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Fuel Tanks & Systems

      • MPI Products USCG Type A Marine Fuel Hose
        Starting At: $3.99

        MPI Fuel Hose USCG Type A This premium quality fire-retardant fuel hose meets or exceeds all requirements of new ISO 7840 and SAE J5127 standards required by USCG, ABYC and NMMA. Inner tube material provides extraordinary resistance to gasoline,...

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      • Marine Products Fuel Fill Hose 1 1/2"
        List Price: $9.49
        Starting At: $6.99

        Sierra Shields Fuel Fill Hose 1-1/2" Since 2012, marine fuel filler hoses must meet stricter standards than before. If you are replacing your recreational craft’s fuel fill hose it is essential to have a fill hose that resists the detrimental and...

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      • Marine Products Fuel Vent Hose 5/8"
        Starting At: $4.99

        Marine Products Fuel Vent Hose 5/8" - Sold by the Foot Fuel Vent Lines - Gasoline up to 85% ethanol blended fuel, diesel fuel Meets USCG Type A2 Requirements For Pleasure Boats Resists gasoline/alcohol blended fuel Fire resistant Weather/UV...

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      • Moeller Marine 3/8" Low Perm Fuel Hose
        Starting At: $3.49

        Moeller Marine 3/8" Low Perm Fuel Hose Moeller Marine fuel hoses are OEM compatible. This low perm fuel hose is designed for above deck applications. Fuel line hose for fuel system rigging. Designed to be used above the deck. 3/8" I.D.  Bulk...

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      • Moeller Marine Electric Fuel Sending Units
        List Price: $38.09
        Starting At: $31.49

        Moeller Marine Swingarm Electric Fuel Sending Units These Moeller Swingarm Fuel Sending Units gather fuel level information from a float which is read on a dash-mounted gauge. These units have been pre-inspected to guarantee full range of calibrated...

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      • List Price: $10.49
        Starting At: $7.99

        Sierra 18-7845 Fuel Separating Fuel Filter for Sterndrive and Inboard Engines Sierra canister fuel filters are designed to be an exact fit and performance replacement to your current OEM canister filter. These filters are tested to meet ISO, SAE, and...

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      • Quicksilver Quickleen Fuel System Cleaner
        List Price: $18.49
        Starting At: $11.49

        Quicksilver Quickleen Fuel System Cleaner Even more than the gas in your car, the gas in your ATV/UTV or dirt bike needs special care to keep your engine running at peak performance. Gasoline begins to go bad within a few weeks. When left untreated,...

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      • Starbrite Star-Tron Fuel Treatment
        List Price: $16.31
        Starting At: $9.49

        Starbrite Star-Tron Fuel Treatment Starbrite's StarTron fuel system additive resolves most fuel-related engine issues. StarTron is a multi-functional additive that allows marine engines to start easily and run smoothly, even when using ethanol-blended...

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      • Sierra 18-8052 Fuel Line Hose 3/16" ID
        Starting At: $1.99

        Sierra 18-8052 Fuel Line Hose 3/16" ID 3/16" ID Fuel Line Hose (non-Pressurized Systems) Alcohol resistant Sold By The Foot Interchangeable with OMC Stern Drive 122838

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      • Moeller Marine Chrome Fuel Deck Fill for 1-1/2" Hose
        List Price: $32.99
        Starting At: $25.99

        Moeller Marine Chrome Fuel Deck Fill for 1-1/2" Hose For use with 1-1/2" I.D. fill hose. Designed with screw mount and splash lip Deck plate fill for gasoline. Cap attached with stainless steel cable. Requires bonding per U.S.C.G. requirements.

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      • List Price: $10.49
        Starting At: $7.99

        Sierra 18-7844 Water Separating Fuel Filter for Sterndrives and Outboards Sierra fuel water separators remove over 99.8% of emulsified water from your gasoline. Sierra's 10 micron filters are over 90% efficient at removing particles as small as 10...

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      • Moeller Marine Fuel Hose Barb, Brass
        List Price: $4.05
        Starting At: $3.49

        Moeller Marine Fuel Hose Barb Features: High quality brass hose barbs Male Thread For permanent fuel tanks 1/4" NPT X 1/4" Barb 15 CAL

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      • Moeller Marine 6 Gallon Portable Fuel Tank
        List Price: $86.99
        Starting At: $59.99

        Moeller Marine EPA Compliant 6.5 Gallon Portable Fuel Tank Features: Low Perm Certified Manufactured from high-density multi-layer polyethylene with ultraviolet inhibitors. Advanced manufacturing techniques provide the highest quality product...

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      • Starbrite Star Tron Fuel Tank Cleaner- 64 oz
        List Price: $46.49
        Starting At: $26.49

        Stabrite Star Tron Gasoline and Diesel Fuel Tank Cleaner 64oz Starbrite Star Tron Fuel Tank Cleaner is a safe and easy way to eliminate sludge and gum from aged or contaminated duel tanks. This enzyme formula is a cost-effective alternative to...

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      • Sea Dog Hose Thru Vent
        List Price: $4.32
        Starting At: $3.99

        Sea Dog Hose Thru Vent 3" Size: 3-5/8" Square 4" Size: 4-15/16" Square Injection Molded ABS

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      • Mercury 35-8M0162829 FourStroke Outboard Oil Filter
        Starting At: $8.64

        Mercury 35-8M0162829 FourStroke Outboard Oil Filter High quality Mercury outboard oil filters work together with Mercury FourStroke Outboard Oil to provide the ultimate protection for your engine. It is recommended that you change your oil filter after...

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      • Sta-Bil Marine Ethanol Formula
        List Price:
        Starting At: $12.99

        Sta-Bil 360° Marine Fuel Treatment Sta-Bil 360° Marine Fuel Treatment is engineered to combat the effects of harsh marine climates. This fuel treatment cleans the fuel system and ensires your boat's engine is operating at peak performance...

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      • Starbrite EZ Store EZ Start Gas Storage & Stabilizer
        List Price: $11.99
        Starting At: $6.99

        Starbrite EZ Store EZ Start Gas Storage & Stabilizer Starbrite EZ to Store, EZ to Start Gas Storage and Stabilizer stabilizes fuel for up to one year. This stabilizer protects gas and engine components during storage and is ideal for use in boats,...

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      • Sierra 18-8021 Snapper Clamp Replaces 0911616
        List Price: $0.89
        Starting At: $0.68

        Sierra 18-8021 #10 Snapper Clamp for 3/8" Hose Sierra high-quality engine parts are designed to meet OEM specifications. For use on Johnson/Evinrude Outboards, OMC Stern Drives, and Volvo Penta engines. Clamp Size: 10 Clamp Range: .597" - ...

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      Marine Gas Tanks

      For filling and maintaining your boat’s fuel tank systems, turn to the professionals at Wholesale Marine. We carry an extensive line of boat gas tanks from leading manufacturers for both inboard and outboard engine fuel tank systems. Whether you need a fuel filter, a fuel pickup tube, a funnel for pouring, a portable fuel tank, a complete fuel line assembly, hoses and connectors, senders and gauges, a replacement tank, fuel additives, gas caps and deck fills, or just a 14 gallon jerry can by Flo-N-Go, we have you covered. If you are not exactly certain about what you need, speak with our professional staff for solid advice.

      Regardless of its engine, every craft will have a permanent fuel tank below the deck with lines running to either its outboard or inboard engine. Fuel lines require routine maintenance. Wholesale Marine recommends using a fuel line treatment product such as Stabil or StarTron. It’s ironic, but water is the enemy of most boat systems and this is especially true of the fuel system. To maintain your permanent fuel tank (these are also known as boat gas tanks), here are some helpful tips from Wholesale Marine to protect your boat’s entire fuel system from costly repairs:

      1. Water in an engine’s fuel system leads to corrosion and corrosion leads to engine breakdown. Take action quickly when you first locate water in the fuel line or marine gas tank to possibly avoid repair bills altogether.
      2. Water sits under the fuel in a separate layer. If you are offshore and discover water in your fuel and your filter bowl is less than a quarter full of water, drain it and change the filter immediately. Then head in with caution.

      3. Gas inboards require metal filter bowls. Open the valve from underneath, and be sure to reinstall the safety plug in the drain valve

      4. Marine Gas Tanks’ Primary filters (the first filter after the fuel tank) block small amounts of water, but a larger amount might make it through. Be sure to check by dumping fuel from the secondary filter into a bucket and look for any water bubbles.

      5. Flush clean fuel from a jerry can through the engine to the connection at the high-pressure diesel injection pump or the gasoline injector supply rail. Be sure to use a filtered line. Most diesel engines have a manual fuel pump near the secondary filter or on the low-pressure supply pump. On gas engines, turn the ignition on and off to briefly run the fuel pump.

      6. If the motor stalled because of water, loosen diesel injector lines and turn the engine over with the starter until clean fuel runs through it. For gas engines, remove a sensor or plug at the far end of the supply rail and flush it there.

      7. Clean the tank and find the cause. Remove any sludge and inspect for deteriorated fuel fill-cap O-rings or gauge sender gasket seals. Replace as necessary. If your boat’s fuel line runs clean, your engine will as well. Therefore, it is very important that the fuel line be inspected routinely to avoid costly engine repairs caused by a faulty fuel line.

      We Stock Marine Gas Tanks at Wholesale Marine

      Should yours need replacement, know that Wholesale Marine stocks a large selection of below deck boat gas tanks and fuel system parts. If you are not sure what tank you need, give us a call. We’re boating enthusiasts, too and want you to enjoy your life on the water as much as we do. Call us: (877) 388-2628, Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM, EST.