BBQ Grills

      Boat BBQ Grills

      Everything You’ll Need to Grill Onboard

      Whether on a sea voyage or just taking to the waters for the day, many boaters like to cook meals or even prepare the day’s catch onboard their vessel. However many don’t realize that standard backyard bbq grills do not adapt well to use on boats. Wholesale Marine’s staff is comprised of seasoned boating enthusiasts and we have scoped out the best boat BBQ grills for your deck or galley.

      Wholesale Marine stocks gas and charcoal boat grills in compact up to party sizes and in stainless steel and aluminum. Looking for something simpler? We also carry grill stoves and tabletop burners so you can enjoy cooking on any size vessel. Planning on camping out? We also offer grills and camp stoves so you can make a meal for yourself or a crowd!

      Boat BBQ Grills from Wholesale Marine

      We carry Magma’s Monterey II Infrared Gourmet Gas Grill which can cook an entire meal at once. If your needs are simple we also have the Classic 2-Burner Stove by Coleman. Wholesale Marine has a complete selection of boat BBQ grills for every size craft and outdoor cooking requirement. We also carry accessories such as Magma grill covers and grill carrying cases. We have grill mounts to secure boat BBQ grills topside and replacement grill parts, too.

      You can leave your chefware at home and keep Magma’s 10 piece Stainless Steel Nesting Non-Stick Cookware in the galley. And do not forget Magma Marine’s Stainless Steel Fish Tray to serve up your catch!  As your one-stop boating shop, Wholesale Marine carries everything you’ll need for boat grills from aprons to grilling tools.

      With boat BBQ grills from Wholesale Marine you’ll be able to enjoy fresh-caught fish and prepare full meals around your catch of the day! If you’re heading up or down the coast for a weekend or even a week, you won’t have to depend on sea rations to get you through. To order, or if you just have a question, call us at (877) 388-2628, Monday through Friday from 9AM until 6PM. We love boating too, and will be happy to speak with you!