Kit 50 MPH$95.49$52.39You Save 45%
SIE-61752PHSpeedometer Head 50 MPH$82.99$47.94You Save 42%
SIE-64477FPTachometer System Check$338.00$197.17You Save 42%
SIE-65129PTachometer/Hourmeter Gas 7000 RPM$195.00$128.38You Save 34%
SIE-65206SSPSystems Check Johnson Evinrude$175.00$94.49You Save 46%
SIE-65495PEngine Sync$75.99$41.02You Save 46%
SIE-65497PHourmeter$79.99$44.29You Save 45%
SIE-65498POil Pressure 100 PSI$43.49$24.03You Save 45%
SIE-65503PTrim Gauge Honda$125.00$64.77You Save 48%
SIE-65505PTrim Gauge Yamaha pre 2001$43.49$24.05You Save 45%
SIE-65507PWater Presure Kit Outboard 30 PSI $98.99$52.74You Save 47%
SIE-65508PWater Temp Kit Outboard$92.69$42.24You Save 54%
SIE-65669SSPWarning Light Suzuki$139.00$76.04You Save 45%
SIE-65670PSpeedometer Kit 80 MPH$95.49$52.39You Save 45%
SIE-65670PHSpeedometer Head 80 MPH$82.99$47.94You Save 42%
SIE-65671PTachometer/Hourmeter Diesel Alternator$195.00$121.95You Save 37%
SIE-65692PTachometer/Hourmeter Diesel Magnetic$195.00$128.38You Save 34%

The hottest selling white dial line! A comprehensive famiily of instruments for most engine types, Lido features crisp white dials and fire orange pointer tips. Red through dial and white perimeter lighting provide great night readability. Excellent inboard coverage with engine synce gauges and diesel alternator and magnetic pickup tachometers.


  • White dial, black numerals, black pointer with fire-orange tip.
  • Scratch resistant curved glass lenses, with polished stainless steel, near flush bezels
  • U.S. and metric scales, with ISO symbols.
  • Optional add-on square bezels for modular apperance
  • White perimeter and red thru-dial lighting.
  • Comprehensive line includes tachometers for diesel alternator and magnetic pickup PLUS synchronizer guage (Suitable for gas or diesel engines with appropriate module.  Module required,  not included with guage)
Manufacturer Sierra Marine