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      Wholesale Marine Boat Propellers

      Selecting the the right boat propeller is key to maximizing your boat’s performance. You may be pleased with the performance of the propeller that came standard issue, or may be wondering if there might be something better. For advice when selecting the right propeller for your boat from our large inventory of competitively-priced propellers, speak to the boating professionals at Wholesale Marine. We stock Michigan Wheel, Turning Point, Bravo and Quicksilver propellers to fit Evinrude, Mercruiser, Mercury, Johnson, Volvo Penta, Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda and more. Additionally we offer sturdy stainless steel, lightweight but durable aluminum and traditional bronze propellers for nearly every craft.

      Tips for Knowing When to Replace Boat Propellers

      How can you tell if your propeller requires replacement? There may be an obvious reason for doing so. For example, if your prop has sustained visible damage to a blade. However, even when your propeller is performing within manufacturer’s recommended guidelines, you may be looking for an upgrade. Reasons for replacement include:

      ●  Close inspection reveals broken or cracked blade(s).

      ●  Upgrade to different material such as aluminum or stainless steel.

      ●  Upgrade to different number of blades, from 3 to 4 for example.

      ●  Upgrade to a larger size propeller to improve acceleration and top end performance.

      ●  Want to carry a replacement propeller on board “just in case.”

      Select the Right Boat Propellers for Maximum Performance

      The drive train is an important system on any engine-driven vehicle, car, truck or boat. For land vehicles, the system dead ends at the tires, where the rubber truly meets the road. There the choice is simple: select the right tire for the roadway. The difference for water-based craft is, of course, that the drive train ends at the propeller which connects the horsepower to the water. Choosing the right propeller is therefore very important. Propellers are available in a wide assortment of sizes and shapes. Sizes are referred to in terms of diameter and pitch. To make the best selection, match the propeller to the manufacturer’s wide open throttle (WOT) range. The right propeller will turn the minimum engine RPMs required by the manufacturer with its throttle fully advanced.

      The next consideration is diameter. This will also determine the propeller’s RPM capabilities. Remember, overall engine performance can be improved by selecting the right propeller. Oh, and how many blades do you want? “Standard rule” is the fewer blades, the faster the vessel. However, this rule is not a cast in concrete. The deciding factor will always be the particular application the boat is used for in order to determine the number of blades required to achieve the best engine performance.

      Before you go online looking for a degree in boat propellers, speak with the boating pros at Wholesale Marine. We’ve got your back and understand every aspect of boat maintenance and repair. We’ll be glad to listen to your requirements and recommend the best propeller options for your craft based on how you use it. When you have a boating supply need or just want to explore your upgrade options with a pro who shares your passion for all things nautical, call us at (877) 388-2628.