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Wobble Rollers

      • Poly Vinyl, Non-Marring Wobble Roller Kit
        List Price: $68.49
        Starting At: $42.99

        Tie Down Poly Vinyl Wobble Roller Kit New poly vinyl rollers are long lasting, will absorb shock, are cut resistant and will not mark or mar your boat. Tie Down's enhanced formula for PVC far outperforms traditional polyurethane products. Kit...

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      • CE Smith Boat Trailer Wobble Type Rubber Roller
        List Price: $21.99
        Starting At: $16.49

        CE Smith Boat Trailer Wobble Type Rubber Roller This CE Smith wobble rubber roller can be used as a replacement for the original roller on many trailers. Fits standard brackets and 3/4" shaft size. Black natural rubber 4-3/8" Diameter 4-3/8" Wide

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      • Wobble Roller Washer w/Retainer - hog rings
        List Price: $11.49
        Starting At: $7.99

        Wobble Roller Washer w/retainer - hog rings Pack of 2 Hog Rings and washers for attaching wobble rollers. For 1-1/8" Shaft size.

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      • Tie Down Wobble Roller Bracket Mounting Kit
        List Price: $30.49
        Starting At: $25.99

        Tie Down Wobble Roller Bracket Mounting Kit This Tie Down Wobble Roller Bracket Mounting Kit features a pivot bracket made from 1/4" hot dipped galvanized steel with bottom mounting holes on 3-1/2" centers. With a pair of 5-1/4" wide by 4-3/4" tall...

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      Wobble Rollers

      A wobble roller may sound like a sweet new dance move, but these parts can give your craft a better roll from trailer to water and back. Whether you find yourself a professional fisherman or you casually set sail on the weekends, your rig will benefit from wobble rollers. Wholesale Marine carries all that you need to install wobble rollers to your trailer from both CE Smith and Tie Down Engineering.

      Measurements and Materials

      The wobble roller is installed on your trailer in conjunction with other rollers of various shapes and sizes to ensure a cozy fit and a smooth ride. When deciding which wobble roller is right to replace the originals on your rig, measure the inside diameter of the bushing, the width and diameter of the roller, the shaft diameter, and the inside length of the bushing from one edge to the other. We carry black rubber wobble rollers by CE Smith, made to fit standard ¾” shaft size. Our washer and hog ring pack can be used to secure your rollers to your trailer. The Wobble Roller Kit has all you need to install ribbed, poly vinyl rollers to your trailer in one sitting, including bushings, hog rings, and washers. The poly vinyl is both long lasting and non-marring to protect your ship from stern to keel.

      Ready to replace your wobble rollers? We are glad to take care of you with our exceptional customer service team consisting of boating professionals. Wholesale Marine offers free shipping for orders over $99 and same day shipping, too. We hope to earn your trust and invite you to join our Captain’s Club loyalty rewards program loaded with opportunities to earn points and exclusive sales. For more assistance in measuring, product questions, or anything else you need, call us at 877-388-2628.