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Slalom Water Skis

      • C L E A R A N C E
        O'Brien World Team 66" Skis w/ X-9 Bindings
        List Price: $359.99
        Starting At: $224.99

        O'Brien World Team 66" Slalom Waterski w/ X-9 STD Bindings World Team Waterski The number one selling ski in the world and still one of the best skis ever for the skier that just wants to have fun. A wide fore-body and deep tunnel make the World Team a...

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      • O'Brien Jr. Siege Slalom Waterskis
        List Price: $419.99
        Starting At: $349.99

        O'Brien Jr. Siege Slalom Waterskis w/ Jr. Avid Bindings The O'Brien Jr. Siege Slalom Waterskis w/ Jr. Avid Bindings feature a small, defined bevel for easier turning. With an increased rocker for smooth, forgiving turns and a carved fin, these skis...

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      • O'Brien Pro Tour Slalom Ski w/ Z9 & RTS 2020
        List Price: $263.99
        Starting At: $219.99

        O'Brien Pro Tour Slalom Water Ski w/ Z9 Bindings & RTS 2020 The O'Brien Pro Tour Slalom Waterski is designed to be super stable and easy to get out of the water. This beginner-friendly slalom delivers unmatched ease and control that new riders will...

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      • O'Brien 2180484 Siege Slalom Ski w/ Avid Binding
        List Price: $443.99
        Starting At: $369.99

        O'Brien Siege Slalom Ski w/ Avid Binding The O'Brien Siege Slalom Ski is incredibly responsive! With a tunnel concave, edge changes are effortless and the ski turns on a dime. A softer flex and increased rocker makes this ski feel stable right out of...

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      Slalom Water Skis

      Skimming the water’s surface on one or two skis has long been an ideal way to cool off on a hot day. What separates slalom skiers from water skiers are the set of 26 spaced buoys that must be negotiated while the skier is towed behind a boat. There are rules and regulations to follow, and mastery of this exciting sport requires agility and upper and lower body strength. Proficient slalom skiers often join the American Water Ski Association to gain entry into tournaments designed specifically to showcase this sport.

      Wholesale Marine is your source for pure slalom water-skiing enjoyment! We carry the best performing traditional slalom water skis on the market that are great for just cruising the lake, shallow enough for carving huge turns into the late afternoon, and delivering pure enjoyment for the recreational skier. We feature leading brands like Connelly, HO Watersports, and O’Brien Watersports. Wholesale Marine sells slalom skis with the latest, most innovative designs to increase efficient water flow, create less drag, and deliver high-performance. Designed for every skill level, these skis are also made to be very forgiving out on the water.

      Check Out Our Great Collection of Slalom Water Skis!

      Versatility and stability are words customers use to describe the Connelly brand. Check out their versatile HP series, with the best performing traditional slalom skis on the market, or the acclaimed V series; the most innovative slalom ski design in years- designed to increase efficient water flow and create less drag. HO Watersports is all about comfortable skiing, performance, and helping you carve it up on the lake! Their dual-use skis reduce drag by 50%, increase speed, and are handmade in the USA. HO skis are styled with vivid graphics and designs that are sure to turn heads.

      Take a look at O’Brien Watersports Slalom Water Skis for men and women. Our women’s softer flex water skis feature smaller bevels for increased speed, turn on a dime, and the extra rocker leads to more forgiving turns. Did you know the O'Brien World Team Slalom Water Ski is the number one selling water ski in the world? A wide fore-body and deep tunnel make the World Team a great ski to learn with as it reduces spray and fatigue, allowing you to stay up and fine tune your skills.

      W hatever your boat or water recreation needs, Wholesale Marine carries the best and most trusted brands. We have the lowest prices and offer the fastest shipping on the web! If you have questions, we invite you to contact us. Or, if you wish to order by phone, please call us Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM EST at (877) 388-2628.