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Livewell Systems

      • Bilge Pump Hose - By The Foot
        List Price: $1.10
        Starting At: $0.99

        This .75" Heavy corrugated polyethylene hose provides outstanding flexibility. Resists oily bilge acids and sea water. Custom molded cuff every foot for easy installation and clamping. Ideal for electric and manual bilge pumps and livewell aerators. THIS...

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      • MPI Reinforced Vinyl Tubing - Per Foot
        List Price:
        Starting At: $1.99

        MPI Reinforced Vinyl Tubing - Per Foot This heavy duty, all clear vinyl tubing reinforced for hot or cold pressurized water systems and many other uses. Non-toxic, odorless, tasteless and FDA approved compound. Operating temperature range -20F to +150F...

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      • Clear Vinyl Non-Toxic Tubing - Per Foot
        List Price: $0.61
        Starting At: $0.60

        This .5" single extrusion, non-toxic vinyl hose has a working pressure of 45# and is produced with FDA approved compound. Recommended for non-pressurized cool water uses such as fresh water, sink, shower, livewell and refrigerator drain lines. THIS...

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      • Attwood Tsunami Boat Aerator Pump
        List Price:
        Starting At: $30.99

        Attwood Tsunami Aerator Pump Aerator pumps continuously move water and pump oxygen into livewell tanks to keep fish active and alive, either as bait or the day’s catch. As its name suggests, the Attwood Tsunami Aerator Pump delivers power and...

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      • TH Marine Push - In Livewell, Baitwell Drain Plug
        List Price: $9.49
        Starting At: $7.99

        T-H Marine Push - In Livewell, Baitwell Drain Plug This Push-in Plug from T-H Marine stops water in livewell or baitwell drains. Made from Marine Grade molded vinyl. Features double rings for positive seal. Sizes: PP-118 - For 1-1/8" Thru-Hull and...

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      • Moeller 042284 40 Gallon White Oval Livewell
        List Price: $198.99
        Starting At: $133.49

        Moeller White Oval Livewell Keeping your bait alive and active can make all the difference when spending a day angling and the Moeller White Oval Livewell designed to do just that. This sturdy unit is constructed with heavy-duty Polyethylene roto molded...

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      • Attwood Tsunami Replacement Livewell Cartridge Motor
        List Price:
        Starting At: $17.99

        Attwood Tsunami Replacement Cartridge Motor Attwood Tsunami Replacement Cartridge Motor These replacement cartridge motors fit T500, T800, & T1200 Tsunami Bilge Pumps and Aerator Pumps Features: 12 Volt Motor 36" Wire Connector Comes in...

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      • T-H Marine Overflow Drain Tube - Straight ODT-1
        List Price: $11.99
        Starting At: $8.99

        T-H Marine Overflow Drain Tube - Straight T-H Marine Overflow Drain Tubes for Livewells provide a functional way to plumb your livewell. Using an overflow tube means you only need one hole in the livewell and one fitting to serve as both the overflow...

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      • TH Marine Bait Tank Plumbing Kit
        List Price: $34.99
        Starting At: $31.49

        T-H Marine Bait Tank Plumbing Kit This kit contains everything needed to rig a baitwell or tank. This kit includes professionally designed systems for aeration, directional flow, overflow drain and complete drain accessories. Just plumb your tank...

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      • Rule Livewell Replacement Motor Cartridges
        List Price: $48.49
        Starting At: $30.99

        Rule Livewell Replacement Motor Cartridge Replacement Livewell Motor Cartridges for rule torunament series for 500GPH, 800GPH, & 1100GPH. Rotatable base for positioning discharge hose One hand "push button" motor release mechanism Positive Snap...

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      • TH Marine Stainless Steel Aerator Intake Strainer
        List Price: $13.99
        Starting At: $12.49

        T-H Marine is the ORIGINAL source of stainless aerator screens These screw-on stainless steel wire mesh strainers are designed to provide effective, dependable protection against trash or fish scales which could clog drains in bait wells or pump...

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      • Bilge Pump Hose - 6ft Section
        List Price:
        Starting At: $7.99

        Bilge Pump Hose - 6ft Section Black corrugated flexible hose for bilge pumps, livewells and areator systems cuffed every foot for cutting or clamping. .75" Diameter 6ft Length. Available in 3/4" or 1 1/8" Diameters.

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      • Johnson Livewell Aerator Pump - Straight Port
        List Price: $59.99
        Starting At: $39.49

        SPX Flow Johnson Livewell Aerator Pump - Straight Port Compact Johnson Cartridge pumps have a smaller profile to fit in more confined spaces. These Johnson Cartridge Livewell Aerator Pumps feature internal anti-airlock feature to ensure an even flow of...

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      • Shurflo Bait Sentry Livewell Pump
        List Price:
        Starting At: $100.49

        Shurflo Bait Sentry Livewell Pump 12V The sportsfishing livewell application requires an extremely rugged pump to withstand the harsh marine environment. Shurflo’s  Bait Sentry is designed for easy installation and trouble-free operation...

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      • TH Marine Aerator Thru-Hull with Strainer for 3/4" Hose
        List Price: $17.49
        Starting At: $14.99

        This specialized thru-hull fitting is designed to enable a 3/4" thru-hull passage thru a transom or livewell wall and to attach an aerator screen on the other side. This fitting allows the screen to mount flush against the wall with no extra nut to...

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      • TH Marine Aerator Intake Filter Dome
        List Price: $8.99
        Starting At: $6.49

        Aerator Intake Filter Dome. This attractive, dome-shaped aerator filter protects pumps from any debris in the water. The fully curved and perforated surface allows more efficient flow than other molded filters. The filter top simply turns and locks...

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      • Moeller Marine Air Chamber Plug
        List Price: $5.49
        Starting At: $4.49

        Moeller Marine Air Chamber Plug Specifically designed to seal 5/8" openings in baitwells, livewells, or dry boxes.  Just pop in the black neoprene rubber plug for secure, tight fit.

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      • TH Marine Flush Head Livewell LED Lights - White
        List Price: $16.99
        Starting At: $15.49

        Totally Waterproof Light Can be Mounted Underwater  Also great for accent and courtesy lighting! Waterproof Super bright L.E.D. designed for livewells, lockers or compartments. Can be used above or below water level with through wall...

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      Livewell Systems

      To land the big ones, you need live bait.To keep your catch alive until filleted or sold, you’ll need a livewell system sufficient to not only hold your catch, but also to provide the fresh, aerated water they need to survive. Livewell tanks work by pumping fresh water from the surrounding body into the tank, as well as keeping the water aerated. Wholesale Marine offers a large selection of boat aeration and livewells and their parts including Aerator Pumps, Bilge Pump Hoses, Aerator brackets, Screens, Livewell Timers, and Livewell Drain Plugs, Overflow Fittings, Screens, Tubes, and much more. Our systems are from the leading marine manufacturers such as Attwood, Johnson Pump, MPI Products, Marine Metal Products, Moeller Marine, Poly America, Rule, Shurflo, T & H Marine, and Trac Outdoor.

      No matter what type of brand of boat or type of Aeration and Livewell system you have, Wholesale Marine has the boat Aeration and Livewell Systems and Parts you are looking for. Our great selection will keep your system running smoothly and your bait and catch breathing.

      Livewell Systems and Bait Tanks for Boats

      Sport, recreational and commercial fishermen appreciate the extensive selection of livewells and bait tanks for boats they find at Wholesale Marine. Keeping bait and the day’s catch fresh means profit for some and bragging rights for others.

      Whatever you’re fishing for, the blood worms, killies, surf smelt or other bait will receive proper aeration and a steady water temperature in a livewell with Marine Metal Products’ 110-Volt Commercial Air Bubbles 2 Round Stones. The air-diffusing stones ensure that your livewell is saturated with oxygen to prolong the life of your bait or catch. Just out for a day of fishing with the grandkids? John Pump’s Mayfair Ice Chest Aerator will keep your bait and catch alive using the same features as many of the professional livewell brands!

      Wholesale Marine pays attention to every boating detail. Whether shopping for livewell systems for boats, or any of their components, or any nautical item, our customer service representatives are ready to assist. We offer competitive pricing and same day flat rate shipping on most items. Be sure to ask about ourCustomer Loyalty program for additional savings! We are here, Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM, EST and welcome your call: (877) 388-2628.