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Fortress Marine Anchor

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Fortress Anchors
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SKUBoat SizeRetail PriceOur PriceSavings 
FOR-FX-1128' - 32'$213.00$153.36You Save 28%
FOR-FX-12569' -150'$2370.50$1540.83You Save 35%
FOR-FX-1633' - 38'$308.00$221.76You Save 28%
FOR-FX-2339' - 45'$484.50$348.84You Save 28%
FOR-FX-3746' - 51'$721.00$519.12You Save 28%
FOR-FX-5552' - 58'$1054.50$685.43You Save 35%
FOR-FX-716' - 27'$159.00$114.48You Save 28%
FOR-FX-8559' -68'$1618.00$1084.06You Save 33%

Fortress Marine Aluminum Fluke Anchor

In test after test, from coast to coast and from around the world, no anchor in history has been called “The World’s Best Anchor” by more boaters and respected marine experts than Fortress...and for good reason. Years of research and development, high-tech materials and manufacturing and thousands of real world tests are your assurance of performance, quality, and value. Fortress weighs only half as much as heavier steel anchors and yet outperforms them all. Why? Because the Fortress design does not depend upon weight to provide world class performance. All this adds up to your best value in anchoring safety and convenience. Fortress anchors are precision-machined from a high-tensile, corrosion-resistant, aluminum magnesium alloy, and are sharper and able to penetrate faster and deeper into most common sea bottoms than heavier, dull-edged traditional steel anchors which weigh 50% more or even greater.

  • Precision-machined from an aluminum alloy that is as strong as steel, but only half the weight.
  • Easy to manage weight, Rustproof, Sharper than heavy, dull-edged steel anchors
  • Will set faster and penetrate deeper into common sea bottoms for incredible holding power
  • Can be disassembled - Excellent as a spare or storm anchor
  • Lifetime Parts Replacement Warranty with Fortress
  • Adjustable 32° to 45° fluke angle - Exclusive and patented feature which dramatically increases holding power in problem soft mud bottoms
  • Tough anodized finish - Handsome and durable appearance - Corrision resistant

Boat size recommendations are for boats of average windage and proportions in 30 knots of wind, average bottom conditions, and moderate protection from open seas. Remember that the loads in 42 knots of wind are twice as much as in 30 knots. 

Use three-strand nylon rope, 6-12 ft (2-4 m) of chain and a minimum of 5:1 scope. Also, a minimum of 6 ft (2 m) of chain should be used for every 25 ft (8 m) of water depth. For storm conditions use an anchor one or two sizes larger.

Fortress anchors let you choose between two shank / fluke angles to provide outstanding holding power in common sea bottoms – a 32° angle for sand, mud or clay, or a 45° angle for soft mud.

Fortress anchors offer a Lifetime Parts Replacement Warranty. In the unlikely event of damaging an anchor part, Fortress will replace the damaged part for free. The only cost to the customer is for shipping & handling, which is nominal.

Product Specifications

Manufacturer Fortress Anchors
Manufacture Part Number FX-7, FX-11, FX-16, FX-23, FX-37, FX-55,FX-85, FX-125
UPC 647124120117, 647124120162, 647124120230, 647124120377, 647124120070
Warranty Lifetime on parts
Anchor Type Fluke
Material Aluminum

Why Fortress?

The Fortress Advantage

  • In the US Navy tests, not only did the Fortress anchors out-perform much heavier steel anchors, they were also able to withstand pull loads that averaged over 200x their own weight ... and without incurring serious damage to the anchors

Stronger Holding Power

  • For over two decades, the much lighter Fortress has out-performed substantially heavier steel anchors in holding power tests conducted around the world. From older, well-established anchor brands like the Bruce, CQR, Danforth, or Delta to newer anchor models such as the Manson, Rocna, Spade, and Ultra, the Fortress anchor has consistently demonstrated that its superior design and lightweight alloy can provide outstanding performance at a fraction of the weight.

Faster Setting

  • The easy to handle aluminum alloy Fortress anchor is precision-machined for sharpness and quick penetration into common sea bottoms, which insures faster setting performance when you need it most!

Lighter Design

  • Precisely machined interlocking components made from a high tensile, corrosion-resistant, aluminum-magnesium alloy have no welds to weaken the metal and produces superior holding power while creating a lighter, easy to handle anchor.

Quick Assembly and Easily Disassembled 

  • Lightweight, fast-setting and reliable, Fortress anchors can also be disassembled for easy storage, which makes them the perfect choice for tight quarters where compact storage is a must. More importantly, Fortress anchors can be quickly assembled, which makes them the perfect choice for spare or storm anchors. Precision machined interlocking components made from a high tensile, corrosion-resistant, aluminum-magnesium alloy have no welds to weaken the metal and produces superior holding power while creating a lighter, easy to handle anchor. In the unlikely event that any piece of the anchor becomes damaged, the unique assembly / disassembly feature allows the damaged or missing part of your anchor to be replaced. 


Customer Reviews (2)

Best Anchor everReview by krhitch
I have had steal anchors and purchased this one and sets every time. Loved it so much but is more expensive than others so when I wanted a second anchor I Tried the Guardian G-7 made by Fortress but it is no good does not always set and smaller than the FX7 Stick with the Fortress and you will not go wrong. I wanted a second anchor and now looking to buy a Third but will be a Fortress. (Posted on 7/17/16)
FX16-34 FT. SUNDANCERReview by RIPP250

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