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Grappling Anchors

      • Grapple Buddy
        List Price: $37.99
        Starting At: $27.99

        Grapple Buddy Galvanized Grapple Hook Grapple Buddy is a compact grappling hook that you can use to toss from a boat to shore and pull in for easy landing. The Grapple Buddy is also great as alight duty anchor for canoes, kayaks, PWCs and duck boats...

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      Wholesale Marines Grappling Anchors are the most useful anchors you will ever own. Our unique all-in-one anchors hold in a variety of bottom structures. The Mighty Mite anchor tine is malleable and designed to bend out and release from structure when the right pressure is applied. The tine or hook can be reshaped to use over and over again. Great for watercraft ranging in size from small kayaks to 26 foot boats.

      The Grappling Anchor molded from Galvanized iron offers more holding power per pound. It is great for all small boats, including dinghies, inflatables, canoes and personal watercraft (PWC). The ability to quickly fold and unfold in seconds and stow in a very small compartment makes the Grappling Anchor a good choice