Fishing Lights

      Fishing Lights

      Technology has improved the quality of just about every aspect of our lives, including fishing. In addition to computerized GPS/sonar fish finders, lights that attract fish to the surface are also ideal for harvesting fish, trip after fishing trip. It is known that fish can perceive the colors blue and green. To baitfish, these colors mean a food source is nearby and they swim towards it. Predatory fish, such as tuna, marlin, or even bass, soon follow. Fishing lights can be mounted to a dock, a mast, or even dangled in the water manually. Wholesale Marine’s selection of fishing lights are priced so anyone who dangles a rod can lure fish right up to their boat!

      Quality Fishing Lights from the Best Manufacturers

      We carry a large assortment of quality fishing lights from Angler Light, Attwood, Berkley, Hydro Glow, and Wholesale Marine! Try Berkley’s economical battery-operated, LED Submersible Fish Light with 6 high-intensity green LEDs to attract most species of fish. Angler Light’s Green Underwater LED Bait Light lures bunker and other baitfish.

      Hydro Glow’s  HG30 30W/12V Deep Water LED Fish Light  with its globe design, can be lowered over the side of any craft to the desired depth, and securely attaches to a cleat or rail.

      Whether you are a sport fisherman or just out for a day with the grandkids, when you have a question about what fishing lights are best, call the boating experts at Wholesale Marine. We carry an extensive selection of everything you’ll ever need for your boat. Returns are quick and easy and with our Loyalty Rewards Program you’ll earn points you can redeem on your very next purchase. Give us a call Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM EST at (877) 388-2628 for the customer service experience you deserve!