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Boat Shrink Wrap

      • Boat Shrink Wrap Film 7 Mil 26' X 100'
        List Price: $296.49
        Starting At: $251.99

        Shrink Wrap International 7 Mil Boat Shrink Wrap Film 26' x 100' This Shrink Wrap International boat shrink wrap film is backed by a proven track record of success and is manufactures to the highest QC standards. It is suited for heavy-duty...

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      Boat Shrink Wrap

      Shrink wrapping your boat can help protect your investment during the winter months or during dry docking of your vessel. When done properly, it provides a tight barrier from the harsh outdoor elements such as UV rays and moisture that can cause permanent damage to your boat. Shrink wrapping is an easy task when armed with the right tools. Whether you're a DIYer and doing this task yourself or having an experienced marine technician, Wholesale Marine has all the boat shrink wrap supplies you will need.

      Arming yourself with the appropriate amount of boat shrink wrap and a heat gun will make the task at hand go smooth. However, our boating pros recommend additional tools to help ensure your boat is protected throughout the winter months. Providing ventilation is a key step in this process and ensures that any moisture left has a way to circulate and escape. Shrinkwrap International carries a shrink wrap vent just for this purpose. Taping all your fuel vents is an additional step to protect your boat during the shrinking process. This will prevent off-gases during the heating process of sealing your boat. Once the boat shrink wrap is installed the tape should be removed for additional ventilation.

      Shrink Wrapping Supplies for Winter Dry Dock

      To help complete the task at hand, shrink wrap tape from Shrinkwrap International is used during the process to patch holes and help secure zipper doors and tape up seams. It can be purchased in blue or white to coordinate with your shrink wrap color. Boat shrink wrapping can be a big task and your family crafting heat gun may not be enough to get the job done. Invest in the Big Red Shrink Wrap Gun. This heat gun heats the shrink wrap in a professional uniform manner for a tighter seal. Wholesale Marine also carries a 48” or 36” Zippered Shrink Wrap door which allows you to access your boat while it is “under wraps”.

      To prevent shifting or chaffing of your boat shrink wrap, shrink wrap strapping is a product you do not want to run out of during the process. We carry ¾ strapping in 2100 foot rolls that should last for several boating seasons. Be sure to have a few boat shrink wrap buckles on hand. These buckles are sold in packs of 100 help the straps maintain their position and protect the vessel. Boat shrink wrap cutting knives are handy tools specifically designed for cutting the tough shrink wrap material. Leather shrink wrapping gloves provide the protection you need for your hands during the cold temperatures and against the high heat of the heat guns.

      Here at Wholesale Marine, we look forward to answering all your boat shrink wrap questions. Please call at 877-388-2628 Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM (EST) and let our experts answer any of your boating questions. Ask about our Captain’s Club Rewards Program for additional savings on your next purchase.