Boat Winterization

      Boat Winterization

      Unless you live in the sunniest parts of the country, right after school starts, it’s time to think about preparing your boat for the winter months ahead. Wholesale Marine carries an extensive line of dependable boat winterization supplies that you can consistently count on to optimize seasonal maintenance and to maximize your boating enjoyment next spring! Wholesale Marine is your one-stop boating shop with everything you need to winterize your boat. While many entrust their boats to marine technicians to prep them for drydock, skilled DIYers can capably perform many of the tasks associated with boat winterization. It just takes some spare time, and the right supplies from Wholesale Marine!

      How to Winterize a Boat:

      1) Change the Oil: Engine oil acids retain moisture so to protect engine parts against rust and corrosion, the first step is to drain the engine oil. Just use an oil change pump. We also carry the correct oil and filters from MerCuiser, OMC, and Volvo as well as aftermarket filters from Sierra Marine.

      2) Fuel Stabilization: Fuel breaks down inside the engine allowing contaminants to take over. This contributes to hard starts, poor engine performance and shortened engine life. A quality marine fuel stabilizer addedto a full tank of fresh fuel will prevent fuel breakdown. Run the engine for a few minutes to treat your entire engine system.

      3) Flush and Drain Coolants: Most engines are water cooled. Water expands when it freezes, possibly causing engine damage. Here’s how to safely drain coolant from your boat’s engine. We recommend using the DIY Winterization Kit.

      4) Protect Internal Engine Parts:  In storage, fuel will drain to the bottom of the engine exposing some components to possible corrosion and cylinder scuffing next season. Wholesale Marine recommends using a fogging spray to penetrate deep into the engine, to coat parts with a protective layer of anti-corrosive compounds.

      5) Replace Gear Oil: Drain gear oil and add a fresh supply as indicated by the manufacturer.

      PLEASE NOTE: Thick, lumpy, or milky oil may be an indication that a reseal could be required.

      6) Clean and Wax:  Protect your boat’s finish. Turn to Wholesale Marine for the best boat wax products!

      7) Take Cover:  Dry storage is best; however it may be too expensive for your budget. Acceptable alternatives include shrink wrapping your boat or covering it with a durable cover from Taylor Made.

      Quick Review

      Outboards :

      Flush System, Change Engine Oil if applicable (4 Strokes), Stabilize Fuel, Grease Fittings, Change Gear Oil.


      Flush System & Fill with Antifreeze, Change Engine Oil , Stabilize Fuel, Grease Fittings, Change Gear Oil.

      If you have questions about boat winterization products, our knowledgeable staff will be glad to assist you. Call us M-F; 9AM to 6PM EST at (877) 388-2628 - we look forward to hearing from you!