Ballast Bags

      Ballast Bags

      Build the perfect wake using Fat Sacs to enhance your wakeboarding experience. Wake boarders know that placing weight in different parts of your boat can change the shape of wakes, and are used wake surfers also. By adding ballast bags to your boat it will help the boat to sit lower in the water, especially on the side you will be surfing by. To create an optimal wake surfing wake, the majority of the ballast weight goes in the back corner while smaller amounts of ballast are distributed towards the front, to lengthen and smooth out the wake creating a better surface to ride. Wholesale Marine offers a full line of Barefoot International’s Fat Sacs for your boat, ranging in weight from 260 up to 1,450 pounds.

      Fat Sac’s Side Ballast Bags are a popular choice. Sold as a pair, they’re ideal for open bow boats and fit alongside the engine compartment. Need to fine-tune your forward and aft weight distribution? That’s easy with Fat Sac’s Pro X Series Open Bow Triangle Sac. It lowers your bow for optimal control. Fill your sacs fast with Barefoot International’s Tsunami Pump, just for Fat Sacs. Another great product that increases your wakeboarding enjoyment is the Wakesurf Edge Wake Shaper. It features huge wave displacement and you’ll spend less downtime sorting ballast onboard.

      What to Know Before You Buy Ballast Bags

      Our friendly staff has more hands on experience than anyone else to help ensure you find the perfect ballast bag for both your boat and your needs at the best possible price. Our team can school you in Ballast Bags 101. To begin, it is very important to determine how much weight you will need and where, as they can have a huge effect on your wake as well as the way your boat drives. Another important caveat: Never trailer your boat with ballast in it! The extra weight in your trailer will affect road handling, burn more fuel, wear out tires, and may cause early trailer bearing failure.

      Bet you didn’t know that! But there’s more: you can also depend on our low price guarantee; we also offer flat rate shipping for only $6.99. Returns are quick and easy and with our Captain’s Club Rewards Program you’ll earn points you can redeem on your very next purchase. All this and shipping by next day! Give us a call Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM EST at (877) 388-2628 for the superior customer service experience you deserve!