Boat Maintenance

      • Starbrite Sea Safe Non-Toxic Marine Antifreeze, -100F

        Starbrite Premium -100 Engine and Water System Marine Antifreeze (Gallon) For the best premium protection in even the most treacherous conditions, the choice is clear. Starbrite Non Toxic Antifreeze stands up to harsh cold to -100°F (-73°C),...

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      • Starbrite Sea Safe Marine Antifreeze -200°F Concentrate

        Starbrite Sea Safe Premium Marine Antifreeze -200 Concentrate (Gallon) You can expect only the best protection for your engine and drinking water systems, and sanitation systems with Starbrite Antifreeze -200°F (-129°C), even in the extreme cold...

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      • Starbrite Sea Safe Non-Toxic Marine Antifreeze, -50F

        Starbrite STR-31400R Sea Safe Premium Non-Toxic Marine AntiFreeze, -50F (Gallon) *Sold in Quantities of 3 Starbrite -50°F (-46°C) Non-Toxic Antifreeze provides excellent cold weather and corrosion protection for drinking water systems...

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      • Toon-Brite Pontoon & Aluminum Boat Cleaner - 64 oz.

        Toon-Brite Pontoon & Aluminum Boat Cleaner The ultimate solution in aluminum boat cleaners, Toon-Brite has been providing quality products for the professional to the DIYer for years. Toon-Brite Pontoon cleaner is designed to remove oxidation, lime...

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      • Davis Air-Dryr Marine Dehumidifier

        Davis Air-Dryr Marine Dehumidifier A marine dehumidifier is an essential piece of boating equipment to prevent mold, rot, corrosion, and bacteria onboard any craft. The compact but powerful Davis Air-Dryr marine dehumidifier will fit almost anywhere and...

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      • One Step Finish Gel Coat - White

        Evercoat Gel-Kote One Step Finish Gel Coat Repair - White This is the highest quality ISO NPG One Step Finish Gel Coat that permanently repairs or replaces your vessels’ original, high-gloss finish. The gel coat will cure to a hard finish and will...

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      • Lancer Carpet Adhesive- Gallon

        Lancer Maine Boat Carpet Adhesive - Gallon This water-resistant boat carpet adhesive is non-flammable and is great for use on marine-grade plywood, aluminum, and fiberglass. It is an environmentally friendly option for the DIYer or carpet installer. If...

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      • Starbrite Ultimate Aluminum Boat Cleaner/Restorer - 64 fl oz

        Starbrite Ultimate Aluminum Boat Cleaner/Restorer - 64 oz. Experience a high-quality aluminum cleaner like no other with Starbrite. Starbrite Aluminum Cleaner is, by far, the best way to clean and restore unpainted aluminum surfaces that have become...

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      • Marine Tex Epoxy Putty Repair Kit White

        Marine Tex Epoxy Putty Repair Kit - White Marine-Tex is a heavy-duty structural epoxy, used to repair aluminum, fiberglass and wooden boats, reinstall loose or stripped fasteners, permanently bond dissimilar metals without galvanic corrosion, and fill...

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      • Starbrite Star-Tron Fuel Treatment

        Starbrite Star-Tron Fuel Treatment Starbrite's StarTron fuel system additive resolves most fuel-related engine issues. StarTron is a multi-functional additive that allows marine engines to start easily and run smoothly, even when using ethanol-blended...

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      • Lancer Marine Carpet 6 X 20 20oz Carpet - Assorted Colors

        Lancer Marine 6 X 20 20oz Boat Carpet Marine carpet is constantly exposed to harsh environmental elements and often needs to be replaced because of the constant wear and tear. Replacing your marine carpet is easy at Wholesale Marine.  We offer a...

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      • Gluvit Epoxy Waterproof Sealer

        Gluvit Waterproof Epoxy Sealer Protecting your hulls and decks has never been easier with Gluvit Waterproof Epoxy Sealer. Made to protect fiberglass wood, aluminum, and steel it provides an extra barrier and protective coating. Wear and tear on boats...

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      • 303 Fabric Guard Water Repellent

        303 Fabric Guard Water Repellent Protect your marine fabrics from harsh weather conditions with 303 Fabric Guard. This 303 waterproofing spray can effectively be used on a variety of fabrics such as wool, silk, and garment-grade leathers including suede...

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      • Starbrite No Damp Dehumidifier Bucket

        Starbrite No Damp Dehumidifier Bucket Every home and boat needs this product to soak up humidity. The No Damp Bucket is an effortless way to help control excessive humidity that leads to musty odors, stains or corrosion aboard stored boats. Special...

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      • Starbrite Fabric Waterproofing With PTEF 22 oz.

        Starbrite Fabric Waterproofing with PTEF From boat covers to bimini tops, Starbrite Waterproofing with PTEF restores water repellency to virtually all marine fabrics. It is also an easy and effective way to waterproof car covers, tents, tarps, foul...

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      • Lancer Marine Carpet 8-1/2' X 25' 20oz Carpet - Assorted Colors

        Lancer Marine 8-1/2' X 25' 20oz Pontoon Boat Carpet For convenient and fast no-seams installs, Lancer Marine’s pontoon boat carpet is precut at 8-ft 6-in wide and 25'-long. The 20-oz carpet is a durable mid-weight option that many boaters prefer...

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      • Corrosion-X 16oz. Aerosol Can

        Corrosion-X 16oz. Aerosol Can Kills Rust and Corrosion • Safe on Electronics • World's Greatest Lubricant, Penetrant and Anti-Seize CorrosionX is the most advanced and effective corrosion prevention compound, lubricant and penetrant in the...

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      • 303® Marine Clear Vinyl Protective Cleaner

        303 Marine Clear Vinyl Protective Cleaner 303 Marine Clear Vinyl Cleaner offers superior protection against the harmful effects of UV rays. 303 Vinyl Protective Cleaner is all you need to safely clean and protect against yellowing and cracking of vinyl,...

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      • Shrink Wrap International Shrink Wrap Vent

        Shrink Wrap International Shrink Wrap Vent This Shrink Wrap International shrink wrap vent is designed to allow air to circulate within a shrink-wrapped product. The lightweight plastic and sturdy build allow this self-adhesive shrink wrap vent to be...

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      Boat Maintenance

      Boats are a great way for friends and family to spend time together out on the water from just cruising around, enjoying water sports such as skiing and wakeboarding, and even fishing. Keeping your boat up and running is important to be able to do this and regular boat maintenance is the key to making sure everything runs smoothly.

      Wholesale Marine carries everything from marine parts, marine carpet, boat gel coat, and fiberglass repair products, keel guards, boat winterization products, and much more to keep your vessel in tip-top shape. Regular boat maintenance ensures when you want to go out for a day on the water your boat is ready.

      Depending on the amount of use some things on your boat will wear out faster than others. Marine carpet can start to show age just after a few seasons of use. It is easy to upgrade or replace with our extensive line of from the leading marine carpet brand Lancer. The Lancer Marine 6 x 20 20ox Boat Carpet is a great option that is easy to install and comes in a variety of colors. To make installation a breeze don’t forget  Lancer Boat Carpet Adhesive. Your fiberglass or gel coat finishes can take a beating with constant use and can cause hull damage if it is not protected. Keel guards or hull guards are a great way to protect your investment. The Keel Guard Self Adhesive Polymer Keel Protector is a great economical option that comes in a variety of colors to match your boat color scheme.

      No matter what your boat maintenance needs, Wholesale Marine has you covered. Our huge inventory of boat maintenance products are in stock and ready to ship with same day flat rate shipping. Not sure what you need to complete your project? Call our experienced customer service team at 877-388-2628 Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST. Looking for additional savings, join our Captain’s Club Rewards Program for additional savings opportunities on your next purchase.