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      WakeSurf Boards

      Wholesale Marine is proud to offer one of the largest selections of Wakesurf boards on the planet with over 50 boards to choose from. Our boards range from $199 to $1500 from the best brands in the business: Connelly, Hyperlite, Liquid Force, Phase 5, and O'Brien. Our wakesurfers all come with free lighting fast shipping to get you enjoying your new board quickly. Not sure which board is right for you? Try our Exclusive easy-to-use Wakesurf Selection Guide! With two simple questions we narrow the results to just a few of options. 

      Wakesurfing is the fastest growing watersport behind the boat. Here’s what the sport entails: riders trail behind a boat, riding the boat’s wake without directly being pulled by the boat. Starting out, riders will use a tow rope to get up on the wake, but then the rope is dropped, and wakesurfers ride the steep face just below a wave’s peak- similar to surfing.

      Brands like Hyperlite, Liquid Force, and O'Brien offer boards for the two different styles of riding- skim-style or surf-style. Another consideration is that each style is also configured for different wave sizes. Up to now, wake surfing has been performed only behind inboard or v-drive boats. Now Volvo/Penta is offering forward drives which has influenced the popular runabout brands, Cobalt, Chaparral, Regal, and Sea Ray, to build dedicated surf boats. Not in the market for a surf boat, but want to wakesurf? No worries! Wholesale Marine carries ballast from Fat Sac to add more weight to boats help to build bigger waves.

      Wakesurf boards are now being designed by surf companies and surfboard designers, so its no longer a wakeboard with surf shape. Hyperlite just announced the Varial project building epoxy wake surf boards with Varial foam for next level performance behind the boat.

      What's the Difference Between Skim and Surf-Style Boards?

      Skim-style surfboards like the Hyperlite Hi Fi, or Byerly Action, are made for boats with larger wave-making capabilities. These super fast boards are great for 360's, 720s, or traditional skate tricks.

      Surf-style Boards like the Hyperlite Quad, or Liquid Force POD, are thick boards that offer greater buoyancy, and push down the wave. These boards are easier to ride, and make it easier to carve surf. The Surf-style boards also allow riders to get air, then drop back into the wake.

      Original Hybrid Boards are Liquid Force Fish, Hyperlite Shim or Hyperlite Broadcast. These boards are manufactured with a wakeboard style construction, are great behind any boat, and are for beginners or advanced riders. If you’re thinking of giving wake surfing a try, but are not sure which board is right for you, just ask us! Our staffers are enthusiastic about all things boating and that includes boards for wake surfing, and other recreational equipment!

      For a great selection of wake surf boards, as well as anything your boat may need, contact Wholesale Marine. We offer a low price guarantee, same day flat rate shipping, and trouble-free returns. Be sure to ask about our Loyalty Rewards program for additional discounts the very next time you shop at Wholesale Marine. We’re here to assist Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM, EST at (877) 388-2628.