Mercury Outboard Carburetors & Kits

      Mercury Carburetors and Kits

      Nearly every boater stores gasoline. Under these circumstances, stale or compromised gas can quickly occur and is an enemy of your Mercury outboard’s carburetion system. In short order, old gasoline can gum up the carburetor float bowl and clog tiny jets and passages. The term rebuilding might concern boaters who have not attempted this procedure before, but it is really not that difficult. It simply means cleaning the varnish and gum from the float bowl, jets and passages. This can be done even by a first-timer in a couple hours. Wholesale Marine carries Mercury Carburetor kits and carb cleaners that make it easy to perform this task like a pro.

      Wholesale Marine knows that for boaters, their craft is their passion. Performing simple maintenance procedures not only provides a feeling of satisfaction over a job well done, but saves money and may also prevent expensive repairs later on. Here’s how to rebuild a Mercury carburetor:

      Rebuilding a Mercury Carburetor Overview

      For Best Results Use a Mercury Carburetor Kit from Wholesale Marine

      1)    Detach fuel lines. First remove the primer bulb fuel from the engine. Then disconnect the fuel line that runs directly from the carburetor. Disconnect any carb to engine linkages as well. Unbolt the carb from the intake manifold.

      2)    Take the carb apart. Be sure to place each component on a clean shop towel. It will make reassembly go that much faster and avoid lost parts. Set the needle and seat aside.

      3)    Shake the float. It should be empty. If not, it will need to be replaced.

      4)    Once the carb has been disassembled, the importance of cleaning every crevice thoroughly cannot be overstated. This is key to the success of the task. We recommend Quicksilver Power Tune and Sierra Carbon Free Aerosol to make short work of this critical stage of the process.

      5)    Using a Mercury Carburetor Kit, start the reassembly. Wholesale Marine offers an extended selection of kits and components for specific outboard models. If you have questions, call us and we’ll be glad to assist you in making the right selection.

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