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Boat Tie Downs

      Boat Tie-Down Straps

      Many boaters believe that they can trailer their boat without the need for tie downs. Not so! Most states and local governments require boat tie down straps when trailering a vessel to or from the dock or marina. In addition, tie down straps provide security to protect parts of your boat more vulnerable to wear and tear, like gel coat finishes.

      Another sound investment to protect your outboard motor is a Transom Saver. Wholesale Marine carries Transom Tie-Down Straps which are common on bass and high performance boats, to provide an added security measure while on the road. These provide some weight relief for your transom and transfer that weight down to the trailer which can easily absorb it. This saves your trim system and transom while protecting your investment. Whether you're outfitting your boat for the first time, or replacing worn marine parts, the products we carry are essential for your boating and trailering needs. We also carry Stainless Steel Transom Tie-Down Straps from Boat Buckle which are extra strong and support larger boats.

      We haven’t forgotten sterndrive boaters, either. Wholesale Marine also carries trim cylinder clips for trailering a MerCruiser or OMC sterndrive. Every boat needs to be secured, and Wholesale Marine has the correct tie down strap for it. Our boat tie-down strap secures the boat’s transom to most trailers, and provides a safe and reliable transport with each use. Vinyl coated s-hooks prevent scratches and dents, protecting your boat from unnecessary damage. This is the ultimate tie-down system in convenience, style and innovation, and is ideal for rigging boats or trailers.

      We Stock Straps and Savers for Every Boat!

      Wholesale Marine stock straps and savers from JIF Marine, Springfield Marine and Swivel-Eze, among many others, for every boat and every trailer. We’ll have just what regulations require to transport your craft safely! We also carry tie-down strap accessories such as BoatBuckle Protective Pads, which protect your transom and tie-downs from scuffs and wear.

      Wholesale Marine appreciates your business. We carry everything boaters require to enjoy, repair or maintain their craft. Order today and you’ll receive same day flat rate shipping. Be sure to ask your representative about our Captain’s Club Rewards Program for additional discounts every time you shop at Wholesale Marine. Providing great customer service is very important to us. Should you have a question about our selection of boat tie-down straps or wish to place an order, just call us Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM at (877) 388-2628.