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Yamaha PWC Starters

SKU # J-N-410-54002.1

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SKU# J-N-410-54002.1

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J-N-410-54002C$179.29$125.50You Save 30%
J-N-410-54060D$275.49$192.84You Save 30%
J-N-410-54013E$148.10$103.67You Save 30%
J-N-410-54083F$194.48$136.14You Save 30%

Yamaha PWC Starters

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  • Factory New Direct OEM Replacement Starters-See Application Chart Below
  • Picture is does not always represent actual starter use chart to select correct starter.
  • 90 Day Warranty
Figure Part # Model Engine Year
C J-N-410-54002 EXS1200 Exciter - 1998-1999
C J-N-410-54002 EXT1100 Exciter  - 1996-1999
C J-N-410-54002 EXT1200 Exciter  - 1998-1999
D J-N-410-54060 FX1000 FX  - 2004-2009
D J-N-410-54060 FX1000 FX Cruiser  - 2004-2009
D J-N-410-54060 FX1000 FX140 Wave Runner  - 2002-2006
D J-N-410-54060 FX1100 FX Wave Runner 1100cc 2004-2005
E J-N-410-54013 FX700 FX1 701cc 1994-1995
C J-N-410-54002 GP1200 Wave Runner 1176cc 1997-2002
C J-N-410-54002 GP1300 Wave Runner 1300cc 2003-2005
F J-N-410-54083 GP760 Wave Runner 760cc 1997-2000
C J-N-410-54002 GP800 Wave Runner 784cc 1998-2005
C J-N-410-54002 LST1200  - 1999-2005
C J-N-410-54002 RA1100 Wave Raider 1100 1100cc 1995-1996
E J-N-410-54013 RA700 Wave Raider 701cc 1994-1996
E J-N-410-54013 RA700 Wave Raider 701cc 1997
F J-N-410-54083 RA760 Wave Raider 760 760cc 1996
E J-N-410-54013 SJ650 Super Jet 650cc 1990-1993
E J-N-410-54013 SJ700 Super Jet 701cc 1994-2010
D J-N-410-54060 SRT1000  - 2003-2005
C J-N-410-54002 SUV1200 1176cc 1999-2004
C J-N-410-54002 SV1200 SUV1200  - 2000-2004
E J-N-410-54013 WB700 Wave Blaster 701cc 1993-1997
E J-N-410-54013 WR650 Wave Runner LX 650cc 1990-1994
E J-N-410-54013 WRA650 Wave Runner III 650 650cc 1990-1996
E J-N-410-54013 WRA700 Wave Runner III 700 701cc 1996-1997
E J-N-410-54013 WRA700 Wave Runner III GP 701cc 1994-1995
E J-N-410-54013 WRB650 Wave Runner VXR 650cc 1991-1995
E J-N-410-54013 WRB700 Wave Runner Pro VXR 701cc 1993-1994
C J-N-410-54002 WVT1100 Wave Venture 1100 1100cc 1996-1997
E J-N-410-54013 WVT700 Wave Venture 700 701cc 1995-1998
F J-N-410-54083 WVT760 Wave Venture 760 760cc 1997
C J-N-410-54002 XL1200 Wave Runner 1176cc 1998-2000
E J-N-410-54013 XL700 Wave Runner 701cc 2000-2004
F J-N-410-54083 XL760 Wave Runner 760cc 1999
C J-N-410-54002 XL800 Wave Runner 784cc 2000-2001
C J-N-410-54002 XLT1200 Wave Runner 1176cc 2001-2005
C J-N-410-54002 XLT800 Wave Runner 784cc 2002-2004
C J-N-410-54002 XRT1200 1176cc 2000-2001
C J-N-410-54002 XRT1200 1176cc 2001
Manufacturer J&N Electric
Warranty 90 Days