Transom Savers

      Transom Savers

      Transom savers are used to support your boat while it is being trailered. Placed between the outboard and the trailer, savers not only protect gel coat finishes but can prevent weld-popping on aluminum boats. That’s because when a boat is moving down a highway there is greater resistance, shock, and impact than when it is traveling on the open water. A transom saver connected to the trailer’s rear cross-member prevents engine bracket stress. The savers are considered more effective than simply using the tilt/lock feature on your engine.

      Prevent Costly Repairs When Trailering

      Wholesale Marine stocks everything you need to keep your boat running trouble-free all season. We have a selection of transom savers and accessories from leading marine manufacturers like JIF marine, Springfield Marine, and Swivl-Eze. Whatever its size or construction, we stock a saver that’s right for your boat! Consider the Lock N’ Stow - 200 HP and Up model from Swivl-Eze. Constructed of powder-coated steel with stainless steel pins, this transom saver’s small compact mount can be stored in any boat compartment when not in use. It provides an economical way to avoid costly repairs to both your craft and your engine.

      Another option is Springfield Marine’s Support Guardian Bolt on 21-32” Bracket. Designed to fit over the roller it ensures the safety of your equipment on the road. JIF Marine has a similar option that adjusts from  31” to 41”. Just need a set of transom saver bushings? Replacement pads? We have them at competitive prices and most items ship the same day!

      Everything you need for the boating season including transom savers are currently in stock. Just contact Wholesale Marine for everything your boat requires. We offer a low price guarantee, same day flat rate shipping, trouble-free returns, great customer service and solid advice. Be sure to ask about our Loyalty Rewards program for additional discounts the very next time you shop at Wholesale Marine. We’re here to assist Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM, EST at (877) 388-2628.