Engine Gauges

      • Sierra 61238P Amega Series Water Pressure Gauge
        Starting At: $50.34

        Hottest selling black dial line! Amega Domed has clean-looking black dials with white and red graphics plus through-dial and perimeter lighting for great readability. Amega has been very popular, available in several styles since its debut in 1986...

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      • Sea Dog Pitot Tube & Installation Kit
        List Price: $14.40
        Now: $12.24

        Sea Dog Speedometer Pitot Tube & Installation Kit Universal design works with most Speedometers. Pitot Tube made from injection molded nylon. Includes: Pitot Pitot tube Shield Clamps Mounting Screws

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      • Sierra 68399P Eclipse Series Tachometer
        List Price: $123.00
        Starting At: $64.25

        Smart white and blue graphics on a black dial background, these very low profile bezels follow the curve of the lense to eliminate water trapping. Designed with domed glass sheds water and resists scratching. Features: Instruments available for most...

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      • Faria Euro White 2" Fuel Level Gauge (E-1\/2-F)
        List Price: $29.34
        Starting At: $25.99

        Euro White 2" Fuel Level Gauge (E-1/2-F)2" - Hole Size: 2.0625" (53mm)Fuel Level gauge operates by sending a low amperage current through the gauges's meter to ground via a sending unit with variable resistance. The resistance of the sending units...

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      • VDO Allentare Black Fuel Level Gauge - Use w\/Marine 240-33 Ohm Fuel Senders - 12V - Black Bezel
        List Price: $35.08
        Starting At: $10.99

        Allentare Black Fuel Level Gauge - Use w/Marine 240-33 Ohm Fuel Senders - 12V - Black BezelAllentare marine gauges provide an ideal, cost effective solution for new boats or drop-in replacement gauge for older boats. Allentare gauges are designed to...

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      Boat Gauges

      Console-mounted marine gauges give boaters insight into the operations of their craft at a glance. A critical component of any craft, individual boat gauges indicate travelling speed, engine temperature, the number of operating hours, the water depth, fuel level, wind speed, water temperature, oil pressure and the amount of electricity being generated. Since marine conditions are not hospitable to electronics, when these malfunction, repair or replacement becomes a priority. Here is an overview of how boat owners may troubleshoot their gauges to determine if they are functioning properly.

      Troubleshooting Pegged-Up Temperature, Oil and Fuel Gauges

      1. Disconnect wire from the engine sending unit.  If the needle moves to low-scale the sender needs replacement.

      2. If the gauge does not respond, disconnect the wire from the "S" terminal on the back of the gauge, if the gauge moves to low-scale, the wiring is grounded.

      Troubleshooting an Oil Pressure Alarm Switch

      For this test a Volt Meter is required.

      1. Remove the wire from the switch terminal.

      2. Turn off the engine. Connect one lead of the multi-meter to the sender terminal and connect the other to a ground on the engine. At low oil pressure the switch will be closed and the meter should show continuity (low resistance).

      3. Start the engine and check the resistance again. The pressure switch should open when oil pressure exceeds appx. 5psi. The meter should indicate a resistance of infinity (max scale). If not, replace the unit.

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