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      Mercruiser Parts

      • MPI Products USCG Type A Marine Fuel Hose

        MPI Fuel Hose USCG Type A This premium quality fire-retardant fuel hose meets or exceeds all requirements of new ISO 7840 and SAE J5127 standards required by USCG, ABYC and NMMA. Inner tube material provides extraordinary resistance to gasoline,...

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      • Quicksilver SAE 90 High Performance Gear Lube

        Quicksilver High Performance Gear Lube SAE 90 Quicksilver High Performance Gear Lube is a synthetic blend gear oil that’s specifically designed and tested for marine applications. SAE 90 Gear Lube is manufactured to provide maximum protection for...

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      • Marine Products Fuel Fill Hose 1 1/2"

        MPI Marine Products 350-1120 Fuel Fill Hose 1 1/2" Since 2012, marine fuel filler hoses must meet stricter standards than before. If you are replacing your recreational craft’s fuel fill hose it is essential to have a fill hose that resists the...

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      • TFXtreme 3300/33C Type Universal Control Cable

        Teleflex Xtreme 3300/33C Type Universal Control Cable Teleflex’s 3300 Universal Control Cables are high-quality, universal-type cables that are designed to fit aftermarket engine controls as well as OEM units from BMW, Chrysler, Honda, Nissan,...

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      • Marine Products Fuel Vent Hose 5/8"

        Marine MPI-350-0580 Products Fuel Vent Hose 5/8" - Sold by the Foot Fuel Vent Lines - Gasoline up to 85% ethanol blended fuel, diesel fuel Meets USCG Type A2 Requirements For Pleasure Boats Resists gasoline/alcohol blended fuel Fire...

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      • Quart of Quicksilver 8M0078619 Conventional 25w-40 Engine Oil

        Quicksilver Conventional 25w-40 Marine Inboard & Sterndrive Engine Oil This superior 24w-40 marine engine oil has been specifically formulated and developed to meet the needs of high-output sterndrive and inboard engines...

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      • NGK BPR6EFS Spark Plug

        NGK BPR6EFS Spark Plug This standard spark plug features a copper core to promote heat dissipation and more efficient spark plug operation; has a threaded terminal. Check your engine and maintenance manual for the correct spark plug and only use as...

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      • Sierra 18-4226 Drain Plug Replaces 22-806608A02

        Sierra 18-4226 Mercruiser Blue Plastic Drain Plug This Sierra 18-4226 drain plug is widely used for Mercruiser V4, V6 and V8 marine engines. Fits Mercruiser cylinder blocks and exhaust manifolds Comes complete with o-ring Interchangeable...

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      • Mercury-Mercruiser 35-866340K01 Oil Filter

        Mercury-Mercruiser 35-866340K01 Oil Filter This OEM oil filter is constructed with a high-efficiency design that allows for the constant flow of oil to vital engine areas. The unique filtration system screens particles smaller than 1/1000th of an inch...

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      • Mercury - Mercruiser 54-816311T 8" Fuel Line Cable Tie 0

        Mercury - Mercruiser 54-816311T 8" Fuel Line Cable Tie 0 8 in. (203 mm) long, black color, 3/8 in. to 1 3/4in. (9.5-44 mm) bundle diameter, 60 lbs. (27 KG) minimum loop tensile strength. Priced individually, sold @ multiples of 100. Genuine OEM...

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      • Quicksilver 35-866340Q03 Mercruiser Oil Filter

        Quicksilver Mercury/Mercruiser 35-866340Q03 Oil Filter The Mercury/Mercruiser Quicksilver 866340Q03 Oil Filter fits all Mercury MerCruiser and Mercury inboard engines, except V-6 models with the filter mounted on the engine block. This oil filter...

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      • NGK BR6FS Spark Plug

        NGK BR6FS Spark Plug The NGK BR6FS Spark Plug is a standard NGK plug. NGK Standard plugs are an OE cornerstone that have provided decades of reliable performance. The solid copper core offers superior heat dissipation, conductivity, and broad heat range...

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      • Sierra 18-7845 Fuel Filter Replaces 35-802893Q01

        Sierra 18-7845 Fuel Separating Fuel Filter for Sterndrive and Inboard Engines Sierra 18-7845 is a replacement fuel filter for sterndrive and inboard engines including Mercruiser, Mercury, and Yamaha. Sierra canister fuel filters are designed to be an...

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      • Sierra 18-7824-2 Oil Filter Replaces 35-866340Q03

        Sierra 18-7824-2 Oil Filter for Sterndrive and Inboard Engines Sierra oil filters are highly recommended replacement oil filters for sterndrive and inboard engines. Sierra oil filters, including the Sierra 18-7824-2, are engineered with premium grade...

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      • Mercury 35-802893T Water Separating Fuel Filter

        Mercury 35-802893T Water Separating Fuel Filter This OEM Fuel Filter is designed to separate water and other impurities from your fuel with its unique filtration system. This filtration system screens particles smaller than 1/1000th of an inch from your...

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      • Teleflex CCX179 TFXtreme Control Cable Mercury

        Teleflex CCX179 TFXtreme Control Cable Mercury When looking to replace Mercury Control Cables, those that provide smooth operation without excess motion are recommended. With it’s unique splined core TFXtreme control cables deliver that effortless...

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      • Champion QL77JC4 Spark Plug

        Champion QL77JC4 Marine Spark Plug Champion marine spark plugs are quality OEM replacements. The Champion QL77JC4 Spark Plug features a copper core electrode that provides increased conductivity and heat control for good overall wear. These marine spark...

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      Mercruiser OEM Engine Parts Finder

      Mercruiser Parts: Genuine OEM Boat Motor Parts

      The Mercruiser sterndrive by Mercury Marine provides power to spare for every boating activity including fishing, watersports activities, and more. Routine maintenance is essential for optimal performance and successful boating every season. Keeping your Mercruiser sterndrive trouble-free is simple when you have the right resource for the right replacement parts.

      Wholesale Marine has everything you need to perform ongoing maintenance or repair your Mercruiser engine. If you’re a boat owner or boat mechanic, we’ve got you covered with both aftermarket and OEM Mercruiser parts.

      We Stock Mercruiser Routine Maintenance and Service Parts

      Ongoing maintenance is essential to extending the service life of your boat’s sterndrive. Your Mercruiser service manual will outline routine maintenance intervals to keep your engine in top shape. In addition to service parts, we also carry replacement parts for those looking to rebuild or repair their Mercruiser engine.

      Our selection of Mercruiser service parts includes oil filters, water pump impellers, spark plugs, fuel filters, and more. In addition to individual service parts, we also offer Mercruiser service and oil change kits. These kits contain everything you need to service your sterndrive engine at the appropriate service interval.

      Boaters needing to replace or repair old and worn parts on their MerCruiser will find everything they need at Wholesale Marine. OEM parts such as bellows, prop shafts, and gasket sets are available. We also offer complete replacement engines and drives.

      Whether it is Genuine MerCruiser OEM or aftermarket MerCruiser parts, we have what you need. Our marine engine part selection guide can help you locate just the right MerCruiser marine boat parts. Just enter your engine manufacturer and the part type to start viewing the list of applicable parts. The selector will sort through the catalogue of part numbers letting you view the right MerCruiser engine parts as well as suitable aftermarket parts.

      We offer a vast, ever growing catalogue of in stock and special order parts designed for Mercury MerCruiser engines. Our in stock OEM engine parts ship out fast, reaching most parts of the country in a matter of days. Special order parts can take 1-2 weeks depending on availability from Mercury MerCruiser.

      Can't find or unable to locate the engine part you need? Our team can view the MerCruiser parts catalog and schematics to ensure you order the correct part. Using your serial number they can look up the correct OEM part you need for your MerCruiser engine. Our experts can find the correct part and accessories you need for your MerCruiser boat motors.

      Still have questions, contact our experienced customer service team at 877-388-2628 Monday through Friday from 8:30 AM until 4:30 PM EST. Our team is more than happy to do the research to get you back out on the water.