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Mooring Buoys

      • Cal-June Trip Line and Anchor Marker Buoy
        List Price: $68.99
        Starting At: $54.99

        Wherever anchors are used this buoy is required gear. As the anchor is dropped, the tripline Anchor Buoy with it's 100ft. line goes with it One end of the buoy line is attached to the trip shackle of the anchor; the buoy rises to the surface, unwinding...

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      Mooring Buoys

      Mooring buoys can be your hull’s, stern’s, and gel coat’s best ally since these tools prevent damage to your boat as well as surrounding craft. These are generally heavier than standard buoys and inform approaching vessels as to your boat’s general location. Wholesale Marine stocks a large inventory of easy-to-install mooring buoys and accessories from leading marine manufacturers such as Cal-June, Custom Cordage, and Taylor Made Products.

      We offer regulation mooring buoys in a range of sizes from 12-diameter up to 30-diameter. Easily visible at a distance, Taylor Made’s Sur-Moor T3C Moor Buoy - 30D,  is one-piece polyethylene construction. It absorbs UV light and can also be painted for quick identification. Tethering is a snap as well; its centered tube allows chain to pass through the buoy, not just through hardware that is attached to the buoy. Plus, a reflective band improves nighttime visibility

      Wholesale Marine Carries Regulation-Compliant Buoys

      Required wherever anchors are used, Cal-June’s Trip Line and Anchor Marker Buoy is regulation-compliant and features line that is weather resistant to 800-lbs. breaking strength. Wholesale Marine wants to save you a trip to the big box store, so we also carry the line, cordage, and hardware to securely moor your craft.

      If you’re just not certain which mooring buoy is the right choice, Wholesale Marine’s knowledgeable staff of boating enthusiasts welcome any questions you may have. You’ll find our advice helpful and our prices unmatched anywhere else. We also have a Captain's Club Rewards program so you’ll be able to use the points you accumulate today towards any future purchases. Most orders ship the same day and we offer flat rate shipping for $6.99. There’s no reason to wait any longer: call us Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM EST at (877) 388-2628.