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Boat Windshield Wipers

      • Sea Dog Hinge Style Wiper Blade
        List Price: $8.55
        Starting At: $7.18

        Sea Dog Hinge Style Wiper Blade Replacement slip-on hinge style wiper blade.  Hinge style blades fit newer Sea Dog wipers (sold after 1993) Sizes: 411151-1 Length: 11" Weight: .07 411154-1 Length: 14" Weight: .09

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      • Sea Dog Wiper Arm - Hook Style
        List Price: $9.09
        Starting At: $7.64

        Sea Dog Wiper Blade - Hook Style All hook style wiper blades and arms are replacements for Sea-Dog wipers sold prior to 1993. In addition, the hook style wiper blades and arms will fit most older wipers sold by AFI, Wilcox, NA Taylor, GEM, L.S. Brown...

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      • Sea Dog Hinge Style Wiper Arm
        List Price: $12.97
        Starting At: $10.89

        Sea Dog Hinge Style Wiper Arm Replacement Sea Dog hinge style wiper arm. Constructed of stamped 304 stainless steel. Replacement arm for Sea Dog new style wipers (sold after 1993) Fits all standard and waterproof standard motors with 3/8" shaft...

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      Boat Windshield Wipers

      Clear visibility is key to avoiding collisions and other boating mishaps. Select the right boat windshield wiper for your boat from Wholesale Marine and you’ll increase your boat’s safety and your passenger’s recreational enjoyment. We stock a large inventory of reliable AFI and Sea Dog replacement wipers, arms and motors, and can rush these out to you via same-day flat rate shipping, so you’ll be able to swap out your wipers and not miss a day of boating fun.

      Wholesale Marine is your source for superior, high-performance marine wiper systems for all types of applications. Marine wiper system designs are based on the window dimensions and the area of the window that needs to be cleared. Many factors need to be considered when choosing the right equipment, and these include:

      • Type of vessel
      • Boating conditions
      • The motor mounting location
      • Style of wiper

      Wholesale Marine has removed the guesswork and have chosen the best equipment manufacturers in compiling our comprehensive selection of Standard, Hinge-Style, and Hook-Style marine wiper systems.

      With our industry knowledge and their innovative solutions we’re able to supply the boat windshield wipers you’ll need promptly. To streamline this process, just call our knowledgeable staff at (877) 388-2628 and we’ll assist you to find the right windshield wiper set,  including a detailed specification with the recommended motor selection, arm and blade length, as well as details for a control and/or washing system. We offer competitive pricing as well as a Captain’s Loyalty Program for our customer. Be sure to ask about it for additional discounts the next time you shop at Wholesale Marine!