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      • Aamstrand Anchor Line 3 Strand Twisted Nylon - White
        List Price: $32.92
        Starting At: $28.99

        Aamstrand 3 Strand Twisted Nylon Anchor Line - White Aamstrand anchor lines are made from three strands of twisted nylon rope that lasts as much as 10 times longer than manila rope and 5 times longer than polypropylene ropes. Its long service life makes...

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      • Sea Dog Stainless Steel Shackle
        List Price: $4.03
        Starting At: $3.99

        Sea-Dog Stainless Steel Bow Shackle These Sea Dog Bow Shackles feature a rounded shape and are designed to handle many different types of load from any direction. This shackle is ideal for many rigging applications. Constructed of Investment Cast 316...

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      • Danforth Fluke Anchor
        List Price: $40.99
        Starting At: $28.99

        Standard Galvanized Danforth Fluke Anchor Danforth Anchors are the world's most trusted boat anchor, used by boaters on a variety of vessels. This anchor has the traditional, superior holding power which has always been associated with Danforth Standard...

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      • Galvanized Anchor Chain And Shackles
        List Price: $22.99
        Starting At: $17.49

        Tie Down Engineering Galvanized Anchor Chain And Shackles Make anchoring a breeze by adding a length of chain to your anchor line. Includes two anchor shackles. Specifications:   Part...

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      • Fortress Marine Guardian Anchor
        List Price: $66.99
        Starting At: $46.99

        Fortress Marine Guardian Anchor The Fortress Guardian Anchor provides excellent quality and reliable performance, but at a more affordable price. Made from the same high tensile, corrosion-resistant aluminum magnesium alloy and manufacturing precision...

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      • Lewmar Galvanized Delta Anchor
        List Price: $119.99
        Starting At: $81.99

        Lewmar Galvanized Delta Anchor The Lewmar Delta anchor offers innovation, durability, and strength. High-grade manganese steel construction gives the Delta anchor maximum tensile strength. Another feature, a unique shank profile and ballasted tip allow...

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      • Sea Dog Anchor Shackle Galvanized Screw Pin
        List Price: $2.40
        Starting At: $1.99

        Sea-Dog Galvanized Screw Pin Anchor Shackle With their round shape, these shackles are designed to handle many different types of load from any direction. These galvanized shackles feature a screw pin closure and are ideal for joining anchors to mooring...

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      • Super Hooker Galvanized Fluke Style Anchor
        List Price: $30.49
        Starting At: $22.99

        Super Hooker Galvanized Fluke Style Anchor The Super Hooker anchor is a good choice for your anchoring needs. This lightweight, hot dipped galvanized Super Hooker anchor has strong wide flukes that penetrate quickly and firmly for maximum holding power...

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      • Hooker Quik-Set Galvanized Fluke Style Slip-Ring Anchor
        List Price: $19.52
        Starting At: $15.99

        Hooker "Quik-Set" Galvanized Fluke Style Slip-Ring Anchor A new innovative design in economically priced anchors, the Hooker Quik-Set anchor has 50% more holding power and the appearance fo an anchor costing much, much more. Refer to the picture and...

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      • Fortress Marine Aluminum Anchor
        List Price: $164.99
        Starting At: $123.49

        Fortress Marine Aluminum Fluke Anchor Fortress Anchors are often considered the "World's Best Anchors" by boaters and marine experts alike. That is due to their strong yet lightweight properties. Fortress anchors weigh far less than heavier steel...

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      • Lewmar Marine Galvanized Claw Anchor
        List Price: $26.99
        Starting At: $20.49

        Lewmar Galvanized Claw Anchor Lewmar Galvanized Claw Anchors are a durable, economical choice for boaters anchoring in mud, sand, and rocky bottoms. Modeled after anchors used to secure oil rigs in the North Sea, Lewmar's Claw anchors set effortlessly...

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      • Maxwell Covered Foot Switch
        List Price: $68.17
        Starting At: $49.99

        Maxwell Marine Covered Foot Switch Maxwell heavy-duty, weather resistant units have a UV stabilized water proof diaphragm and are supplied complete with mounting instructions and screws. Rated at 200 amps and suitable for 12V or 24V applications...

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      • Tuggy Products Anchor Buddy
        List Price: $43.99
        Starting At: $31.99

        Anchor Buddy Stretching Anchor Rope The Anchor Buddy is the anchor rope that stretches! The poly-covered bungee cord stretches from 14' to 50'. Anchor Buddy takes the shock out of your anchor line and makes it much easier to anchor offshore. Anchor...

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      • Worth AnchorMate Anchor Reel Anchor Control System
        List Price: $93.49
        Starting At: $79.49

        Worth AnchorMate Anchor Reel Anchor Control System The original anchor control system, the Anchormate, is designed for total ease and safety in anchoring. To drop the anchor, just turn the button. The free-spooling reel will stop anywhere you need it to...

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      • Lewmar Premium 3-Strand Anchor Rodes
        Starting At: $332.99

        Lewmar Premium 3-Strand Anchor Rodes - Marine Grade with Rope & Galvanized Chain Lewmar anchor rodes are a great economical choice for boaters looking for a windlass rode. These rodes are designed to work with the rope-chain gypsies fitted to all...

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      • Worth AnchorMate II Set Anchor Control System
        List Price: $162.99
        Starting At: $127.49

        Worth AnchorMate II Set Anchor Control System Known as the ‘big brother’ to the original Anchormate, the Worth AnchorMate II is designed to support heavier anchors on larger boats. The AnchorMate II features the same ease of use and safety...

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      • Lewmar Stainless Anchor Swivel
        Starting At: $80.49

        Lewmar Stainless Anchor Swivel Lewmar Anchor Swivel is made from 316 Stainless Steel and can swivel 360 degrees. Attach the swivel between the anchor and the chain, allowing the rope to swivel instead of twisting up. Models...

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      • Lewmar 8 Plait Anchor Rode
        List Price: $416.49
        Starting At: $349.99

        Lewmar Anchor Line 8 Plait Lewmar Anchor Rodes feature 8 plait nylon line joined with a tapered splice to ACCO Hi-Test hot-dipped galvanized chain. Each anchor rode comes with a shackle to attach the chain to the anchor. Anchor rodes complement rope...

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      • TRAC G3 Pontoon 35 Anchor Winch
        List Price: $264.99
        Starting At: $190.99

        TRAC Gen3 Pontoon 35 Electric Anchor Winch The TRAC Pontoon 35 Anchor Winch allows you to raise and lower your anchor with the press of a button! This winch utilizes an anti-reverse internal clutch to prevent free-spooling. Suitable for applications...

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      • TRAC Deckboat 40 Auto Deploy Anchor Winch
        List Price: $324.99
        Starting At: $233.99

        TRAC Deckboat 40 Auto Deploy Anchor Winch Lower and retrieve your anchor with ease using the automated TRAC Deckboat 40 Auto Deploy Anchor Winch. Here’s how it works: press and release the button- the anchor will be powered down smoothly and...

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      Wholesale Marine Stocks Every Anchoring Supply You’ll Ever Need, Including Boat Anchors!

      Whether you’re casting off for a trip downstream, anchoring at your secret fishing hole, or have let anchor for a family swim, Wholesale Marine can fulfill all your anchoring needs! We carry saltwater and freshwater boat anchors in a variety of styles and we have anchors available from brands such as Danforth, Super Hooker, Lewmar and Fortress so your boat will be anchored easily and securely. We also have anchor line, windlasses and winches, rodes, ropes and line from companies like Maxwell Marine, Trac, and Worth.

      Wholesale Marine Carries a Wide Variety of Anchoring Equipment

      Boat anchors are the most recognizable pieces in anchoring systems comprised of a number of components. Two important parts of any anchoring system include the windlass which is also known as a winch. A windlass/winch is a machine designed to restrain and manipulate anchor chain to allow the anchor to be raised or lowered using chain cable. Key to this process is the machine’s notched wheel that engages the links of the chain or rope. Do not leave the replacement of this integral part of your craft to chance! Wholesale Marine’s staff are boating enthusiasts just like you. We have the knowledge to offer sound advice no matter what part of your anchoring system or craft requires replacement. Other components in an anchoring system include the boat’s primary anchor, an anchor roller, rode, a chain locker and corresponding deck hardware such as a chain stopper or cleat.

      Wholesale Marine carries every anchor component your craft will ever need. Call us if you have a question about boat anchors or if you want to place an order. We’re available at 1-877-388-262, Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST.