Boat Ladders

      Boat ladders make it easier for boaters and their passengers to get in and out of the water, from a dinghy or the boat deck itself. There are a number of popular styles and Wholesale Marine carries a selection of each. We offer boat swim ladders manufactured by Garelick, JIF, Sea Dog, and Windline; all are high quality ladders to fit any boat.

      The most popular replacement ladders aretelescoping platform ladders that mount either on top of a swim platform or under a platform. We also offer dive ladders, portable gunwale ladders, transom mount and swim platforms with or without a new boat ladder. After you find the type of ladder to fit your boat you can choose between stainless steel or aluminum.

       How Do Boat Ladders Work?

      Effective boat ladders have at least 2 to 4 rungs underwater. There must also be clearance for feet and hands so that swimmers may easily climb out of the water and onto the deck. It must also fold up and out of the way as needed, or be removable and store easily.

      What is the Best Boat Ladder Selection for my Craft?

      1)    If your powerboat is a pleasure craft you’ll want a swim step ladder. These are suspended from your vessel’s swim step and usually have up to three rungs. They may also fold up onto the platform when not in use.

      2)    Over the gunwale ladders are the most common. These are used on small sailboats and also on runabouts. Their name comes from their distinct hook shape.

      3)    Platform ladders extend from diving platforms which are generally placed to one side of the engine on outboard-powered craft.

      4)    Dive Ladders are used for many sporting activities but chiefly for swimming. These feature a central rod crossed by its rungs. The rungs double as handholds. These boat ladders detach and mount easily to dive and swim platforms.

      5)    Transom ladders are used on the sailboat stern and are hinged to swing up and out of the way when the boat is under sail.

      6)    Designed expressly for this type of craft, pontoon ladders facilitate getting on or off your craft and feature large handrails and deep steps.

      7)    Portable ladders are an economical way to allow boaters and passengers to embark and disembark. These hook over your boat’s gunwale, are easy to stow and will float if accidentally disengaged from the hull.

      Most boat ladders are constructed from materials that weather the elements well such as non-corrosive stainless steel, aluminum and plastic. Wholesale Marine stocks every type of ladder for your boating life from the top manufacturers. If you have additional questions or are seeking advice on which ladder is best for your craft,contact us and we’ll be glad to review your options with you.