Marine Battery Chargers

      Marine Battery Chargers and Inverters

      You may not think that boats used for recreation require auxiliary boat battery chargers. After all, you will not be going out on the water when a storm is forecast. However, marine battery chargers serve many purposes for boaters as well -while on the water, and on shore when camping or enjoying the beach. Wholesale Marine stocks an assortment of these useful tools to keep on board whenever you set out for a day of fun.

      We carry Onboard Boat Battery Chargers, Portable Battery Chargers and Solar Battery Chargers to ensure that your battery-operated or solar-powered components do not run out of power when you are out for a day of recreation on the water. Having the ability to run household appliances on the road or on the high seas is a great convenience. A solar panel charger made for that purpose will give you years of high quality, trouble-free power. With an inverter to charge the batteries that run components on your craft, you’ll never be without power when you need it.

      How Do Boat Battery Chargers Work?

      If you ever plan to connect to "shore power" from your garage, the KOA, or your marina, you should only use an inverter/charger that is "mobile" rated by UL standards. These inverters provide automatic "ground switching" between the vehicle ground and the ground coming from the shore line.

      Here’s how they work: a power inverter running off a battery changes DC power to traditional AC power. You can use an inverter to supply power to marine devices. They provide power in areas where you normally would not have access to standard 115-120 Volts AC from the power grid (ex: your home wall outlet). You simply connect the inverter to a 12 volt battery or solar cell and plug your device into the inverter. If you have questions about which battery charger or inverter is best for your recreational needs, give us a call Monday through Friday from 9AM to 6PM at (877) 388-2628 for sound advice in making your selection.

      Marine Battery Chargers for Every Craft!

      Boat battery chargers do not generate heat and run quiet. They are designed to operate only in peak usage times. Easy to install- our battery chargers are built to withstand static, impact, vibration, and shock.This provides a great solution whenever you need an easy to use, portable power supply whether out on the open water or grilling on the beach or around your campsite.

      Battery Chargers and Inverters from Wholesale Marine are high performance and are more than capable of performing in even the harshest marine conditions. We carry top brands that have been powering you for years, including Guest, Dual Pro, Marinco, and many more. Remember, if you have questions about any of our products or wish to place an order, just call us for a prompt response from a fellow boating enthusiast Monday through Friday from 9AM to 6PM at (877) 388-2628.