Marine Electrical Supplies

      From wiring, to bulbs, to marine docking lights, Wholesale Marine has you covered!

      Wholesale Marine is proud to offer all the marine electrical supplies needed to rewire and illuminate boats of any size. Although re-wiring your boat is a job that we recommend be performed only by licensed professionals, it is often necessary for an owner to replace faulty components in their boat's electrical system. Typical electrical repairs include: replacing worn battery terminals or cables, upgrading electrical panels, changing blown fuses, and adding layers of tape or heat shrink sleeving to vital wire connections.

      Electrical lighting systems can be extremely complicated and may also be dangerous, especially when working around AC current. Although we carry a large selection of electrical supplies, Wholesale Marine does not suggest making alterations to any electrical system without first consulting with a trained professional marine electrician.

      Another electrical consideration is lighting. Many recreational boaters are upgrading to LED docking lights such as Rigid’s LED-Diffused 60 Degree Lens, and the sleek and stylish side mount models offered by Sea Dog and Innovative Lighting with its surface-mount marine docking lights in stainless steel.

      From Wiring to Marine Docking Lights, We Have the Electrical Upgrade Your Boat Needs!

      As your one-stop boating shop, Wholesale Marine carries marine electrical supplies for simple repairs and upgrades. We carry 12-Volt Plugs, Chargers and Inverters, Boat Horns, a wide assortment of light fixtures for your craft, including Marine Docking Lights, Underwater Lights, as well as Bunk and Cabin Lighting. To secure batteries on board, we offer Battery Hold Downs. We also stock Wire and Supplies, Shore Power Cables and Electrical Switches and Panels.

      From the largest cruiser to the smallest fishing boat, from the smallest task-light to the most mission-critical navigation light, Wholesale Marine has the boat lights and parts that you need to complete your job. Whether your project calls for our industry-leading Light Armor Underwater Lights, LED navigation lights, LED docking lights or one of our popular incandescent products, when you need electrical lighting for your boat, you’ll need to give us a call: Monday through Friday from 9AM to 6PM at (877) 388-2628.