Trim Tabs

      • Bennett Replacement Trim Tab Cylinder

        Bennett Trim Tab Cylinder - A1101A Replacement Every boater, especially those with speed or sport boats, should be aware of the value and benefits to installing and maintaining boat trim tabs on their craft. Maximizing its engine output, these tabs...

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      • Lenco 101 Standard Replacement Marine Actuators

        Lenco 101 Standard Replacement Actuator Top cap gland seal sheaths the actuator cable outer jacket as well as both internal conductors for maximum waterproofing 2.25 inch stroke Stainless steel ram won't flex, even under extreme loads Double O-ring...

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      • Bennett Trim Plane Assemblies

        Bennett Trim Plane Assemblies Bennett trim planes are made of high quality 304 stainless steel and remain strong and rigid, even in the most challenging situations. Each trim plane assembly includes a trim plane, backing plate and hinge for one side of...

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      • Bennett BOLT Electric Trim Tab Set

        Bennett BOLT Electric Trim Tab Set Bennett Marine has been leading the way in electric trim tabs since 1960 and is trusted by the leading boat builders for over half a century. Founded on the principles of quality and service Bennett electric trim tab...

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      • Lenco Sacrificial Anodes

        Lenco Sacrificial Anodes Package of 2. Mounting screw included.  

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      • Bennett BOLT Rocker Switch

        Bennett BRC4000 BOLT Rocker Switch The Bennett BOLT Rocker Switch is ergonomically designed, water resistant and provides a positive "click" when the trim tabs are engaged. Its lock-out feature prevents user from pressing down on opposite...

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      • Bennett Trim Tab Marine Hydraulic Power Unit, 12 Volt

        Bennett V351HPU Trim Tab Hydraulic Power Unit 12 Volt Hydraulic Power Unit Bennett 12V Trim Tab Hydraulic Power Unit. High-quality replacement Power Unit for your trim tab set-up! Super-strong to lower and hold firm even the largest of tabs. Strength...

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      • Nauticus SX Series Automatic Trim System

        Nauticus SX Series Automatic Trim System The Nauticus SX Series Smart Tabs provide unmatched performance and durability. This system can be specifically tuned to maximize the performance of any power boat. Automatic Trim Tabs automatically adjust to the...

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      • Bennett Euro Style Rocker Switch

        Bennett ES2000 Euro Style Rocker Switch This control is ergonomically designed, water resistant and provides a positive “click” when the trim tabs are engaged. Its lock-out feature prevents user from pressing down on opposite directions at...

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      • Nauticus Sx Series Smart Tabs 20 - 25 Ft Boats

        Nauticus SX Smart Tabs Finally say goodbye to excessive boat rising and porpoising with state-of-the-art Nauticus smart tabs from Wholesale Marine. These work to regulate water pressure and sea conditions, which reduces recoil for improved efficiency...

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      • Lenco Marine 101-XDS Shorty Replacement Actuator

        Lenco 101-XDS Shorty Replacement Actuator #15057-001 (101 XD-4) "Short" XDS, 12 Volt w/6' (1.83 m) leads with Deutsch connectors, 5/16" hardware Stroke: 2-1/4" Length overall: 10-7/8" Length pin to pin: 10-1/4" Diameter (upper housing):...

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      • Lenco Marine Trim Tab Extension Harnesses

        Lenco Marine Deutsch-Connected Extension Harnesses Waterproof Connections System Type: Single or Dual Actuator Compatibility: Any Boat Made in: Stuart, Florida U.S.A. 1 each Required Per Actuator Available in 7', 14', 20', 26', 32', and 45'...

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      • Bennett Marine Hydraulic Trim Tab Kits

        Bennett Hydraulic Trim Tab Kit w/ Euro-Style Control Bennett Classic Hydraulic Trim Tabs are ideal for boats that stay in the water and require high speed action under extreme marine conditions. These hydraulic trim tabs help your boat get on the plane...

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      • Bennett M80 Complete Sport Tab System

        Bennett Complete Sport Hydraulic Trim Tab System Bennett Sport Trim Tabs help your boat get on the plane fast and stay on the plane at intermediate speeds. By staying on the plane longer, your boat will have increased fuel efficiency and speed. If you...

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      • Complete Double Rocker Switch Kit

        Complete Double Rocker Switch Kit Features: #122 Carling Double Rocker Switch Kit Installation Hardware included Deutsch-Connected (with 36" Power Pigtail) Complete Double Rocker Switch Kit 

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      • Lenco Marine 102-XD Replacement Actuator

        Lenco 102-XD Replacement Actuator #15060-001 (102-2) 12 Volt w/6' (1.83m) leads with Deutsch connectors (replacement length) Stroke: 4-1/4" Length overall: 12-7/8" Length pin to pin: 12-1/4" Diameter (upper housing): 2-1/2" Top cap gland seal...

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      • Lenco 15169-001 Standard Integrated Switch Kit-Single

        Lenco Standard Integrated Switch Kit-Single Complete your Lenco single actuator trim tab system with the latest, maintenance-free (ALL-IN-ONE) integrated tactile switch kit design. This NEW switch technology improves accuracy and integrates the control...

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      Boat Trim Tabs

      Trim tabs are a great way to improve the efficiency of your boat and are the ideal investment for both large and small boats. Boat trim tabs are used to adjust the running trajectory of your boat and help you get on the plane faster which not only increases your performance but also improves visibility. We carry a great selection of various types of trim tabs from brands renowned like Bennett Marine, Nauticus, and Lenco.

      Electric Trim Tabs

      If you are short on space or looking for a simpler set-up, electric tabs are an ideal option. These boat trim tabs take up minimal engine compartment space. A best-selling option is the Bennett BOLT Electric Trim Tab is a great option for boats that are from 17 to 28 feet in length. They are easy to install and are designed with solid construction and water-tight actuators to provide many years of service.

      Hydraulic Trim Tabs

      Hydraulic systems are a popular option for boaters. These systems are durable, dependable, and long-lasting options that are easy to service. If you’re looking to upgrade your boat trim tabs, we recommend Bennett's Hydraulic Trim Tab Kits. They are available in various sizes and come with everything you need for installation including actuators, a power unit, a control unit, and hydraulic tubing. Installation is a breeze with easy-to-follow instructions.

      Trim Tabs for Small Boats

      When shopping for boat trim tabs for smaller boats, automatic trim tabs are a smart choice and are offered in two styles: stainless steel and thermo-molded composite. These boat trim tabs are easy to install and automatically adjust to boat speed, water conditions, and payload. Installing these trim tabs will improve acceleration, bow angle, handling, speed, and even to provide fuel economy.

      Switches & Actuators

      At Wholesale Marine, not only do we stock boat trim tabs and kits, but we also stock actuators and switches to upgrade or replace your existing parts. We stock these in every brand we carry. You’ll get our low price guarantee on your replacement system. Shipping is free on orders over $99. Order today for our same-day, flat-rate shipping. Our top-notch customer service team is ready to help you Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Join the Captain’s Club Rewards Program for additional savings. It’s our way of thanking our loyal customers.