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Boat Tops

      • 303 Fabric Guard Water Repellent
        List Price: $19.99
        Starting At: $15.99

        303 Marine Fabric Guard Water Repellent 303 Marine Fabric Guard is highly effective and will protect fabrics exposed to the harshest environments; yet is safe for use with the finest fabrics, wool, silk, and garment-grade leathers - including suede. On...

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      • Starbrite Fabric Waterproofing With PTEF 22 oz.
        List Price: $28.04
        Starting At: $15.99

        Starbrite Fabric Waterproofing with PTEF From boat covers to bimini tops, Starbrite Waterproofing with PTEF restores water repellency to virtually all marine fabrics. It is also an easy and effective way to waterproof car covers, tents, tarps, foul...

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      • Attwood Heavy Duty Canvas Outboard Motor Covers
        List Price:
        Starting At: $23.49

        Attwood Heavy Duty Canvas Outboard Motor Covers Attwood Heavy Duty Motor Covers are ideal for boats that require separate outboard protection. Attwood's motor hoods have a draw rope sewn into the hem for a tight fit. Made of durable marine-grade fabric...

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      • Taylor Made Bimini - Canopy Top External Eye End - Black
        List Price:
        Starting At: $4.99

        Taylor Made Bimini - Canopy Top External Eye End - Black Bimini top plastic external eye end. 2 Pack replacement hardware for bimini tops. Black nylon with stainless screws. Choose 3/4" or 7/8" for your tubing size.

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      • VICO Adjustable Cam-Lock Cover Support Poles
        List Price:
        Starting At: $15.49

        Adjustable cover support pole. Adjusts from 26" - 47", 48" - 59", or 60" - 70" Easy flip-lock clamp for quick adjusting. Pole only comes with 1 rubber foot

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      • Sea Dog Stainless Steel Quick Release Pin
        List Price: $6.62
        Starting At: $5.99

        Sea Dog Stainless Steel Quick Release Pins Sea Dog standard duty detent release pins are ideal for basic holding and removal applications that don't require a positive locking ball feature. These release pins are constructed of corrosion-resistant...

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      • Starbrite Sail and Canvas Cleaner
        List Price: $12.99
        Starting At: $7.49

        Starbrite Sail and Canvas Cleaner Biodegradable formula safely cleans and brightens all types of white and colored sails/fabrics. Concentrated formula removes dirt, grease and light mildew stains from all types fabric. Will not weaken fabric or threads...

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      • Airhead Suction Cup Boat Cover Tie Downs
        List Price: $14.39
        Starting At: $11.99

        Airhead's Suction Cup Boat Cover Tie Downs are perfect for 100's of tie down applications where there simply isn't an anchor point, cleat or other device to anchor conventional tie downs. Giant 3-1/4" suction cups with toggle ball ties stick to auto...

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      • Sea-Dog Stainless Bimini-Canopy Top Jaw Slide
        List Price: $9.44
        Starting At: $7.99

        Sea Dog Bimini Top Stainless Steel Jaw Slide        These Sea Dog jaw slides are used as a part of a bimini top system and attach an eye end securely to support tubing. These investment cast 316 stainless steel fittings are...

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      • Sea-Dog Hinged Top Slide With Bolt
        List Price: $23.09
        Starting At: $17.99

        Sea Dog Hinged Top Slide with Bolt Investment Cast 316 Stainless Hinged Jaw Slide w/Bolt Pin/Screw Part # 0P27001 Dimensions: S-D-270166 Tube O.D. 7/8" Pin Size 1/4" S-D-270167 Tube O.D. 1" Pin Size 1/4"

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      • Terricraft Creations Boat Bimini Clip 7-8" (6 Pack ) - Assorted Colors
        List Price: $11.66
        Starting At: $10.49

        Clip towels, wet shirts or any other fabric to your bimini top. Strong and durable Biminiclips holds on in windy conditions or while underway up to 50 mph. Easy removal, just pull up on one side to pull off and molded ABS for UV Resistance Classic...

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      • Taylor Made Boat Cover "Quick-On" Tie-Down Strap Kit
        List Price: $10.57
        Starting At: $9.99

        Boat Cover "Quick-On" Tie-Down Strap Kit - 12 Pack Each strap set is 8' long and attaches to almost any boat cover. Features a durable quick release buckle and sun resistant polypropylene webbing. 12 Pack

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      • Starbrite View Guard Clear Plastic Treatment
        List Price: $18.99
        Starting At: $10.99

        Starbrite View Guard Clear Plastic Treatment Starbrite's View Guard Clear Plastic Treatment is an industry first- a wet weather visibility enhancer specifically formulated for use on clear plastic enclosures such as Strataglass, EZ2CY, and Eisinglass...

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      Boat Tops

      Protect your boat while out on the open water, trailering, or when your boat is simply in storage with quality boat tops from Taylor Made, Attwood, Laser Boat, and more. Our boat cover selections include universal and semi-custom boat covers as well as custom boat covers for most makes and models of boats .We also have console covers, T-top covers, outboard motor covers, PWC covers, and items for moisture control. Don’t let your seats and consoles crack and fade- protect them with Taylor Made! We carry in stock boat seat and console covers designed to protect your seats and electronics from damaging ultra-violet rays, wind, mildew and water.

      Easy to Maintain, Protective Boat Tops

      Our covers are available in poly/cotton, terry cloth, heavy duty white vinyl, and new 600 denier rip/stop polyester with a polyurethane coating. All our covers fold easily for storage and keep your seats cool and clean! T-Top Covers are in stock and help you to steer clear of harmful UV rays and the heat of the sun. T-top storage bags are, great for your gear and help you to store life vests and other boating essentials, allow for venting and drying of wet gear, and provide storage room for everything you need on your next boating adventure.

      Boat tops are easy to maintain. Get rid of pesky stain and maintain with 303 Products designed for various applications- including boat maintenance. Restore lost color and luster with 303 Aerospace Protectant which offers unwavering resistance against cracking, and fading. 303® Multi-Surface counteracts the damaging conditions of sea and sand and thoroughly cleans your boat from bow to stern. Multi Surface Cleaner 303® is safe for all types of upholstery and vinyl, removes difficult stains within minutes, and rinses off residue free for a spotless shine. When coupled with 303® Marine Fabric Guard™, your covers will be protected for months.

      Protect yourself and your boat from the heat and damaging UV rays with Taylor Made’s line of boat covers, bimini tops, and enclosures. A Privacy Partition provides privacy from onlookers while out on the water. It can be installed anywhere under Bimini boat tops or hardtops with included straps and hardware. Taylor Made Anchor shades are designed for relaxing on the water, dockside at the marina, or anchored offshore.

      Wholesale Marine makes it easy to find just what you need for your boat. You’ll find competitive prices, and same day shipping at a flat rate, too. Sign up for our Customer Loyalty Program and begin earning points you can apply toward future purchases. Order today for delivery as soon as tomorrow. Just give us a call at (877) 388-2628, Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM, EST. We look forward to serving you!