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  • MinnKota Digital On-Board Chargers - 5 AMP

MinnKota Digital On-Board Chargers - 5 AMP

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MinnKota Digital On-Board Chargers - 5 AMP

Renew your fishing license – not your batteries. With Digital On-Board Chargers, you get a safe, protected charge that keeps your batteries running long for years to come. Meet your battery’s new fountain of youth.

Digital Control
The microprocessor-based design of our Digital On-Board Chargers enables them to charge your battery quickly, safely and accurately.

Automatic Temperature Compensation
Charging your batteries at higher or lower temperatures can damage your battery. But chargers equipped with Automatic Temperature Compensation fight back. They sense outside temperature fluctuations and adjust accordingly – providing a fast, accurate charge.

Digital Control
A microprocessor-based design enables our chargers to continually monitor the temperature and state of charge of your battery. It means a faster, more regulated, precise charge for your battery – and a longer day of worry-free fishing for you.

Multi-Stage Charging
By controlling the voltage and current your battery gets throughout the charging cycle, our on-board chargers ensure a fast, safe and precise charge.

Status Code Display
Comprehensive readings on our Digital On-Board Chargers inform you of charge stage, maintenance mode status, error notifications and full charge.

Three-Year Replacement Warranty

Digital On-Board Charger Specifications:

  • Waterproof, shock- and vibration-resistant aluminum construction
  • Saltwater-tested, fully corrosion-resistant construction 
  • Short circuit, reverse polarity, arc and ignition protected 
  • For use with 12-, 24-, 36- and 48-volt systems with 12V/6 cell batteries that are Flooded/Wet Cell, Maintenance Free or Starved Electrolyte (AGM) only 
  • FCC Compliant 
  • UL listed to marine standard 1236

Installation Instructions


Choosing Mounting Location

  • Do not mount the charger above batteries as lead-acid batteries give off corrosive gasses which will damage the charger over time. Do not mount the charger below the waterline of the boat or directly adjacent to fuel tanks.
  • Each DC input and output cord is 6 feet long. Ensure that the DC cord can reach the battery.
  • If the DC battery leads are not long enough, they should be brought to a terminal block and extended from the terminal block with 12 AWG (minimum) wire.


  • Mounting with nuts, bolts, and washers is preferable to mounting with screws.
  • Use the largest diameter bolts possible, and use all four mounting holes.
  • Your battery charger is supplied with an AC plug holder designed to hold the power cord plug when not in use. Mount the AC plug holder with four screws in a convenient dry site to prevent corrosion to the AC plug.

Connecting the Batteries to the Charger

  • Position AC and DC cords to reduce risk of damage by hood, door, or moving engine parts.
  • Stay clear of fan blades, belts, pulleys and other parts that can cause injury to persons.
  • Check polarity of battery posts. POSITIVE (+) battery post is usually larger in diameter than NEGATIVE (-) post.
  • Determine which post of the battery is grounded (connected) to the chassis (if any). If negative post is grounded to the boat hull or chassis, your boat is negative grounded. If positive post is grounded, your boat is positive grounded. If neither is grounded, the order in which the output leads are connected does not matter.
  • For negative-grounded boat, connect POSITIVE (RED) output terminal to POSITIVE (+) ungrounded post of battery first. Then connect NEGATIVE (BLACK) output to NEGATIVE (-) grounded post of battery.
  • For positive-grounded boat, connect NEGATIVE (BLACK) output to NEGATIVE (-) ungrounded post of battery first. Then, connect POSITIVE (RED) output terminal to POSITIVE (+) grounded post of battery.
  • When disconnecting charger, disconnect AC power cord from electric outlet first.
  • When disconnecting output terminals from battery posts, always do so in reverse sequence of the connecting procedure while as far away from the battery as practical.


  • Check battery charger for dirt, oil, battery corrosion, ect.
  • Use a water and baking soda solution for cleaning corrosion. Wipe clean using a dry cloth.
  • Check ring terminals for dirt, oil, and battery corrosion; then disconnect from battery posts and clean as necessary with water and baking soda solution and dry with a clean cloth.
  • When not in use, coil the cord to prevent damage.

Information sourced from Minn Kota Owner’s Manual for Minn Kota On-board DC Alternator Battery Chargers

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