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      • Tuggy Products Anchor Buddy
        List Price: $43.99
        Starting At: $30.99

        Anchor Buddy Stretching Anchor Rope The Anchor Buddy is the anchor rope that stretches! The poly-covered bungee cord stretches from 14' to 50'. Anchor Buddy takes the shock out of your anchor line and makes it much easier to anchor offshore. Anchor...

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      • Greenfield Vinyl Coated Mushroom Anchor - Black
        List Price: $33.99
        Starting At: $26.99

        Greenfield Products Vinyl Coated Mushroom Anchor - Black The mushroom anchor is a type preferred by many boaters because of its compact design and ease of use. This cast iron anchor is coated with heavy duty no-mar resistant plastisol (protects bass...

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      • Aamstrand Anchor Line Hollow Braid Poly with Snap Hook
        List Price: $7.58
        Starting At: $5.99

        Anchor Line Hollow Braid Poly with Snap Hook These anchor lines come equipped with a spliced in snap hook on one end. Great for small boats and mushroom style anchors.

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      • Beach Spike Boat Anchor
        List Price: $77.49
        Starting At: $53.49

        Beach Spike Boat Anchor The Beach Spike is the perfect anchor for tieing up to the bank or beach. Vinyl coated with slide-hammer action, drives deep for secure anchoring. Easily stores in ski lockers or under back to back seating.

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      • Sea Sense Grappling Anchor
        List Price: $16.32
        Starting At: $13.99

        Sea Sense Grappling Anchor The Grappling Anchor is great for all small boats, including dinghies, inflatables, canoes and personal watercraft (PWC). The ability to quickly fold and unfold in seconds and stow in a very small compartment makes the...

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      • Jet Logic Personal Watercraft (PWC) Sand Anchor & Buoy System
        List Price: $23.99
        Starting At: $19.99

        Jet Logic Personal Watercraft (PWC) Sand Anchor & Buoy System   The sand anchor is ideal for anchoring PWCs in shallow water to keep the impeller off the beach. Made from heavy duty durable tri-laminate, the sand anchor will hold up to 35 lbs...

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      • Tuggy Products Anchor Buddy Mini
        List Price: $26.49
        Starting At: $19.49

        Tuggy Products Anchor Buddy Mini for PWCs Miniature Anchor Buddy for your PWC "Mini Buddy" S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-S as you go to shore. "Mini Buddy" Retracts as you pull on your bow line. Available in multiple colors

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      • Jet Logic Small Watercraft Folding Anchor System
        List Price: $44.39
        Starting At: $36.99

        This Complete Folding Anchor System by Jet Logic is in a class by itself. The 3-1/3 pound 4-fluke folding anchor will hold in mud, sand, gravel and rock. Designed for boats, sailboats, personal watercraft, inflatable boats, canoes and float tubes, the...

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      • Jet Logic Small Watercraft Beach Screw Anchor System
        List Price: $23.99
        Starting At: $19.99

        Jet Logic Small Watercraft Beach Screw Anchor System   Perfect for anchoring a PWC in shallow water, just off the beach. Screw the zinc-plated anchor into compacted sand or mud in 2 to 3 ft. of water. There's a giant nylon snap hook at each end of...

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      • Greenfield Products Wavestake Collapsible Anchor
        List Price: $39.99
        Starting At: $29.99

        Collapses for easy storage! Weight performance of Cast-Iron, without the storage problem! Easy to assemble and use. Stores FLAT in included nylon storage bag. Patented design combines aggressive low profile flukes for quick, deep, anchor setting...

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      Kayak Anchors

      Kayaks are not just used for recreation, but also for fishing and as a means to reach larger craft and docks. To keep your kayak from drifting while you fish or disembark, Wholesale Marine recommends buying a 1.5 - 3-lb. kayak anchor. We carry a great selection of lightweight anchors to securely tether kayaks, personal watercraft, and small boats. You can also expect to find the top brands in anchors, and anchor lines such as AAmstrand, Calcutta, Fortress Anchors, Greenfield Products, Jet Logic, Sea Sense and Tuggy Products.

      Calcutta offers their Kayak Anchor Kit with everything you’ll need to keep your watercraft from drifting. From Jet Logic, we recommend their Small Watercraft Folding Anchor System, that features a 3-⅓ pound anchor that holds in muddy, sandy, or rocky bottoms.

      Is storage space an issue? Try Greenfield’s Wavestake Collapsible Anchor with the performance of cast iron, but disassembles to store on any flat surface.

      An Anchor for Every Watercraft

      Always a popular choice, Greenfield’s Mushroom Anchor is vinyl coated to protect bow and bottoms alike. Don’t forget to order anchor line! Wholesale Marine carries Tuggy Products’ Anchor Buddy, a line that stretches up to 50 feet as your boat drifts to shore, then retracts as you pay out your boat’s bowline. If you’d prefer, we also carry economical Hollow Braid Poly Anchor Line with Snap Hook from Aamstrand.

      As you can see, when you’re in the market for a kayak anchor, Wholesale Marine has you covered. We stock everything boaters require to keep their vessels well-maintained and ready for their next voyage. Once you become a Wholesale Marine customer, our selection, experience, and customer service will keep you coming back, as often as you need us. When you require anything for your boat, give us a call. For same day, flat-rate shipping and our low price guarantee, call us at (877) 388-2628. We’re here Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM, EST. Be sure to ask about our Captain’s Loyalty program for additional discounts every time you shop at Wholesale Marine.