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  • Teleflex CC205 Control Cable Assembly 479 Series

Teleflex CC205 Control Cable Assembly 479 Series

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    Product Description

    Teleflex CC205 Control Cable Assembly 479 Series Johnson Evinrude BRP Boat Merc

    OEM direct-replacement type cables are designed to fit Mercury engine control heads which use a proprietary control connection. These cables replace Johnson /Evinrude/BRP 479 type cables.


    • Drop-in replacement cables are engineered as replacements for original equipment cables.
    • Cables use the existing connection components.
    • Stainless steel and brass fittings.
    • Standard cables use stainless steel Lubri-Core core wire for smooth operation and long life.
    • 8" minimum bend radius.
    • Black HDPE outer casing for durability and best resistance to UV and chemicals.


    • Replaces 479 type cables
    • BRP / OMC / Johnson / Evinrude and Gale with BRP/OMC controls 1979 to date.

    This CC205 Standard series cables comes in lengths from 10' to 24'. Lengths 6' to 50' are offered in the TFXtreme series cables item TEL-CCX20506.1

    Helpful Info

    What kind of control cables go on my boat? (The boat has a [brand name] engine.)

    There are several ways to determine this information by noting:
    a. appearance of the cable
    b. part number of the cable
    c. engine(s) and controls on which cable is used

    Take a look at the existing cable.

    Usually the part number is stamped in white on the existing cable’s plastic outer casing.
    If you can’t locate it or read the part number, check to see what brand of control and brand/year of engine is on the boat now.

    With this information, you can determine which cable you need from identification/application charts in this catalog. These charts will help you identify cables by appearance, part number, control type and engine brand/type.

    In most cases, SeaStar Solutions offers three performance grades, called Standard, Midrange and Premium.

    For maximum performance, we recommend our Premium xtreme_thumb cables.

    Once the part number of the replacement control cable is known, measure the one you have now if at all possible.

    Please see “How to Measure Control Cables” in this catalog and take special note of how measurements are made. The most frequent reason for the return of a new cable is that the incorrect length was ordered.

    How do I know which control cable I need?

    In order to determine that, you need to know what brand(s) of engine and control head are on the boat.

    Mercury/Mariner/Force and OMC/Johnson/Evinrude engines usually require an “OEM type” cable when using those engine makers’ control heads. OEM type cables have special end fittings designed to connect to the control and engine with minimal hardware.

    Generally, all other engines and controls use a “universal” 3300/33C type control cable. Universal cables have 10-32 threaded ends and often require extra hardware to connect to the engine and control.

    Contact the engine manufacturer if you need details on the hookup. Diesels and twin station vessels may use larger diameter (4300/43 or 6400/64 type) universal cables; 4300/43 type cables have 1/4-28 threaded ends and 6400/64 cables have 5/16-24 threaded ends.

    How do I know which control cable length I need?

    This depends on two things:

    a. Are you doing a first-time control cable installation?

    Outboards: Measure from control along unobstructed cable routing to center of outboard. Add four feet to allow for loop which provides unrestricted engine movement. Round up to next whole foot and order that length cable(s).

    Stern Drives and Inboards: Measure from control along unobstructed cable routing to shift and/or throttle connection. Round this dimension off to the next whole foot and order that length cable(s).

    b. Are you replacing an existing cable?

    Measure the Existing Cable as Follows: Measure the cable from tip to tip in inches, and round up to next even foot. Order that length cable.
    What kind of ongoing maintenance do cables need? Can they be repaired?

    We suggest the following periodic maintenance be performed at least twice a season:

    a. Check overall operation for proper gear engagement, full and idle throttle, and overall feel.

    b. Visually inspect control head, cable as well as engine and transmission cable attachment points for proper tightness of fasteners, correct operation of all moving parts, worn or broken items, cable chafing or misalignment, etc.

    c. Do not lubricate core wire (moving wire inside the casing). If the cable operates stiffly, replace it.

    d. Keep cable ends dirt and corrosion free.

    e. Lubricate pivot points and sliding parts of the cable with a good quality water-resistant grease.

    When to replace a cable or connection hardware:

    a. Excessive free play felt at the control even after all cable connections have been verified as in good working order.

    b. Visual inspection shows chafing, breakage or bent, loose or worn parts.

    Never attempt to repair a cable. Always replace a malfunctioning cable. A cable cannot be properly repaired in the field and must always be replaced as an assembly. Attempting to repair a cable can result in control system failure, leading to personal injury and/or property damage.

    California Residents: WARNING Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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