Bilge Pumps

      Boat Bilge Pumps

      Bilge Pumps are an important component of every vessel and at Wholesale Marine you’ll find a vast selection of manual and electric bilge pumps for boats of all sizes. We carry the most reliable marine pumps from leading brands like Attwood, Johnson Pump, Rule, TRAC Outdoor and Whale Marine.

      Non-Auto Bilge Water Pumps

      Standard (non-auto) bilge water pumps are a cost-effective option for fishing boats and other smaller vessels. A best seller, the Mayfair Proline Bilge Pump is fully submersible, ignition protected, and is available in 500, 750, and 1000 GPH models. Attwood Tsunami Cartridge Pumps are compact and have replaceable/interchangeable motor cores that make servicing simple and quick.

      Automatic Bilge Pumps

      Wholesale Marine carries automatic pumps that range in pumping capacity from 500 all the way to 1500 GPH (gallons per hour). Got a small craft? TRAC’s 12 Volt Bilge Pump displaces 600 GPH and is so reliable, it even runs dry! Attwood’s Sahara Bilge Pumps are available in 550-1100 GPH sizes and include everything required for the install: the pump, wire, seals, strainer, and a switch.

      Manual Bilge Pumps

      We stock a great selection of manual pumps from trusted brands such as Beckson Marine, Sea Dog Marine, and Whale Marine. Get pumping fast with Whale Marine’s Gusher 10 Manual Pump. It mounts through the deck or bulkhead and goes to work pumping out seawater, up to 17 gallons per minute. Sea Dog’s Hand Bilge Pumps are lightweight, compact, and a good option for small boats without electrical power or larger boats in emergency situations.

      Marine Bilge Pump Switches & Hoses

      Need parts for your current system? Look no further as we offer a wide selection of bilge pump hoses, clamps, and switches. Our parts are resistant to oily bilge, sea water, and temperature extremes.

      If you need advice about upgrading your boat’s bilge system, talk to us! We’re available Monday through Friday from 9AM until 6PM EST and look forward to speaking with you! Just call (877) 388-2628. Ask one of our representatives about our Captain’s Club Rewards Program for additional discounts and savings.