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Bilge Pumps

Boat Bilge Pumps

The value of a good pump system is widely underrated. In fact, bilge pumps are that last line of defense against your boat sinking. Unfortunately, most boaters believe that one pump is sufficient. That is actually the bare minimum required, and three or four pumps per craft is recommended.

A bilge pump is easily overlooked as it is usually installed under the boat’s engine on an inboard. Also the U.S. Coast Guard does not require recreational boats to have them. If you are in the dark about this important piece of equipment for your vessel, here are some important facts:

  • Most boats have either a submersible or centrifugal bilge pump
  • These pumps may be supplemented with an additional manual pump in case of power loss
  • Centrifugal pumps can have a large footprint and can clog easily. We recommend an auxiliary diaphragm pump with in-line strainer to supplement
  • A fourth kind of bilge pump, a high capacity pump powered by an engine or electricity is another great option
  • It is also recommended to carry a five gallon bucket on board should your boat be caught in a gale and its bilge system fail

Is it time to take out the boat again for fun and fishing? Don’t let bilge water stop you! We offer a full spectrum of bilge pumps for boats including automatic, cartridge, and non-automatic pumps that range from 350-3700 GPH. We only carry top of the line brands, including Attwood, Rule, Mayfair, and TRAC.

Bilge Pumps Protect Your Investment

If the bilge wells overflow it could cause a rise in the level of water up to or above the floor plates, and could lead to dangerous conditions. Automatic bilge systems feature a float switch that starts the pump to turn on automatically when the well water reaches questionable levels. Non-automatic bilge systems from Wholesale Marine offer impressive pumping power, a high pumping capacity, and reliability at a lower cost.

Boaters, boat-builders and dealers all want one thing from their bilge pumps — more power! Our Bilge cartridge pumps feature high impact housing, and are resistant to corrosion, chemicals, and fuel. With their innovative engineering and compact design, the pumps that we carry deliver high output from a small package. Wholesale Marine carries high-capacity, high-efficiency output pumps.

Fresh and corrosive seawater can find its way to the bilge wells due to leakage in pipelines, leaky pumps, valve glands, machinery, propulsion systems, overflowing of tanks, and even accidental spills. The resulting mixture formed is known as bilge water.

Need parts for your current system? Look no further as we offer a wide selection of hoses, clamps, and switches. Our parts are resistant to oily bilge, sea water, and temperature extremes. After installing or upgrading with our products, you can be assured a safe and memorable time on all your boating adventures!

If you need advice about upgrading your boat’s bilge system, talk to us! We’re available Monday through Friday from 9AM until 6PM and look forward to speaking with you! Just call(877) 388-2628.

  • Same Day Shipping
  • Free Shipping
  • Low Price Guarantee