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Engine Gauges

      Boat Gauges

      Marine gauges are usually console-mounted to allow boaters an overview of the operations at a glance. Each boat gauges indicates an important boating function such as travelling speed, engine temperature, the number of operating hours, the water depth, fuel level, wind speed, water temperature, oil pressure and the amount of electricity being generated. Trouble is, moisture is the enemy of electronics and can cause them to malfunction or just stop working altogether. When your boat gauges are no longer functioning accurately, replacement is recommended over repair. Here is an overview of how boat owners may troubleshoot their gauges to determine if they are functioning properly.

      To Troubleshoot Temperature, Oil and Fuel Gauges:

        1. Locate engine sending wire and disconnect.  If the needle drops to low-scale, replace the entire unit.
        2. If non-responsive, locate and disconnect the wire from the back of the "S" terminal. Again, if the gauge moves to low-scale, the wiring is grounded, and repair, not, replacement is advised

      To Troubleshoot an Oil Pressure Alarm Switch:

      Use a Volt Meter on this electrical component.

        1. Locate the wire on the switch terminal and disconnect.
        2. Engine must be turned off for this next step: Connect one lead of the multimeter to the sender terminal and connect the other to a ground on the engine.If the switch remains close at low pressure, meter should show continuity (low resistance).
        3. Turn on the engine and check resistance. The pressure switch should open when oil pressure exceeds appx. 5psi. Now the reading should indicate infinite resistance or max scale. If not, replace the unit.

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