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      • Stingray Hydrofoil Boat Stabilizer
        List Price: $69.99
        Starting At: $59.49

        Stingray Hydrofoil Boat Stabilizer Boat rolling is caused by wave action. Boat stabilizers greatly reduce the rolling motion of boats and ships. Stingray Hydrofoil Stabilizer fins are inexpensive yet highly effective in checking roll in fishing boats,...

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      • Davis Whale Tail XL Stabilizer
        List Price: $88.99
        Starting At: $63.49

        Davis Whale Tail XL Stabilizer The Davis Whale Tail XL is an aluminum stabilizer and ski boat fin. With this stabilizer, you can improve the performance in any I/O or outboard motor. The Whale Tail XL extends out behind the propeller to utilize prop...

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      • Stingray Junior Hydrofoil Boat Stabilizer
        List Price: $128.49
        Starting At: $98.99

        Stingray Junior Hydrofoil Boat Stabilizer The Stringray Junior Hydrofoil was designed to satisfy the market demand for a versatile hydrofoil capable of fitting engine sizes as small as 9.9 HP that are found on inflatables, smaller tenders, and jon boats...

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      • Stingray Classic Pro Hydrofoil - Black
        List Price: $279.99
        Starting At: $237.99

        Stingray Classic Pro Hydrofoil Boat Stabilizer The StingRay Classic Pro Hydrofoil has been technologically refined to enhance performance while minimizing installation effort. This boat stabilizer features expansive wings the provide maximum lift and...

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      • Stingray Torque Equalizer-Black
        List Price: $23.49
        Starting At: $20.49

        Torque Equalizer attaches to any Sting Ray and Sting Ray Junior Hydrofoil Stabilizer to neutralize propeller steering torque. Performs like miniature rudders helping boat track straight & minimizing propeller's natural pull to the right. Reduces steering...

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      • Stingray Stinger Hydrofoil
        List Price: $81.99
        Starting At: $70.99

        Stingray Stinger Hydrofoil The Stingray Stinger Hydrofoil offers maximum performance with its latest design and styling. It is designed to provide significant lift to smaller boats and engine setups while providing larger boats and engine setups with...

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      • Stingray AIRO Hydrofoil Boat Stabilizer
        List Price: $47.94
        Starting At: $39.95

        Stingray AIRO Hydrofoil 2-Piece Boat Stabilizer The Stingray AIRO Hydrofoil is a versatile, 2-piece hydrofoil capable of fitting engine sizes as small as 4 HP while still benefiting larger engines. This economical hydrofoil can be used with engines...

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      • Stingray Starfire Hydrofoil
        List Price: $232.99
        Starting At: $183.99

        Stingray Starfire Hydrofoil The Stingray Starfire Hydrofoil is designed to enhance stabilization while on the plane through extending its wing tips. It is built to reduce drag and maximize top-end speed by inverting its trailing edge. With a simple and...

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      • Stingray Hyperfoil 500
        Starting At: $195.99

        Stingray Hyperfoil 500 The Stingray Hyperfoil 500 is designed to provide vertical lift and unrestrained top-end speed. Its patented no-drill technology requires zero holes for installation and its proprietary hyperspeed red material reduces drag while...

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      • Stingray XR4 Hydrofoil Boat Stabilizer
        List Price: $179.94
        Starting At: $149.95

        Stingray XR4 Hydrofoil Boat Stabilizer Improve your boat's lift and holeshot with the StingRay XR4 Hydrofoil. The XR4 is designed to provide maximum lift, blast boats out of the hole quicker than ever before, and keep boats on plane at lower speeds. The...

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      Boat Hydrofoils

      Hydrofoils or Whale Tails, are a device that attaches to your outboard or out drives cavitation plate that provides lift at the stern of the boat which brings the bow of the boat down. This action is crucial to getting your boat up to plane quicker. Not only does this save you time and gas but it also increases overall speed. Hydrofoils are especially beneficial to small outboard motors as usually these units do not have power trim and have a very small cavitation plate and do not provide much lift.

      Porpoising is a condition in which a boat will "bounce" while underway. The use of a hydrofoil will help eliminate this condition as it forces the bow down at all times. The other benefit of a hydrofoil is the gas savings it can provide. This is possible by getting the boat up on plane quicker and sometimes higher so there is less contact with the water. Large horsepower outboards can also benefit from the use of a hydrofoil as well. The power trim result is exaggerated and needs less movement to achieve the same result. An outboard hydrofoil is a great investment that will provide a better ride for all boat styles and sizes.

      Wholesale Marine carries boat hydrofoils from brands you can trust like Davis Instruments and Stingray. Want to learn more about how a hydrofoil can benefit your boat? Read our blog article: Boating Basics: What is a Hydrofoil? If you have any questions about our selection, contact us at 877-388-2628 Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. We offer same-day flat rate shipping. Make sure to inquire about our Captain’s Loyalty Program for additional savings on future purchases.