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Boat Oars & Oar Locks

      • Crooked Creek Gray Polyurethane Oar
        List Price:
        Starting At: $35.49

        Crooked Creek Gray Polyurethane Boat Oar This polyurethane boat oar is built for performance with its multi-ply laminated construction with a waterproof polyurethane finish. Though it is very lightweight, it is sure to provide fantastic long lasting use...

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      • Perko Side Mount Oar Lock Sockets
        List Price: $18.49
        Starting At: $13.49

        Perko Side Mount Oar Lock Sockets These side mount oar lock sockets are designed for a 1-2" normal shank size and to be used with #10 screws. With black plastic bearings and a natural zinc alloy finish, these oar lock sockets are built maximum...

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      • Sea Dog Plastic Oar Collars
        List Price: $22.99
        Starting At: $17.99

        Sea Dog Plastic Oar Collars (Pair) These plastic oar collars feature injection molded flexible polypropylene reducing noise and preventing wear and tear. The adjustable protector fits standard oars and can be trimmed for smaller ones. Sold as a pair,...

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      • Perko North River Style Rowlock Horns
        List Price: $14.99
        Starting At: $10.99

        Perko North River Style Rowlock Horns These rowlock horns are constructed of plain zinc alloy to provide maximum durability and long lasting use. They lock by the turn button from the inside or by the key from the outside. Sold in pairs, these horns...

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      • Sea Dog Top Mount Oar Lock
        List Price: $12.99
        Starting At: $9.99

        Sea Dog Top Mount Oar Lock This top mount oar lock is ideal for light service duty and is recommended for freshwater use. Perfect for aluminum vessels due to its corrosion resistance, this oar lock also features a pin style and round horns that secure...

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      • Sea Dog Horn Pinned Oar Lock
        List Price: $17.49
        Starting At: $13.99

        Sea Dog Horn Pinned Oar Lock This horn pinned oar lock makes for an excellent choice to have aboard aluminum skiffs and other vessels and is ideal for basic service duty. Its straight horn style features a securing pin that holds oars in position during...

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      • Sea Dog Angle Mount Oar Lock
        List Price: $15.99
        Starting At: $12.99

        Sea Dog Angle Mount Oar Lock This angle mount oar lock is constructed of die cast chrome plated zinc and cast brass/polyethylene material. The brass oar lock mounts with polyethylene inserts for a smooth rotation and takes 1/2" of the oar lock shaft...

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      Boat Oars and Oar Locks

      Many boaters also have rowboats to get to and from their primary craft that is moored offshore. These boats require maintenance, too. Over time the hardware on a rowboat can pit and corrode. Working parts such as oars can crack, be damaged, delaminate, or just come to the end of their working lifespan. When it is time to repair or replace your boat oars and/or oarlocks, come to Wholesale Marine. We are fluent in all things boat and will be glad to assist you to buy just what you need to keep your workhorse rowboat in great working order.

      We carry everything you’ll need to give your rowboat’s mechanicals a new lease on life from Caviness, Crooked Creek, Perko Marine, and Sea Dog Marine. If new boat oars are required, we recommend Crooked Creek’s Gray Polyurethane Oar which is available in several sizes, from 6-foot to 8-foot lengths. This laminated oar is lightweight but strong and durable, and features an epoxy-coated blade for long wear. Crooked Creek also makes a model that features comfort grips to prevent hand fatigue while rowing.

      We Carry Everything to Keep Your Boat Ship Shape

      When it’s the oar locks that need replacing, Sea Dog offers a Heavy-Duty Clamp on Oarlock to fit either ½” or 9/16” holes. Then all you need are a pair of Sea Dog Oarlock Bushings to reduce friction and Perko’s Oarlock Sockets to make your oar assembly work like new again.

      Oarlock mounting options include top, angle, side, and edge mount. Top mount sockets offer a strong mount and attach to the top of the gunwale. Angle mount and side mount are attached to the side of the gunwale, and horn oarlocks allow you to remove the oar from the oarlock. If you have questions regarding which boat oars will provide your best options, give us a call at (877) 388-2628. We’re here Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM until 6:00 PM EST. Our team of boating enthusiasts will be glad to provide guidance. Wholesale Marine also offers a low price guarantee, same day flat rate shipping, trouble-free returns, great customer service, and solid advice. Be sure to ask about our Loyalty Rewards program