• Danforth Fluke Anchor

        Standard Galvanized Danforth Fluke Anchor Danforth Anchors are the world's most trusted marine anchors, used by boaters on a variety of crafts. This Danforth fluke anchor has the traditional, superior holding power that has always been associated with...

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      • Galvanized Anchor Chain And Shackles

        Tie Down Engineering Galvanized Anchor Chain And Shackles Make anchoring a breeze by adding a length of chain to your anchor line. Includes two anchor shackles. Specifications:   Part...

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      • Aamstrand Anchor Line 3 Strand Twisted Nylon - White

        Aamstrand 3 Strand Twisted Nylon Anchor Line - White Aamstrand anchor lines are made from three strands of twisted nylon rope that lasts as much as 10 times longer than manila rope and 5 times longer than polypropylene ropes. Its long service life makes...

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      • Sea Dog Stainless Steel Shackle

        Sea-Dog Stainless Steel Bow Shackle These Sea Dog Bow Shackles feature a rounded shape and are designed to handle many different types of load from any direction. This shackle is ideal for many rigging applications. Constructed of Investment Cast 316...

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      • Fortress Marine Guardian Anchor

        Fortress Marine Guardian Anchor The Fortress Guardian Anchor provides excellent quality and reliable performance, but at a more affordable price. Made from the same high tensile, corrosion-resistant aluminum magnesium alloy and manufacturing precision...

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      • Delta Anchor

        Lewmar Galvanized Delta Anchor Lewmar has been manufacturing products since 1946 to help make spending time out on the water as stress-free as possible. They are committed to implementing the latest advances in technology for their marine products...

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      • Sea Dog Anchor Shackle Galvanized Screw Pin

        Sea-Dog Galvanized Screw Pin Anchor Shackle With their round shape, these shackles are designed to handle many different types of load from any direction. These galvanized shackles feature a screw pin closure and are ideal for joining anchors to mooring...

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      • TRAC T10118 Anchor Rope

        TRAC Premium Anchor Rope The TRAC Premium Anchor Rope works for all brands of electric anchor winches in fresh and salt water use. Features a professional eye splice, stainless steel thimble, and traditional thread whipping to secure the thimble and...

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      • Gen3 Marine 3-Strand Twisted Nylon Anchor Line - White

        Gen3 Marine 3-Strand Twisted Nylon Anchor Line - White Gen3 Marine twisted anchor line is made of 100% 3-strand twisted nylon. Manufactured to be tough and long lasting, Gen3 anchor line is resistant to mildew, rot, oil, and other chemicals...

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      • Super Hooker Galvanized Fluke Style Anchor

        Super Hooker Galvanized Fluke Style Anchor The Super Hooker anchor is a good choice for your anchoring needs. This lightweight, hot dipped galvanized Super Hooker anchor has strong wide flukes that penetrate quickly and firmly for maximum holding power...

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      • Lewmar Marine Galvanized Claw Anchor

        Lewmar Galvanized Claw Anchor Lewmar Galvanized Claw Anchors are a durable, economical choice for boaters anchoring in mud, sand, and rocky bottoms. Modeled after anchors used to secure oil rigs in the North Sea, Lewmar's Claw anchors set effortlessly...

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      • Hooker Quik-Set Galvanized Fluke Style Slip-Ring Anchor

        Hooker "Quik-Set" Galvanized Fluke Style Slip-Ring Anchor A new innovative design in economically priced anchors, the Hooker Quik-Set anchor has 50% more holding power and the appearance of an anchor costing much, much more. Refer to the picture and...

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      • Super Hooker Fluke Anchor Kit

        Tie Down Engineering Super Hooker Boat Anchor Kit When looking for a fluke anchor kit, Tie Down’s Super Hooker anchor is a solid choice. These anchors are well made, strong, and feature a hot-dipped galvanized finish. Their strong wide flukes...

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      • Lewmar Stainless Anchor Swivel

        Lewmar Stainless Anchor Swivel Lewmar Anchor Swivel is made from 316 Stainless Steel and can swivel 360 degrees. Attach the swivel between the anchor and the chain, allowing the rope to swivel instead of twisting up. Models...

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      • Greenfield Vinyl Coated Richter Anchor

        Greenfield Vinyl Coated Richter Anchor The Greenfield Vinyl Coated Richter Anchor is the ultimate in high performance anchors for nearly all applications and conditions. It offers the weight of a river anchor, the penetration of a grapnel anchor, and...

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      • Greenfield PVC Coated Slip Ring Fluke Anchor

        Greenfield PVC Coated Slip Ring Fluke Anchor The Slip-Ring Anchor is a traditional fluke anchor design, with the addition of a sliding ring for easy retrieval. Anchor Chain should always be used with steel fluke anchors, to provide weight necessary to...

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      • Fortress Marine Aluminum Anchor

        Fortress Marine Aluminum Fluke Anchor Boat and marine experts all agree that Fortress Anchors set the industry standard as the “World's Best Anchors”. Their lightweight yet strong construction rate these anchors highest among marine anchors...

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      • Maxwell Covered Foot Switch

        Maxwell Marine Covered Foot Switch Maxwell heavy-duty, weather resistant units have a UV stabilized water proof diaphragm and are supplied complete with mounting instructions and screws. Rated at 200 amps and suitable for 12V or 24V applications...

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      • Greenfield Vinyl Coated Mushroom Anchor - Black

        Greenfield Products Vinyl Coated Mushroom Anchor - Black Greenfield's Mushroom Anchors are preferred by many boaters due to their compact design and ease of use. Greenfield mushroom anchors are constructed of cast iron and are coated with a heavy-duty,...

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      • TRAC AnchorZone 20 Electric Anchor Winch

        TRAC AnchorZone 20 Electric Anchor Winch The TRAC AnchorZone 20 Anchor Winch is designed to retrieve and deploy river and mushroom anchors using anchor rope. Its power-up, power-down operation has been designed with a mechanical toggle switch...

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      Boat Anchoring Supplies

      No matter if you are anchoring at your favorite fishing spot, or setting an anchor for a family swim, having the right anchor and anchoring accessories is crucial. Boat Anchoring is key to a safe and secure outing. Wholesale Marine carries everything for all your boat anchoring needs from saltwater and freshwater anchors from brands like Sea Dog, Greenfield, Lewmar, Fortress Anchors, and more. We also carry anchor lines, windlasses and winches, rodes, and more from manufacturers like Maxwell Marine, Trac, and Worth.

      Shop Our Wide Variety Of Anchoring Equipment

      Boat anchors are what many people recognize as the most important part of the anchoring systems and Wholesale Marine has an extensive line of anchors to choose from. We carry claw, fluke, grappling, mushroom, plow, shallow water, and slip-ring anchors to ensure whatever anchoring situation you are in you are covered.

      Another important component of boat anchoring is the anchor windlass and anchor winches. Both windlass and winches help make raising and lowering your anchor easier. They attach to the anchor rodes and anchor lines that are attached to the anchor and pull it out of the water when it is time to pull up anchor or drop it into the water when it is time to anchor. Other key parts in your boat anchoring system shouldn’t be overlooked and should be regularly checked to ensure they are working properly including the anchor rollers and mounts, chain stoppers, cleats, and deck hardware.

      Don’t leave your anchoring systems up to chance. Make sure you shop Wholesale Marine for all your anchoring needs. We have everything in stock and ready to ship with our flat-rate same-day shipping. Ask our boat anchoring specialists any question you may have about which anchor is right for your boat. We are available Monday through Friday at 877-388-2628 from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Ask about our Customer Loyalty Program for future savings at Wholesale Marine.