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Boat Trailer Brakes

      • Trailer Brake Wheel Cylinder
        List Price: $28.84
        Starting At: $23.65

        Single servo wheel cylinder. Will fit on 10" and 12" trailer drum brakes with single servo. Right and Left side avalible.

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      • 10" Freebacking Trailer Brake Backing Plate
        List Price: $85.58
        Starting At: $57.34

        10" Freebacking Trailer Brake Backing Plate 10" freebacking drum trailer brake backing plate for right and left side of trailer. For surge brake systems. Features a collapsible rear brake shoe for easy backing of trailer. 2.5" thick and mounting holes...

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      • 10" Trailer Surge Brake Shoe (ea)
        Starting At: $28.15

        Brake shoes for 10" drum brakes with single servo wheel cylinder. Front and rear brake shoes. Sold Individually. Width of shoes are 2 5/16"

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      • 10" Trailer Drum Brake Backing Plate
        List Price: $87.60
        Starting At: $67.45

        Don't mess with replacing brake shoes, wheel cylinders, springs and clips. Replace the whole mess with 4 bolts with this new backing plate.

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      • Tie Down Eliminator Vented Disc Brakes
        List Price: $248.42
        Starting At: $151.53

        Tie Down Eliminator Vented Disc Brakes Vented rotor disc brake assembly with integral hub.  Vented rotors and aluminum caliper assemblies allow heat to dissipate quickly to maintain optimum braking performance and efficiency.  Ceramic brake...

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      • Tie Down E-Coat Hydraulic Drum Brake Assembly - 10" - Pair
        List Price: $186.29
        Now: $113.63

        Tie Down E-Coat Hydraulic Drum Brake Assembly Sold in pairs, left and right. Mounting nuts and bolts included. Features/Specs: Aluminum wheel cylinder Stainless Steel springs Brake pads are bonded and fastened with bronze rivets to backing plate

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      • Model 60 Drum Brake Master Cylinder Kit
        List Price: $104.90
        Starting At: $80.77

        Drum Brake Master cylinder kit for Model 60 includes: Bolt, Hex 1/4 NC X 3/4 Lockwasher 1/4 Filler Cap, 1-1.4 - 18 NEF PLASTIC Gasket, Filler Cap Cover, Master Cylinder Master Cylinder - Drum Brake Gasket Connector, 1-64" Orifice - Drum Brake

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      • Dico Wheel Cylinder Push Rod
        List Price: $2.26
        Now: $1.92

        Titan Accessories and Parts - T0978300 Features: Fits Titan 10", 12", 13" wheel cylinders Quantity: 1 push rod  0978300 Titan Replacement Push Rod for Drum Brakes

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      • Tie Down Brake Drum Wheel Cylinder Kit
        List Price: $86.49
        Starting At: $61.99

        Tie Down Brake Drum Wheel Cylinder Kit Corrosion-resistant aluminum construction Includes left and right master cylinders Fits 10" or 12" Mounting screws included Made in USA. 

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      • Tie Down Single Axle Brake Line Kit
        List Price: $115.49
        Starting At: $82.99

        Tie Down Single Axle Brake Line Kit Add disc or drum brakes to your trailer. All hardware included, you supply the actuator and the brakes. The "Add-on" Axle Kit must be used with the Single Axle Kit. The tandem Axle Kit combines both Single Axle and...

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      • Tie Down Stainless Steel Disc Brakes "G5" Design
        List Price: $326.30
        Starting At: $199.04

        Tie Down Stainless Steel Disc Brakes "G5" Design Single position aluminum caliper, patented bimetal aluminum/stainless piston, oil impregnated bronze bushings, ceramic pads with stainless steel backing plates, stainless steel slider pins, GalvX coated...

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      • Dico Disk Brake Assembly Kit
        List Price: $255.99
        Starting At: $166.49

        For Axle Capacity 3,500lbs. Bolt Circle is 5-4.50 Kit Includes Hub and Rotor Caliper Bearing Buddy Bracket Bracket Hardware Spindle Seal Inner Bearing Outer Bearing

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      • Dico 2478100 Model 10 Zinc Plated Hydraulic Drum Brake Actuator
        List Price: $660.72
        Starting At: $429.47

        Dico Model 10 Hydraulic Surge Brake Actuator is zinc-plated for excellent corrosion-resistance. Bolts over 3" wide trailer tongue and includes standard, heavy-duty coupler with 3" drop 2 5/16" Ball Size. Built in 3" Drop Breakaway kit included Ball size:...

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      • Tie Down 10" Drum Hub w/ Bearings
        List Price: $134.62
        Starting At: $96.93

        Tie Down 10" Drum Hub hubs are designed to work with hydraulic or electric drum brakes. Painted brake hubs for greater corrosion resistance. Filled with Lucas "Red N' Tacky" Heavy Duty Grease. Includes 10" Brake Drum Hub with bearings, cups, seal,...

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      Boat Trailer Brakes

      When trailering your boat to and from the dock or marina, the trailer’s braking system must be performing optimally to avoid serious issues. Wholesale Marine recommends checking your boat trailer’s brakes before every trip. Many states and local municipalities have regulations regarding brakes and additional equipment requirements. Be sure to check these requirements and ensure that your boat trailer brakes are compliant. Should you need any part of the brake system, know that we’ll have it in stock and will ship it out to you promptly. Wholesale Marine can quickly fulfill your trailer braking needs with drum brakes, brake actuators, drum to disk conversion kits, replacement parts and disc brakes from Titan Dico Brakes and Tie Down Engineering.

      If you have questions as to what parts you may require, we’ll be glad to assist you. Just ask one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives. We know, for example, that there are two different styles of backing plates, free backing and uni-servo. Free backing drum brakes don't require a lock out solenoid on the brake actuator whereas the uni-servo do. We offer both versions for boat, utility, ATV, UTV, PWC, and lawn trailers.

      When Your Boat Trailer Brakes Need Replacement Parts Call Wholesale Marine!

      Both systems work by the "surge" or "push" of the trailer toward the tow vehicle during deceleration which automatically synchronizes the trailer brakes with the tow vehicle brakes. As the trailer pushes against the vehicle, the actuator telescopes together and applies force to its master cylinder, supplying hydraulic pressure to the trailer brakes. Give us a call and our representatives will ask you a few questions, and we’ll be shipping just the part(s) your trailer brake system requires right away.

      Wholesale Marine values our customers. That’s why we stock an extensive selection of every component boaters require to enjoy, repair or maintain their craft at very competitive prices. Order today and you’ll receive same day flat rate shipping. Want to save even more? Be sure to ask your representative aboutour Captain’s Loyalty Program for additional discounts every time you shop at Wholesale Marine.

      Providing great customer service is very important to us. Should you have a question about our selection of boat trailer brakes or wish to place an order,just call us Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM at (877) 388-2628.