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Boat Anchors

      • Greenfield Coated Mushroom Anchor - Royal Blue
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        Greenfield Products Coated Mushroom Anchor - Blue These traditional cast iron mushroom anchors meet basic anchor requirements and store easily. Mushrooms perform well for small craft, Personal Water Craft (PWC), Canoes or Kayaks, or as second anchor on...

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      Boat Anchors

      Did you know that your vessel could be dropping and weighing the wrong anchor? Perhaps you are still using the anchor your boat came with.  However, not all anchors are alike. In fact, there are two considerations when purchasing boat anchors. One is, of course, what type and/or size vessel you have. The other reason that is most often overlooked is the bottom conditions of the waters they will be traversing.

      Waterways with rock or coral or shale, clay and grassy, or sandy, muddy, bottoms require different kinds of anchors. And if you pilot your vessel through salt, fresh and brackish waters you will need different types of marine anchors for each of these conditions.

      For example, to prevent drift, anchors must tether a boat properly. Anchors must develop sufficient resistance in the seabed to offset wind and waves around the boat. The seabed has to be penetrated by the anchor to hold the boat in place. Below are some anchor recommendations based on differing seabed conditions.

      Marine Anchors for Every Seabed!

      • Sand: Pivoting-fluke anchors and non-hinged scoop anchors are best. Most seabeds are sandy and easy for pivot anchors to penetrate for high-holding power.
      • Mud: Deeper penetration is a requirement for muddy bottoms. Broader shank fluke angle anchors are a popular choice for these conditions. In test after test, Fortress has won acclaim as “The World’s Best Anchor.” Fortress marine anchors offer the best holding power in muddy seabeds as these can be adjusted from 32” to a broad 45” fluke angle.
      • Rock and Coral: The high structural strength of plow-shaped or grapnel-type anchors are best for these conditions. The Lewmar DTX Stainless Steel Plow Anchor and Wholesale Marine’s selection of River Anchors work well in rivers and current.
      • Shale/Clay/Grassy: Here the weight of the anchor more than its design determines the amount of penetration and hold. Anchors that cut through vegetation well include the cast iron Painted Navy Boat Anchor.

      There are several other considerations when determining which anchor(s) are best for your boat, including its type, size, and the composition of the anchor. The tensile strength of galvanized steel makes it the most popular anchor choice. Stainless steel is also good as its appearance enhances the bow when not in use. Ultralights and racing sailboat owners are weight conscious and prefer anchors with a lightweight aluminum alloy. As you might expect, anchors made of heavy cast iron really dig into the sea bed for a strong hold.

      Regardless of where you take to the open water or what kind of vessel you pilot, Wholesale Marine has the right marine anchors for every craft! When you want to talk boat anchors, and need the right one, call us and we will weigh the possibilities for you! We’re here from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST Monday through Friday at (877) 388-2628. Be sure to ask us about our Captain’s Club Rewards Program for additional discounts every time you shop at Wholesale Marine!