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2 Person Towable Tubes

      • Connelly Double Trouble 2 Rider Ski Tube
        List Price: $227.99
        Starting At: $189.99

        Connelly Double Trouble 2 Rider Ski Tube The Double Trouble is a partially covered, double rider cockpit-style ski tube. Double Trouble is constructed with a rounded bow for effortless starts, large side gussets for extra stability, and a low center of...

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      • Connelly Wing Two 2 Person Towable Tube 2020
        List Price: $155.99
        Starting At: $129.99

        Connelly Wing Two 2 Person Towable Tube 2020 Grab a friend and get out on the water with the Connelly Wing Two Towable Tube. This economical tube features side-by-side donut-style seating, allowing riders to ride in a prone or reclined position for an...

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      • Connelly Destroyer 2 Two-Way Towable Tube 2020
        List Price: $359.99
        Starting At: $299.99

        Connelly Destroyer 2 Two-Way Towable Tube 2020 With multiple riding positions and two-way tow, the Connelly Destroyer 2 Towable Tube provides hours of fun for the whole family. This versatile tube can be enjoyed by one or two riders. A single rider can...

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      • Connelly Super Fun 2 Two-Way Towable Tube 2020
        List Price: $395.99
        Starting At: $329.99

        Connelly Super Fun 2 Two-Way Towable Tube 2020 Fill your summer with fun and excitement with the Connelly Super Fun 2 Towable Tube. This new and improved tube features a hybrid design that allows it to be towed from the front or rear. Pulled from the...

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      • C L E A R A N C E
        Connelly Shift 2 Tube
        List Price: $306.99
        Starting At: $230.49

        Connelly Shift 2 Deluxe Strafing DeckTube Rev up the fun with the all new Shift 2! The innovative wedges hull allows riders to lean into the direction they want to go and easily glides across wakes strafing side-to-side when the boat continues in a...

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      2-Person Towable Tubes

      Built for speed and designed for fun. Wholesale Marine’s dual riding tubes and systems are here to give you, your family, and passengers an exhilarating run, while creating great summer memories. Two riders can take to the water and enjoy the stable, smooth ride, blast off the wakes, and stay in the zone no matter how hot and humid the day! We carry a solid inventory of the best names in towables, including Sportstuff, HO Sports, O’Brien, No Fear, and Connelly.

      2-Person Towable Tubes for Every Family Excursion

      The oldest and youngest in your party will enjoy O’Brien’s Slacker 2 Tube. With its high back seating and high sides, your family and friends will sit side-by-side and appreciate lounge-chair comfort whatever the barometer says. Connelly also offers a great side-by-side lounger, the Fun 2 Two-Way Ski Tube with more generous seating for adults. From No Fear comes the Hangtime 2 Towable Tube with stabilizing side wings for smoother rides. It can also be pulled from either direction for additional water fun. Ready for a little more towing adventure? Try the HO Sports Molecule 3S Tube. Three anchor spheres contact the surface of the water, allowing the center platform to be suspended in mid-air! The design lowers surface contact therefore drag behind the boat. This towable is quick sliding and will perform well on rough and smooth water surfaces.

      For the best in water recreation, including 2-person towable tubes as well as anything else boaters require, Wholesale Marine is your one-stop marine supply shop! We offer a Customer Loyalty program that offers additional discounts just for being a Wholesale Marine customer. Place an order to receive same day shipping at a flat rate. If you have questions, we’ll be glad to advise you. Just call us Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM, EST at (877) 388-2628.

      2-Person Towable Tube Buying Guide

      Looking for more assistance in the buying process? Our team of experts have created a handy buying guide specifically for two person tubes to help you decide which tube and accessories may work the best for you. Check out the guide here