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Sanitation Systems

      • MPI Reinforced Vinyl Tubing - Per Foot
        List Price:
        Starting At: $1.99

        MPI Reinforced Vinyl Tubing - Per Foot This heavy duty, all clear vinyl tubing reinforced for hot or cold pressurized water systems and many other uses. Non-toxic, odorless, tasteless and FDA approved compound. Operating temperature range -20F to +150F...

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      • MPI Sanitation Hose Plastic Reinforced
        List Price:
        Starting At: $2.99

        This smooth wall extra heavy duty vinyl hose for all sanitation system connections and other critical applications. FDA approved and low water absorption compounds provide excellent odor resistance. THIS PRODUCT IS SOLD BY THE FOOT. MAXIMUM CONTINOUS...

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      • Clear Vinyl Non-Toxic Tubing - Per Foot
        List Price: $0.61
        Starting At: $0.60

        This .5" single extrusion, non-toxic vinyl hose has a working pressure of 45# and is produced with FDA approved compound. Recommended for non-pressurized cool water uses such as fresh water, sink, shower, livewell and refrigerator drain lines. THIS...

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      • Todd Waste or Water Holding Tanks
        List Price: $92.99
        Starting At: $67.49

        Todd Waste or Water Holding Tanks Todd waste/water holding tanks are tough and durable and will not emit waste odors or change the taste of fresh potable water. Constructed of one piece molded durable polyethylene, these tanks comply with FDA regulation...

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      • Thetford Aqua-Kem Holding Tank Deodorant
        List Price: $11.51
        Starting At: $9.49

        Thetford Aqua-Kem Holding Tank Deodorant Aqua-Kem is the #1 selling holding tank deodorant of all time because it does the job better than any other marine product:Powerful odor control Liquefies waste and breaks down tissue fast to prevent...

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      • Thetford Biodegradable Toilet Tissue
        List Price: $8.49
        Starting At: $6.99

        Thetford Aqua-Soft Biodegradable Toilet Tissue Thetford Aqua-Soft toilet tissue is a must-have for RV and marine sanitation systems. This biodegradable toilet paper is designed to rapidly dissolve and prevent clogging in holding tanks. Luxurious...

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      • Sealand ECO Vent Filter Kit
        List Price: $113.99
        Starting At: $86.49

        Sealand ECO Vent Filter Kit The innovative concave shape of the SeaLand ECO filter assures that malodorous gases are completely filtered through activated odor-adsorbing media. The result is more thorough odor elimination and the assurance of more...

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      • Sea Dog Stainless Steel Deck Plate Key
        List Price: $4.99
        Starting At: $3.99

        Sea Dog Stainless Steel Deck Plate Key Sea Dog investment cast 316 stainless steel deck plate key for use with all fill caps with 1-3/16" holes on center. Fits all Sea Dog cast stainless deck fill caps part #s 351320-351331 and 351-350-351353.

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      • Sealand Marine Holding Tank Deodorant and Cleaner
        List Price: $18.99
        Starting At: $13.99

        4 ounces will treat up to 20 gallons of tank capacity. Effectively controls odors and is environmentally safe. A special blend of biodegradable ingredients controls odors without formaldehyde, glutaraldehyde, quaternary salts or other harsh chemicals...

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      • Johnson AquaT Compact Manual Marine Toilet
        List Price: $176.99
        Starting At: $132.99

        Johnson AquaT Compact Manual Marine Toilet The fine finish and well thought-out design of these toilets is remarkable. Made from white vitreous porcelain, and with corrosion-resistant parts throughout, the Johnson Pump AquaT' marine toilet is quiet,...

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      • Sealand Max Control Liquid Tank Treatment
        List Price: $38.99
        Starting At: $28.99

        Sealand Max Control Liquid Tank Treatment Get the most powerful odor control without formaldehyde with Sealand Max Control Liquid Tank Treatment. Developed by one of the world's leading marine toilet manufacturers, these additives keep entire toilet...

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      • Sealand Nozall 1.5" Pumpout Adpater for Marine Holding Tanks
        List Price: $32.99
        Starting At: $24.99

        NozAll pumpout adapter will make emptying your holding tank as clean, easy and fast as making a trip to the gas station. Made of heavy duty glass filled nylon Cone shaped design matches exactly with the cone shape of black rubber nozzles found at...

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      • Sealand ECO Vent Filter Replacement Cartridge
        List Price: $103.99
        Starting At: $78.99

        Sealand ECO Vent Filter Replacement Cartridge Replacement Cartridge for Sealand ECO Vent Filter.  Sealand ECO Vent Filter Replacement Cartridge will fit into retaining fasteners of previous Sealand ECO filter, regardless of hose ID size. 

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      • Shurflo Twist-On Strainer - 1/2" Pipe
        Starting At: $11.99

        Shurflo Twist-On Strainer - 1/2" Pipe Clean, clear economical strainers eliminate unnecessary repairs by keeping debris and other particles out of the pump. Screws directly on the pumphead. Transparent design shows when it is time to clean the bowl...

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      • Jabsco/Xylem Waste Y Valve - Lockable
        List Price: $111.99
        Starting At: $74.99

        Y-Valve allows waste to be pumped overboard or into a holding tank. Can be padlocked(not included) so waste can only go into holding tank to comply with some regulations. Connections for both 1" and 1 1/2" ports. Dimensions are 7 5/8"L x 7 1/4"W x 4...

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      • Jabsco Manual Pump Assembly 29040-3000
        List Price: $152.99
        Starting At: $96.49

        Manual Pump Assembly Replacement manual pump assembly for the 29090 and 29120 series toilet. Just unscrew your old and replace the entire unit with the new replacement. Saves time and money!

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      • Holding Tank 90 Degree Pipe to Hose Adaptor Kit
        List Price: $35.49
        Starting At: $29.99

        This kit includes all fittings needed to attach hoses to a water or holding tank. The opposite end of the fitting accepts the hose. All kits include Teflon Tape for easy installation and tight fit. Kit Includes: (2) - 1-1/2" Threaded to 1-1/2" Hose...

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      • Jabsco Run Dry Macerator Waste Pump
        List Price: $283.49
        Starting At: $178.99

        Jabsco Run Dry Macerator Waste Pump The Jabsco 18590 Series Macerator Waste Pump is the ideal solution for emptying marine holding tanks when not in a discharge restricted area. Self priming to 5 feet, this pump will empty atypical 30 gallon holding...

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      • Sealand 965 MSD Portable Toilet - 5.0 Gallon
        List Price: $205.99
        Starting At: $143.99

        SeaLand/Dometic 965 MSD (Pump Out Only) Portable Toilet- 5 Gallon The 965 Portable Toilet is a simple, self-contained, adult-sized toilet that provides recreational boaters with convenience and use-friendly performance. The bellows-style flush delivers...

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      Marine Sanitation Systems

      Maintaining their marine sanitation systems is no boater’s idea of fun. Who wants to spend their day on the water dealing with marine heads, macerator pumps, Y-valves, holding tanks or other parts of the system that is built for processing human waste? Nobody. Since downsizing to a dinghy or canoe is not an option, the best way to approach the issue is by installing the best and most effective sanitation system possible.

      Wholesale Marine’s carries reliable, durable, marine sanitation components including marine toilets, porta potties, marine holding tanks, macerators, and more from established brands like Sea Dog, Johnson Pump, Moeller Marine, MPI Products, Raritan Engineering, Sealand, Thetford, Todd Enterprises, Whale Marine, and Jabsco.

      We’re your one-stop boating shop and that includes everything needed to maintain marine sanitation systems includingtissue and chemicals. Constant use can erode or degrade deck fills and caps. Be sure yours are in optimal shape and if not, replace with your choice from our inventory.  If you require a manual sanitation pump, Whale’s Thru Deck Mount Pump offers features to make this chore easier to perform.

      When you need to upgrade arguably the best seat in the house, Raritan Engineering’s Altantes Freedom Sea Water Pump Toilet offers the comforts of home with high-end styling and clog-free performance. We also carry porta potties and replacement marine toilet parts. Replacing your waste tank? Wholesale Marine additionally carries an assortment of regulation-compliant marine holding tanks in a wide range of sizes.

      Wholesale Marine wants to help you leave a clean wake. While it is not known the impact boaters’ waste contributes to water pollution, the truth is we need to do our part to keep our waterways clean. Especially since creating an effective, odor free sanitation system is so easy. Wholesale Marine knows that an intelligent design, quality components, and sound maintenance practices will go a long way in keeping our waters pure for other boaters and for future generations. If you have questions about marine sanitation systems, or wish to place an order for any boating products, give us a call at (877) 388-2628. We’re here Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM EST and welcome your call!