Pontoon Cleaners

      Pontoon Cleaners

      Pontoon boats are great for seasons of family fun on the lake. Over time, however, water stains and oxidation can make the pontoons on your boat look dull, dirty, and old before their time. Using pontoon cleaners on a regular basis can help your pontoon maintain a shiny, like-new appearance. Whether you’re boat is in need of a deep clean, or just looking for quick daily maintenance, Wholesale Marine carries the best pontoon cleaning brands in the industry. All of our cleaners that have been formulated for use on pontoons, are designed to be easy to use, and safe for aluminum surfaces.

      Pontoon Cleaners that Work

      If you’re restoring an older pontoon boat and want it to appear showroom new, we recommend picking up Toon Brite’s Pontoon & Aluminum Boat Care Kit. This kit includes both an aluminum polish and aluminum cleaner that work together to get your pontoons looking new again. Toon Brite’s Aluminum Cleaner includes an easy-to-use spray nozzle and will remove scum, lime deposits and water line stains. The included aluminum polish restores aluminum to a like-new appearance.

      Boat Bling’s Toon Sauce
      is a terrific addition to any pontoon owner’s cleaning arsenal. Cleaning your pontoon after each outing will remove water spots and tarnish. With Toon Sauce’s simple spray on, wipe off application, you can quickly and effectively clean your pontoon after every use. Once you’ve finished cleaning your pontoons to a showroom shine, follow up with a reliable protectant such as Meguair’s Pontoon & Aluminum Protectant. Not only is this protectant easy to apply, but it provides a protective barrier against salt spray and corrosion.

      Pontoon boats are a great investment that provide hours of family fun out on the water. Whatever the age of your boat, pontoon cleaners are an important part of its routine maintenance. Wholesale Marine carries reliable
      pontoon cleaners from a large selection of trustworthy brands. With same-day shipping and a low price guarantee, you can keep your pontoon clean without breaking the bank. Call today with your questions or to place an order. We are here Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM at  (877) 388-2628.