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Boat Paddles

      • Caviness " Wedge Insert" Varnished Boat Paddle
        List Price: $22.49
        Starting At: $15.52

        The RD Series has the Caviness® Wedge Insert as a "Standard" feature. This cross grain end lamination process provides the butt of the paddle blade with a feature normally applied to only very expensive paddles! With the Wedge Insert, Palm Grip, and...

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      • Caviness White-Water Varnished Canoe Paddle
        List Price: $45.49
        Starting At: $30.69

        This paddle rounds out our series of 800 models and is sure to capture the attention of the most critical consumer. Palm Grip, Oval Shaft, Low-Cavity Blade, Wedge Insert, Balance, Lightweight, and Tri-Coat Finish make this model a necessity in your paddle

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      • Caviness 5' Take-Down Canoe Paddle
        List Price: $59.49
        Starting At: $37.49

        CAVINESS has solved your stowage problem with a quality take-down paddle that does more than meet regulations. The JP synthetic paddle has a fully aluminum reinforced high-impact plastic blade, super strong aluminum shaft fully clad with a 1/16 inch wall...

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      Boat Paddles

      Wholesale Marine stocks boat paddles and their accessories at competitive prices. You’ll find our great selection includes paddles for kayaks and canoes from brands like Caviness, Airhead, Calcutta, Jet Logic, JIF Marine, Garelick, and Crooked Creek. We also carry the latest innovations such as telescoping boat paddles which are lightweight, durable, and allow boaters to save space on board.

      Wholesale Marine Has Everything Your Boat Needs!

      Interested in a little recreational kayaking? We have many fine choices including Crooked Creek’s 3.5 Wood Paddle which is made from laminated pine. The blade has been dipped in epoxy for durability. Suitable for beginners and accomplished sportsmen alike is Calcutta’s Pro Sport Kayak Paddle. This model features a lightweight but rugged aluminum shaft, which is adjustable with the push of a button. A great paddle for confined spaces, JIF offers a Telescoping Paddle, which extends between 48” and 72” in length. Wholesale Marine did not forget oar accessories!

      Our customers know to turn to Wholesale Marine for the best quality boat parts at competitive prices. If you are not certain what part you’ll need, just give us a call for courteous and efficient service. We’re boat enthusiasts too, and will help you make the right boat paddle selection. Be sure to ask about our Captain’s Rewards Program for additional discounts on everything you need to keep your boat primed for its next voyage! Call us at (877) 388-2628; we’re here Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM, EST.