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Boat Alarms

      • Hi-Water Boat Bilge Alarm System
        List Price: $116.99
        Starting At: $73.49

        Rule Hi-Water Boat Bilge Alarm System These High Water Bilge Alarms consist of a non-mercury float switch and an in-dash gauge that feature both a visual and an audible 85 db alarm. This unit allows an unmanned compartment to be constantly monitored...

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      • Sea Dog Boat Bilge Water Alarm Panel
        List Price: $19.49
        Starting At: $13.99

        Sea Dog Boat Bilge Water Alarm Panel The 423033 Bilge Water Alarm panel provides an audible and visual means of warning that water level in your bilge is beyond your bilge pump float switch level. Bilge pump should be hooked up to a switch such as...

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      • Johnson Boat Bilge Water Alarm
        List Price: $107.49
        Starting At: $66.49

        Johnson Boat Bilge Water Alarm The Bilge Alert high water detection alarm by Johnson uses a field effect technology to detect the presence of liquid. It is able to detect liquids with no moving parts. Highly reliable and durable this Boat Bilge Alert...

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      • Safe-T-Alert 62 Carbon Monoxide Alarm
        List Price: $92.99
        Starting At: $63.99

        Safe-T-Alert 62 Carbon Monoxide Alarm The 62 series Safe-T Alert carbon monoxide alarm is a well designed alarm that is designed to keep you safe. An included trim ring offers a sleek look while covering existing screw holes and cutouts. Designed to...

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      • Fireboy-Xantex Marine Gasoline Detector
        List Price: $567.99
        Starting At: $352.49

        Fireboy-Xantex G-2BB-R Marine Gasoline Detector The Fireboy-Xintex Marine Gasoline Detector can keep you safe by proactively detecting any vapor issues before they develop. The remote sensor monitors the bilge/engine compartment during and after...

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      Boat Alarms and Detectors

      Keeping everyone on board safe is easy to do with Wholesale Marines' inventory of boat alarms and detectors. Boat alarms are used to alert boaters of any abnormal situations including excessive water in your bilge, fire, extreme temperatures along with high levels of carbon monoxide and other fumes. Whether you are looking to upgrade your current boat alarms or install new ones, we stock a huge selection from brands like Safe-T- Alert, Fireboy-Xintex, and Rule.

      Having a carbon monoxide detector onboard can be a lifesaving measure. The Safe-T-Alert Carbon Monoxide Alarm is a top-selling boat alarm. Its low current draw saves battery power. It is manufactured to withstand extreme temperatures and comes in surface and flush mount for versatile installation options. For an all-inclusive alarm, check out the Safe-T-Alert Fume, Fire, Flood Detector, this boat alarm does it all. It alerts for dangerous gas and propane spills along with alarms for flooding and or pump problems. These alerts can save lives and costly repairs. The all-in-one alarm has been tested in the most extreme weather conditions.

      Safety on board and protecting yourself and your passengers should be of utmost importance. Wholesale Marine has you covered with a wide range of boat alarms and detectors. Our knowledgeable customer service team is here to help answer questions you may have and advise on the right alarm for your situation. Contact Us Monday through Friday at 877-388-2628 from 9 AM to 6 PM. Ask about our Customer Loyalty Program for savings on future purchases.