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      • O'Brien 2151210 Radica Kneeboard w/ Hook

        O'Brien Radica Kneeboard w/ Hook The O'Brien Radica Kneeboard features wakeboard-styled quad molded fins, making edging and carving a breeze while allowing release for spin-type tricks. The water-ski influenced edge bevel helps the board sit low in the...

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      • O'Brien Aquatic Hook

        Aquatic Hook A hook that is built-in, replacement, or add on to Kneeboards that holds the handle while getting strapped in. It makes getting up easy for beginner or intermediate riders.

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      • O'Brien Voodoo Kneeboard w/ Hook

        O'Brien Voodoo Kneeboard w/ Hook The O'Brien Voodoo Kneeboard combines hard-charging runs at the wake with a forgiving ride. Quad molded fins at each corner provide extra tracking, and the curved underside makes for quick and smooth edge transitions...

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      • Hydroslide Revolution Kneeboard

        Hydroslide Revolution Kneeboard Hydroslide has been an industry leader in kneeboards for many years and the Hydroslide Revolution Kneeboard is a leading model in the Hydroslide kneeboard arsenal. It is a great option for beginner to intermediate skill...

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      • Hydroslide Kneeboard Rope

        Hydroslide 5-Section Kneeboard Rope Finally, a kneeboard rope that will not tear up your favorite board! Soft eva foam covers the "V" created from the handle to the mainline to protect the nose of your kneeboard when getting up. Specifically designed...

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      • O'Brien 3" Kneeboard Extension Strap

        O'Brien 3" Kneeboard Extension Strap The O'Brien extension strap is a 3in extension strap for your kneeboard. It adds and extra 3in of length to your existing strap and gives you a bit more room to get a good fit. Ideal for the bigger rider to get into...

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      • O'Brien Kneeboard Rope & Handle

        O'Brien Kneeboard Rope & Handle The O'Brien Kneeboard Rope & Handle is a premium combo designed specially for kneeboarding. The handle is shaped to be used with Aqua-Hook and HydroHook equipped kneeboards. The smaller bar forward of the grip...

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      • ZUP You Got This 2.0 Board

        ZUP You Got This 2.0 Multi-Purpose Board The ZUP You Got This 2.0 Board is the most versatile water sports board available for beginners to intermediate riders. Ride the ZUP Board standing, kneeling, lying down, surfing, resting, spinning 360's or...

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        O'Brien Kneeboard Case

        O'Brien Kneeboard Case This case is built to provide long lasting use and protection with its heavy duty polyester design. A top choice for many boaters! Full length zipper makes for easy entry Inside straps to hold the board in place 

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      • HO Sports Powerlock Kneeboard Strap

        HO Sports Powerlock Kneeboard Strap Replacement Powerlock Kneeboard Strap for HO Sports Kneeboards. Single-locking kneeboard strap Soft padding strap for comfortable rides Intuitive design for all ability levels

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      • O'Brien Freeboard Multi-Purpose Board 2021

        O'Brien Freeboard Multi-Purpose Board 2021 The O'Brien Freeboard is the ultimate board for fun on the water. This multi-purpose board has an optimized shape and features that make it one of the most versatile boards on the market. The Freeboard features...

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      • HO Sport Pannoshock Kneeboard Seat

        HO Sport Pannoshock Kneeboard Seat Inflatable shock-absorbent kneeboard seat from HO Sports anatomically designed to fit any rider. The Pannoshock's shock system cushions massive airs and relieves pressure off the rider's ankles, knees and lower back...

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      • DoubleZUP Handle

        Double ZUP Handle The Double ZUP Handle and Rope is designed for use with the versatile ZUP Boards, but will also work well with other towables (Skis, Wakeboards, etc.). This bright floating handle is easy to spot in the water and features a 60'...

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      •  Hydroslide Shock Strap

        Hydroslide Universal Shock Strap & Belt The easy-to-use ShockStrap will provide you with more air, controlled landings, and greater comfort. An elastic shock absorber is built into the strap allowing the rider to tighten the belt much more than any...

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      • O'Brien Padded Kneeboard Strap

        O'Brien Padded Kneeboard Strap The O'Brien Padded Kneeboard Strap is a 3" replacement strap for use with any O'Brien Kneeboard.

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      • HO Sports Pannolock Kneeboard Strap

        HO Sports Pannolock Kneeboard Strap Replacement Pannolock Kneeboard strap for HO Sports Kneeboards. Can also be used to upgrade your Kneeboard from a Powerlock Strap. Double-Locking Kneeboard Strap Thick Webbing Design for Maximum Durability

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      • HO Sports Proton Kneeboard w/ Powerlock Strap 2022

        HO Sports Proton Kneeboard w/ Powerlock Strap The HO Sports Proton Kneeboard is a one-size-fits-all kneeboard featuring a Powerlock single locking knee strap for maximum comfort and ease. The surf inspired shape allows for deep cuts through the wake,...

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      • HO Sports Neutron Kneeboard w/ Powerlock Strap 2022

        HO Sports Neutron Kneeboard w/ Powerlock Strap 2022 The HO Sports Neutron Kneeboard is a great kneeboard for all levels of experience.  The two-tip design combined with a continuous rocker allows for soft landings while still getting huge air. The...

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      • Hydroslide Phantom Kneeboard

        Hydroslide Phantom Kneeboard Great for beginner and advanced riders alike, the Hydroslide Phantom is a thin-profile kneeboard that gives riders an exciting experience. Deep knee wells and a 3" padded strap keep the rider in control and ready for the...

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      • O'Brien Ricochet Kneeboard 2020

        O'Brien Ricochet Kneeboard 2020 Get pro-level performance at a value price with the O'Brien Ricochet Kneeboard. The Ricochet is the perfect board for riders who are looking to upgrade from a plastic, roto-molded kneeboard. The twin tip and V-hull design...

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      A designated towable sport, kneeboarding offers an exhilarating experience suitable for adults and children alike. There are board options for beginners as well as experienced riders looking to perfect their skills. Peruse our inventory of the top brands such as HO Sports, O’Brien Watersports, and Hydroslide. At Wholesale Marine, you’ll find everything you need to kneeboard in style including tow ropes, knee straps, and accessories.

      It’s no magic trick: the O’Brien Black Magic Kneeboard is sized to accommodate a range of different sized riders making it ideal for both adults and children to use. It’s perfect for learning new tricks, too! A durable, roto molded hull ensures the Black Magic holds up to intense tricks season after season.

      The Hydroslide Revolution Kneeboard delivers superb performance with its Hydrohook, which allows new riders to get up and riding on their first try! Its classic spoon shape design allows for a smooth ride and plenty of pop off the wake. The Revolution is a board that both beginners and intermediate riders can enjoy.

      An ideal choice for experienced riders is the HO Joker Kneeboard. This board features a square tip and tail to optimize that exhilarating pop off the wake. The hottest board on the water, the Joker features graphics that are designed by DC comic artists.

      Save on Kneeboard Straps and Ropes!

      Don’t forget straps and ropes. Wholesale Marine carries everything you need! A very popular choice is the Hydroslide Kneeboard Rope with a foam cover that prevents damage. Experienced riders may prefer the premium O’Brien Rope and Handle Combo with its floating, textured handle and adjustable rope.

      If your kneeboarding straps do become worn over time, we carry replacement HO Pannolock Straps. These feature a thick webbing design for long wear and are double stitched for safety. If your strap isn’t fitting properly, you may need to pick up an O’Brien Extension Strap. The extension strap adds an extra 3 inches to your existing strap.

      Whether you’re a pro or just a recreational kneeboarder, Wholesale Marine has a board for you. Our prices are competitive and we ship your order out the same day for a flat rate. Join our Captain’s Club Rewards Program to earn points towards future purchase discounts. We’re here to take your call Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM EST at (877) 388-2628.