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      Mercruiser Starters

      • Mercury - Mercruiser Starter Assembly 50-863007A-1

        Mercury - Mercruiser 50-863007A-1 Starter Assembly for Mercury - Mercruiser Engines Every marine technician knows that the starter motor assembly takes stored energy (in the form of electricity, air, or even hydraulic power) and converts it into a...

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      • Sierra 18-5913-1 Starter Replaces 50-863007A1

        Sierra 18-5913-1 Starter For Mercruiser, OMC, Volvo with Offset Bolt Pattern For Late model GM 4.3L (1996 & up ); 5.0 & 5.7L (1998 & up ) with a 14" Flywheel. Delco permanent magnet gear reduction 2 bolt starter Bolt Pattern:...

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      • Sierra 18-8402-1 Starter Bolt

        Sierra 18-8402-1 Starter Bolt Sierra replacement starter bolt for Mercruiser Stern Drives. Length: 4-3/8" Thread Size: 3/8" - 16 Interchangeable with: Mercruiser Stern Drive 10-8053432 10-813642

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      • Sierra 18-6275-1 Starter Replaces 50-863007A1

        Sierra 18-6275-1 Starter for 3.0L Mercruiser, Volvo Permanent magnet gear reduction starter. Used on late model Mercruiser and Volvo 3.0L marine engines with a 14" Flywheel. Fits 1983 & newer GM V-6 & V-8 engines, 1999 & newer MCM 3.0L...

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      • Sierra 18-5907 Starter

        Sierra 18-5907 Starter - Heavy Duty, No Core For GM and Ford Engines. Clockwise rotation & Top Mount. Replacement...

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      • Sierra 18-5919-1 Starter Replaces 50-806965A4

        Sierra 18-5919-1 Starter for Mercruiser, Volvo Sierra high-quality replacement starter for late model GM 12-3/4" flywheel. Bolt Pattern: Straight across Teeth: 11 Use with: 18-6287 Solenoid Interchangeable...

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      • Sierra 18-5911 Starter Replaces 50-808011A05

        Sierra 18-5911 Heavy-Duty Starter for Mercruiser, Volvo, OMC Sierra heavy-duty marine starters are assembled using high-quality corrosive resistant materials for a long life. Marine units are sealed to prevent water intrusion and corrosion. Replacement...

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      • Sierra 18-5908 Starter

        Sierra 18-5908 Starter for Mercruiser, Volvo, and OMC Rotation: CCW / Counter Clock Wise Mount: Top, Front Entry Tooth Count: 9 For: GM & Ford Engines Replacement Solenoid: 18-5837 Interchangeable...

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      • Sierra 18-8404-1 Starter Bolt

        Sierra 18-8404-1 Starter Bolt Sierra replacement starter bolt for Mercruiser Stern Drives. Thread Size: 3/8" (9.5mm) -16 Length: 1 11/16" or 42.9mm Interchangeable with: Mercruiser Stern Drive 10-8053434

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      • Sierra 18-5903 Remanufactured Starter Replaces 50-12872

        Sierra 18-5903 Ford Starter for Mercruiser, Volvo, OMC Bottom Mount, 2 Bolt pattern for standard rotation Non-threaded top mounting hole (For threaded top, order 18-6276) For: 5.0 & 5.8 Late Model Ford Engines Rotation: Clockwise Use with:...

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      • Sierra 18-5717 Starter Brush Set

        Sierra 18-5717 Starter Brush Set Sierra high-quality engine parts are designed to meet OEM specifications. For use on Mercruiser Stern Drives and OMC Stern Drives. For Delco Remy Starters Interchangeable...

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      • EMP 50-35863 MerCruiser, Volvo, OMC, boat starter

        EMP 50-35863 Volvo/MerCruiser Boat Starter This EMP electric starter is an aftermarket replacement engine part for MerCruiser, Volvo, and OMC. Boat Starter Application: For MerCruiser engines with 14" flywheels, 11 tooth and offset bolt pattern. For...

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      • EMP 89-02718 Mercury/MerCruiser Solenoid

        EMP 89-02718 Mercury/MerCruiser Solenoid This solenoid is intended for use on Mercury & MerCruiser outboard engines and meets all OEM requirements. Solenoid Application: For 1976-1994 Mercury Mariner 4-Cyl 45-125HP; V6 150-300HP Outboards For...

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      • Mercury - Mercruiser 807213T Bracket-Starter

        Mercury - Mercruiser 807213T Starter Bracket Genuine OEM Mercury-Mercruiser part. Application: 3.0L GM 181 I/L4 (1998) - s/n 0L010042 thru 0L096999 3.0LX GM 181 I/L4 (1996 - 1997) - s/n 0F604000 thru 0K99999 Special Order Item

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      Mercruiser OEM Engine Parts Finder

      MerCruiser Starters

      Over seventy years ago, Mercury Marine combined a racing car engine and an outboard to create a marine propulsion system more powerful than any outboard available at that time- the stern drive. The major advantage a stern-driven system offers when compared to outboards is higher available horsepower for faster, more reliable speed. Increasingly popular, today stern-driven boats account for over 80% of the marine market.

      If the sterndrive has a disadvantage, it is that many of this system’s working parts are exposed to the elements. Parts that can degrade in salt water include hoses, bellows, and oil lines. Additionally, two of the major sterndrive parts that can be damaged by corrosion are starters and alternators.

      Wholesale Marine Carries MerCruiser Starters

      If your Sterndrive is hard starting, it may be time for replacement parts. Wholesale Marine carries a full inventory of starters and alternators for your MerCruiser sterndrive engine. In addition, we carry solenoids and brush sets if a simple repair is required. Refer to our convenient MerCruiser starters application chart to shop by year model and serial to find the right starter for your MerCruiser inboard and sterndrive engines. The chart also cross-references the Sierra new starters, a remanufactured starter, to the original MerCruiser starter. Simply sort by model to see the parts that fit your engine. Give us a call or try our user-friendly Parts Finder for help locating the correct parts for your motor.

      When you have a question about a repair or what replacement part your sterndrive requires, call the boating experts at Wholesale Marine. We carry an extensive selection of MerCruiser Sterndrive Starters for every stern-driven model. You can depend on our low price guarantee; we also offer flat rate shipping for only $6.99. Returns are quick and easy and with our Captain’s Club Rewards Program you’ll earn points you can redeem on your very next purchase. All this and shipping by the next day!

      Give us a call Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM EST at (877) 388-2628 for the customer service experience you deserve!