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  • Attwood Anchor/Masthead 3-Mile Light 12"

Attwood Anchor/Masthead 3-Mile Light 12"

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Product Description

Attwood Anchor/Masthead 3-Mile Light 12"

Attwood Anchor/Masthead 3-Mile Light is a three-mile, 360° visibility for use on boats up to 65.6 ft. The big cam-lock handle is easy to grasp, and once it is locked, it stays locked in normal conditions. The cam-clock cannot vibrate loose. All wiring is concealed and protected within the pivoting base. Materials are non-corrosive, including bases of glass-filled polymer and poles of highly anodized aluminum. 

This light comes with both a vertical and horizontal mounts.

Typical installation requires (2) #10 stainless steel screws of length suitable for deck or rail material. 

In extreme conditions, if a 12 ft./lb. force hits the base, the cam-lock releases and allows base to swing down. This new feature reduces the chance of breakage to the base or pole. 

Pole Length: 12"

Rated Voltage: 12V

Installation Instructions


Needed for Installation:

  • Cordless drill: 1/8” and 3/8” (3 and 10mm) bits
  • Maine-grade non-silicone sealant
  • Philips screwdriver
  • Two #10 pan head stainless steel screws
  • 3-position switch (OFF/ON/ON)
  • Fuse holder and fuse: 2-amp (for 12-volt systems) or 1-amp (for 24-volt systems)
  • 16-gauge wire
  • Marine-grade wire connectors for 16-gauge wire


Change Base Type (If Required)

  • The Anchor/Masthead light are shipped with the vertical base installed. Follow the instructions to switch to the horizontal base:
  • Carefully remove the cam-lock screw and oblong washer. Set aside for reinstallation.
  • Pivot the base axle out of its socket. Note the position of the 3 wires in the base slot. Remove the vertical base.
  • Insert wires through slot of the horizontal base. Install in reverse order.

Install Light

  • Release cam-lock adjustment handle and adjust light to vertical position.
  • Place light in selected position. Be sure that fin is aligned toward stern.
  • Use provided adaptors, if necessary, to allow installation on angled windshields.
  • Using the base as a template, mark the two mounting hole locations and one wire access hole.
  •  Remove light. Drill two 1/8” (3mm) pilot holes for #10 screws. Drill one 3/8” (10mm) wire access hole.
  • Bring two 16-gauge (+) wires and one 16-gauge (-) wire up through access hole. Do not connect power to switch until you read “CONNECT POWER TO SWITCH”.
  • Use marine-grade waterproof crimp connectors to connect blue wire to one (+) positive lead from 3-position switch; connect gray wire to second (+) lead. Connect (-) negative source to black wire and route to (-) negative terminal on battery.
  • Fasten light to deck with two #10 stainless steel pan head screws. Do not overtighten.

Connect Power to Switch

  • Use ONLY the rated voltage. Higher voltage can damage light.
  • Use 3-position, double-pole OFF/ON/ON switch.
  • From the anchor/masthead light, connect gray wire to one (+) switch terminal. This switch position should operate all-round anchor light.
  • Connect blue wire to the remaining (+) terminal. This position should operate forward masthead running light only (one lamp forward) and all other navigation lights.
  • Test forward running and anchor lights for proper operation.

Information sourced from Attwood Anchor/Masthead Light Installation Instructions

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