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  1. Starbrite Spider and Bird Stain Remover

    Starbrite Spider and Bird Stain Remover


    Our Price $9.24

    • Quickly dissolves messy spider and bird droppings
    • Non-toxic, all natural formula
    • Contains no bleach, safe for use around kids and pets
    • Will not remove polish or wax
    • 22oz Bottle
    • Learn More
  2. Starbrite Boat Hook Tip Attachment

    Starbrite Boat Hook Tip Attachment


    Our Price $12.39

    This boat hook fits all Extend-A-Brush Premium Handles. Constructed of unbreakable glass reinforced nylon for years of trouble free use with a special design that makes for easy rope handling and pick up. Learn More
  3. Starbrite Boat Guard Speed Detailer and Protectant

    Starbrite Boat Guard Speed Detailer and Protectant


    Our Price $10.88

    Starbrite Boat Guard Speed Detailer and Protectant

    Uses high-tech polymers that bond to fiberglass, polished metal, plastics, rubber and painted surfaces to add shine, enhance color and provide a barrier to UV damage. Just spray on and buff off to keep the boat looking its best and extend the time between having the boat waxed or polished.


    • The fast, eay way to add shine and enhance color.
    • PTEF poylmers provide a barrier against UV rays.
    • Safe for use on fiberglass, metal, and painted surfaces.
    • Restores shine to rubrails.
    • Gently removes dirt and grime.
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  4. Starbrite Fiberglass Color Restorer with PTEF

    Starbrite Fiberglass Color Restorer with PTEF


    Our Price $11.57

    Designed to remove heavy oxidation, chalking and restore fading on colored gel coat. Has unique wetting agents that bring back the orginal color of the fiberglass while special polymers seal in the finish. Combines a light duty rubbing compound for cleaning/restoring with a PTEF coating which seals the restored surface. PTEF is Star brite's registered trademark name for polytetraflouroethylene, Follow up the color restorer with a coat of Premium Marine Polish with PTEF (part#85716) for maximum protection. Learn More
  5. Starbrite Classic Teak Tropical Teak Oil - Sealer
  6. Unique Tropical Teak Oil formula makes teak maintenance free. The Classic Teak color is the same warm golden finish as freshly oiled teak.
  7. Featuring a no drip/splash formula that is applied and removed just like traditional teak oils, but only requires one coat and will last a year even in tropical climates. Combines our Premium Teak Oil with special pigments that enhance teak color, completely seals out dirt, and provides complete UV protection. Also prevents Teak from turning black.
  8. 16 fl oz Learn More
  • Starbrite Deluxe Medium Scrubber Pad

    Starbrite Deluxe Medium Scrubber Pad


    Our Price $7.03

    Medium scrub pad is available in Fine, Medium and Coarse pads for all-purpose scrubbing. Excellent for cleaning teak. Can be used as a hand scrubber or attached to any handle using Star-Brite #40030 Knuckle Attachment. By using with handle it lets you scrub standing up or allows you to reach over and clean the sides of the boat and hard to reach areas. Learn More
  • Starbrite Premium Golden Teak Oil

    Starbrite Premium Golden Teak Oil


    Our Price $23.12

    Premium Teak Oil formula combines virgin Tung Oil with special polymers that bond with Teak and create ultra long lasting finish. Extra long lasting formula contains latest UV inhibitors to resist weathering. Will outlast all other teak oils. Penetrates and bonds with teak wood to preserve and protect natural finish. Number 1 rated teak oil in independent tests. Has a unique natural golden color. Will not turn dark on teak or in bottle. Highlights and enhances grain structure. Star brite has contracts with suppliers in the heart of the finest hard wood forests in the world, Burma. We purchase a special oil, which is extracted from Burma tung trees under our strict control methods. First, the base oil is tested for its Beta factor (the wrong Beta factor makes oil turn dark and rancid) and if not correct, the shipment is rejected. After passing our Beta standard test, we treat this unique oil with heat and pressure to modify its molecular structure. By changing the molecular structure, we are able to strengthen the oil, allowing it to dry faster and bond better when applied to teak wood surfaces. Next we add special polymers to further fortify the oil, providing longer lasting UV protection. When Star brite Teak Oil is applied it leaves the teak nourished and protected with the finest oil available. Our special oil brings out the natural patina and grain structure of teak wood. You can almost see the wood smile when treated with Star brite. Competitive products are very inconsistent. Some are very thick and never dry, leaving the wood sticky. The surface then collects dirt, making the wood dark and dingy. Other teak products turn dark over time, indicating they have a wrong Beta factor and are turning bad. Oils with an incorrect Beta factor will actual damage your teak s appearance. Still other competitive products are formulated with cheap linseed oil to cut costs. These are thin and watery, offering little protection and are not natural to teak wood. In an Independent test conducted by a national marine magazine, Star brite Teal Oil was chosen best from a field of 10 competitive products. The article stated, The hands down winner was Star brite.... After two months, it showed no signs of weathering and retained its warm color..... If your teak is subject to extremely harsh tropical conditions you may want to consider using our special Tropical Teak Oil/Sealer. Tropical Teak Oil/Sealer uses our premium oil as a base but has added polymers and UV protectants to provide much longer protection when subjected to extreme outdoor conditions. With Star brite on the label you know you are getting natures finest oil engineered to protect and treat your expensive teak wood. Learn More
  • Starbrite PremiumTeak Care Kit

    Starbrite PremiumTeak Care Kit


    Our Price $42.92

    Teak Care Kit contains a 32oz Teak Cleaner, 32oz Teak Brightener, and a 32oz Teak Oil. Everything needed to clean, restore, and protect your teak in one easy to use pack. Learn More
  • Starbrite Boat Bottom Cleaner

    Starbrite Boat Bottom Cleaner


    Our Price $15.41

    The ultimate boat bottom cleaner removes barnacles, zebra mussels, algae & rust. Water-based, biodegradable. Safe on fiberglass. Use as motor flush, removes calcium build-up. Use as directed. Learn More
  • Starbrite Liquid Rubbing Compound for Heavy Oxidation

    Starbrite Liquid Rubbing Compound for Heavy Oxidation


    Our Price $10.08

    • Removes stains, heavy oxidation and scratches
    • For fiberglass, metal and painted surfaces
    • Convenient liquid formula
    • Great for hand or buffer application
    • Does not set up most rubbing compounds so removal is quick and easy
    • Learn More
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    1-10 of 44 Items